(Minghui.org) Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things Master requires of his practitioners. As practitioners, we should faithfully follow Master’s guidance. However, during prior years, due to a shallow understanding of the Fa and not holding myself to a high standard, I didn’t pay much attention to it if my mind was not clear when I sent forth righteous thoughts or when I did the exercises. Gradually, due to continuous Fa study and cultivation, I began to realize the seriousness of cultivation and learned to be genuinely diligent. My weak mental state became less and less. Especially during several incidents that occurred later, while negating the old forces internally, I basically got out of this state. 

The Importance of Sending Righteous Thoughts

In the winter of 2019, a fellow practitioner told me she had a dream in which I was arrested. She said the dream was very clear, and she previously had similar dreams where two other practitioners were arrested. It actually happened a few days later. She warned me to be careful and to send forth righteous thoughts more. However, the next day she asked me to come to her house, where she gave me a large bag of truth-clarification materials. I thought: right after dreaming of my being arrested, why is she giving me materials? But out of politeness, I didn’t say anything and took them home.

One or two days later, she brought another bag, which I accepted reluctantly without showing my displeasure. Since I couldn’t immediately distribute them, I had to store them in my home, which made me feel resentful. I kept focusing on my thought that my fellow practitioner’s actions didn’t make any sense. That evening, when I was sending righteous thoughts, I felt my dimensional field was unclear and dark. I knew I had a problem with my xinxing, and thought it was probably due to the resentment towards the fellow practitioner that I was attracting evil. I concentrated my energy, without slacking off, and sent righteous thoughts for a long time without feeling tired or falling asleep. I continued doing so until I felt my dimensional field was almost clear. The next morning, I continued until I felt my space was bright and clear.

I realized that the evil entering my dimensional field was not because the fellow practitioner’s dream would come true. (Of course, I don’t acknowledge the old forces’ arrangements.) The evil entering my dimensional field was because I felt resentment and fear. Truth-clarification materials are for saving people, are invisible to the evil, and are not evidence for the purpose of persecution. Master used this incident to help me recognize my shortcomings, eliminate them, and expand my capacity to understand fellow practitioners. This experience showed me how crucial it is to send forth righteous thoughts well. This greatly improved my cultivation. Thank you, Master!

Not Acknowledging the Old Forces

Another incident occurred in October 2023. My sister, a fellow practitioner, was arrested at the train station when she was found in possession of truth-clarification materials. She was detained for 15 days. Previously, some practitioners were transferred to prison after detention and interrogated about the source of the materials. Thus, some practitioners said not to believe what the police say. I thought the best thing to do was to send righteous thoughts, disintegrate the evil in other dimensions who were persecuting my sister, and secondly, not to acknowledge any arrangements by the old forces. I notified other practitioners to help send forth righteous thoughts. I stopped going to the exercise site every evening. I also had just quit a job, so I arranged my time to do what I needed to do. Every day, apart from eating, sleeping, and ensuring two-and-a-half hours of morning exercises, I spent about an hour outside clarifying the truth. The rest of the time was used for Fa study and sending righteous thoughts on the hour, asking Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts. I sent righteous thoughts on the hour 17 or 18 times each day.

At first, I felt it was ineffective because I usually felt energy gathering at the top of my head when I sent forth righteous thoughts. But I didn’t feel it this time. I remembered a fellow practitioner’s sharing in Minghui Weekly that advised that even if you don’t feel anything you should persist in sending forth righteous thoughts.

Inspired by fellow practitioners, I persisted. Around the sixth or seventh day, as soon as I started sending righteous thoughts every hour on the hour, I felt as if a crack had opened at the top of my head, and the energy surged upwards with great force. Since then, every time I sent righteous thoughts, I experienced this state. Two days before my sister was to return, when sending righteous thoughts at seven in the evening, I suddenly felt myself in a very soft and warm space. I sat quietly in this space, feeling a high and powerful energy column above my head. I quietly enjoyed this beautiful feeling, knowing that Master helped me clear the evil in other dimensions and allowed me to experience this wonderful state. I knew my sister would be fine, and she was released and came home successfully two days later. Of course, this was also the result of many practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts together.

After this incident, I greatly improved my sending forth righteous thoughts. The occasional state of falling asleep had almost disappeared. I completely controlled my body and thoughts with my main consciousness. To this day, every time I send righteous thoughts, I am full of energy and my mind is clear. I realized that while helping fellow practitioners, I also resolved my own issues. During those days, I didn’t neglect clarifying the truth to save people. And I found that my truth-clarification went very smooth during this time. In two weeks, I persuaded more than 40 people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. So as not to delay sending forth righteous thoughts, I only went out for an hour each day, and I met predestined people as soon as I went out. I know this was all arranged by Master. In the past, it took me a month to persuade this many people to quit the CCP.

Now, some older practitioners around me are still in this state, falling asleep or getting drowsy when sending righteous thoughts or practicing the exercises, leaning over, or dropping their heads. Some of them don't acknowledge that they fell asleep. Why not? Some really don't know they fell asleep, while others know but don't admit it to save face, preventing them from breaking through this for a long time.

Such practitioners also commonly encounter other problems: they feel sleepy when studying the Fa, lose track of where they are reading, don’t go out to clarify the truth, or experience poor results when they do. But they don’t look within themselves for the reason; instead, they complain that people are hard to save.

We know that only by sending forth strong righteous thoughts and clearing our own space can we calmly study the Fa. Only when we study the Fa well, will our truth-clarification be effective. These are complementary. I realized that only by sending forth strong righteous thoughts can we do the other two things well. However, some practitioners don’t look for the fundamental reasons within themselves and always look for external reasons. Some have been in this state for a long time, are used to it and unwilling to change, not realizing the seriousness of cultivation. Master’s previous lectures were gentle and persuasive, telling us how to cultivate well and do the three things. Master’s recent lectures have been very serious. I realized that things are even more urgent as time is running out. Master has extended our time for too long, and there isn’t much time left. Master is using a heavy hammer to wake us up. Practitioners, quickly become rational and awaken! Please dare to look at your cultivation state, seriously find where you don’t conform to the Fa, rectify yourself, and don’t use human thoughts to treat Master and the Fa.

Master said: “Master’s mercy is almost infinite, but the requirements for whether a being is saved or not, and the standards for Dafa disciples, are extremely strict! (“Treat Master’s Family Members Properly”)

I think it’s important to bear in mind that Master won’t lower the standard of the new cosmos because practitioners can’t cultivate well enough. It is the disciple’s responsibility to cultivate themselves to reach the correct state.