(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should have righteous thoughts at all times. Our righteous thoughts carry supernormal abilities, and can help us eliminate the negative entities in other dimensions, and prevent interference, whether we are involved in projects to save people or expose the persecution.

A practitioner and I took the bus to visit another practitioner. Because we didn’t have each other’s phone numbers for safety reasons, I didn’t call her and tell her beforehand that I was coming. I had a firm thought in my mind that I would see her that day. I looked out of the bus window and saw her walking in the rain. The bus stopped at the station, and we got out and called out to her.

Another time, I was delivering some Dafa materials to a practitioner and the situation seemed a bit dangerous. As I was getting off the bus, I saw a group of police officers searching passengers’ bags. I was carrying a big black bag full of materials, but they didn’t stop me and just continued checking the other passengers as I walked past them. I believe because I had been sending forth righteous thoughts since I left home, whatever evil might have interfered with me was eliminated.

I’d also like to share two examples of practitioners using righteous thoughts to overcome difficulties. One night in August 2004, two police cars suddenly appeared outside of a practitioner’s home. He heard one of them say, “Ask him if he practices Falun Dafa. If he says yes, arrest him.” The practitioner sent righteous thought to prevent the officers from coming to his home. A second later, an officer said, “Let’s go!” “Where?” “Back to the police station.” “But we have the arrest warrant.” “Tear it up!” They left.

Many practitioners recently encountered difficulties circumventing the CCP’s Internet firewall and browsing the Minghui.org website. One practitioner wrote in her sharing article, “I had a thought in my mind that Master himself acknowledges Minghui.org, that it is a divine website and no demons can block it. I started to study the Fa. Within a few minutes, the Minghui site opened, and I could easily download the materials. In the future, I will study the Fa when I have trouble accessing the Internet. This is always helpful.”