(Minghui.org) I feel so fortunate to have attended the final seminars held by Master in Guangzhou on December 21, 1994. The memories are vivid and I still feel excited when I recall those days.

December 18, 1994 was a Saturday. I had practiced Falun Dafa for just over a month. My husband, daughter, and I were shopping. When we passed a yard, I saw the practitioner who told me about Falun Dafa. She and other practitioners were sitting in a circle, happily discussing something. I asked why they were there, and they said they were talking about going to Guanzhou to attend the fifth seminar Master would hold there.

I was excited and told them I wanted to go with them. One said the tickets were all sold out. If we didn’t have tickets, we wouldn’t be able to enter the stadium and see Master. I still asked them to buy a bus ticket to the provincial city for me and I would go with them. I then would buy a train ticket to Guangzhou from there. Another person said that even if I went to Guangzhou, unless I had a ticket, I could only stand outside and watch other people enter the building. I said without hesitation that I was willing to listen to Master’s lecture outside the stadium if I couldn’t get a ticket.

When he heard this, my husband discouraged me. He was worried about my poor health, and being alone so far from home. No one would be there to pick our child up from school, or cook. We had just bought a new apartment and money was tight. I didn’t care about any of this. I said that even if I ate instant noodles, I would go to Guangzhou with the other practitioners. When they saw that I was determined, they agreed that I could go with them.

The night I bought the ticket, I heard Falun spinning above my head as soon as I lay down. The Falun made clear noises like steel blades hitting one another. My husband also heard it. It lasted until I felt asleep. I slept very soundly that night; in fact I had never had such a good sleep. My chronic diseases, psychasthenia and insomnia, disappeared since then. I knew that our compassionate Master had purified my body ahead of time when he saw my determination to seek the Fa.

We took the bus to the provincial city on the morning of December 19th. An elderly female practitioner vomited out bloody stuff. She had high blood pressure and heart disease. We all knew that Master had cleansed the bad things from her body ahead of time.

We arrived at the Yuexiu Gymnasium in Guangzhou on the morning of December 21st. The practitioners with tickets went in one after another. I felt anxious. I had a strong wish to listen to Master’s lecture in person. I went to one of the staff members and said, “I heard of this seminar late because I am a new practitioner. I’ve only practiced Falun Dafa for over a month. I came here from far away Hubei Province. I don’t have much money so I brought instant noodles with me. Can you please think of a way and let me enter so that I can listen to Master’s lectures in person?” The staff member asked me to wait patiently and he would try his best to see if I could listen to Master’s lecture outside. There were other practitioners like me, hoping to enter the stadium.

Ten minutes later, the staff member asked me to stand at the entrance. Other practitioners were also lined up there. Another staff member told us, “You have tickets now. The veteran practitioners in Guangzhou gave up their tickets because they heard that many new practitioners from other cities don’t have tickets. They willingly gave their tickets to you.” He told us to sit on the floor facing the podium when we went inside. I was so excited and very grateful to the Guangzhou practitioners for their selfless help.

We ran to the entrance as soon as we got the tickets. I feel ashamed of myself when I recall this. I ran as fast as I could in order to find a place close to Master. While I ran, I suddenly fell. I immediately got up. Seeing there was nothing on the ground, I continued running. Finally I got a good location. I sat on the ground in the 4th row where Master would pass when he entered onto the podium from the side door.

As soon as we sat down, Master walked in. Everyone stood up and welcomed Master with enthusiastic applause. This was the happiest and most unforgettable moment in my life! I finally saw Master in person! Master was kind and easy going, and always smiled. He looked around and then put up his right palm to the practitioners (dan shou li zhang).

Master started his lecture. His voice was so resonant, as if piercing through the whole universe. I felt immersed in the Buddha’s light. On the second day of his lecture, Master asked us to think of an illness we had, and those who didn’t have illnesses could think of a family member’s illness. He asked us to stomp our right foot after he had said “one, two, three.” But some practitioners stamped their feet too soon, including me. I thought of my husband’s headache. Master kept patiently saying, “let’s start again.” I then thought of my daughter because she had a congenital leg problem. Even though I didn’t think of my own illness, Master purified my body.

I subsequently recovered from my early-stage descending colon cancer and other illnesses. My child’s leg was fine. My husband also recovered from his illnesses. Benevolent Master saved our family. Our whole family thanks Master for his saving grace!

I didn’t think of my child or the family chores at all during that time. I didn’t want to miss any part of Master’s lectures. All my unanswered questions were answered as if Master opened up my remote memories. My perspective of the world changed fundamentally. I knew that I would not live as I did before.

One veteran practitioner from our city sent Master a banner on behalf of our local practitioners after the seminars were finished. It was a touching moment. When Master was about to leave, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I felt sad as I didn’t know when I could see Master again. I was still in the stadium crying when everyone left, and local practitioners were looking for me outside. When they found me inside crying, they asked me why I was weeping. I said I didn’t know why. Later when I was reading the Fa, I realized that I cried because my knowing side knew that Master fetched me from the hell and purified me, then planted a glittering priceless Falun inside me.

After I returned home, I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises with the local practitioners at the practice site every morning and evening. I started memorizing the Fa. In the afternoon, I studied the Fa with new elderly practitioners who couldn’t read Chinese. They improved quickly. I taught the exercise movements to the new practitioners at our practice site and helped place orders for Falun Dafa books for other practitioners. On weekends we rented a car and went to the towns and villages in the mountains to spread the Fa. Sometimes I rode my bicycle to the village to play Master’s Fa lecture videos for new practitioners. I felt so happy at that time and felt as if I had endless energy.

The CCP started persecuting Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. The coordinators in our local area were all arrested. The environment suddenly changed. Jiang’s regime mobilized all the state apparatus to slander Falun Dafa and Master. Practitioners faced unprecedented tests. I felt very sad. Our Master is most righteous and sacrifices everything for us. He never thinks of gaining anything. Master has gone through unthinkable hardships for us. Yet he was attacked. I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa, and that Master’s reputation be restored. Like thousands upon thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners, I started clarifying the truth about the persecution to people without any hesitation.