(Minghui.org) I am a 12-year-old girl and a Falun Dafa practitioner. I started to cultivate with my parents when I was young. I stayed with my maternal grandmother, my grandfather, and my two cousins for a month this summer. I encountered many xinxing tests during that time and would like to share some of them.

Xinxing Test at the Swimming Pool

My mother took me and my cousins to the pool one day. My older cousin is six years old and my younger cousin is five. There were a lot of people in the pool, and a little boy bumped into me and started to scratch my legs. He then splashed water on me and my cousins and called us “stupid.” I was taken aback and my legs hurt. I thought, “That little boy bumped into me first. Why is he calling us names?” On second thought, I knew this was a test for me. In the past, I’d have called him names and cried. However, I realized I should not fight back because I might have owed him from a past lifetime. My cousins were angry and wanted to fight back. My mother told them, “You will accrue karma if you use bad language or treat people badly the same way they treated you. You have to learn from your older cousin today.”

Xinxing Tribulation at the Shopping Center

I was playing with some of the kitchen toys while I was at the mall with my cousins. Two sisters came over and wanted to play in the kitchen. They said they didn’t have any toys so I gave them half of the ones I was playing with. They told me they did not have enough and wanted more. I gave them more toys and was left with only a carrot. Then they said, “How can we make curry without carrots?” I did not want to give them my carrot, because I would be left with no toys to play with. But I saw how troubled they looked and wondered if I should give up my last toy.

I suddenly heard a voice that said, “You will regret it if you aren’t able to face your problems.” It was indeed true—I never truly turned my thoughts into actions. I always regretted things and would tell myself, “If only I had done such and such...” I decided to give my carrot toy to the two sisters.

Just then, their mother came over and asked, “Can you share your toys?” I was embarrassed and thought, “I should have given them the toys right away.” I told my mother what had happened and she said, “Master also has strict standards for elementary school students on the path of cultivation. Adults need to adhere to even stricter standards.”

Stomach Pain Disappears Right after Asking for Master’s Help

My older cousin said his stomach hurt a lot and he was very bloated. He had been unable to use the bathroom for many days. He couldn’t move his bowels and cried at night because of the pain. His stomach continued to hurt the next day, so my mother decided to give him a laxative. My cousin went to the bathroom right after taking the laxative, but the medicine came out.

His stomach continued to hurt. My younger cousin and grandmother said, “Only Master can help you.”

My older cousin said, “Please help me, Master.”

Then he cried out, “Wow! It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

He was able to use the bathroom immediately. He smiled and came back into the room, “Master helped me get better!”

My younger cousin said, “Master is the best!” I was moved to tears to witness Master’s compassion.

My grandmother said, “You should be diligent in cultivation every day. Master will help you immediately.” My older cousin asked, “What do I do if I don’t have a picture of Master at home?”

My mother replied, “It’s okay. Master is always by your side.” My older cousin seemed relieved to hear that.

Studying the Fa, Practicing the Exercises, and Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Every Day

I practiced the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, and studied Hong Yin with my cousins almost every day. My younger cousin did not know how to do the third exercise. After following along with Master’s instructional video a couple of times, he learned how. He was also able to follow Master’s movements to do the fourth exercise. My younger cousin said, “Thank you, Master, for teaching me.”

Both of my cousins were doing the exercise movements incorrectly at first. I reminded them several times and they humbly corrected their mistakes.

I tried doing the second standing exercise for an hour after my cousins went home. My grandmother told me that I could put my arms down if I got tired.

I always thought that I couldn’t do the second exercise for an hour. I realized this was a human notion and said, “I want to do the exercise for an hour.”

My younger cousin was able to do the second exercise for 45 minutes while my older cousin could do it for an hour. I wanted to do the second exercise for an hour and indeed managed to. I thought I would have given up in the middle if I did not have a strong will. Three days later I was able to finish the first four exercises in an hour and a half.

Eliminating My Notions about Foods I Disliked

I didn’t like to eat shrimp, eggplants, crabs, squid, and many other foods. I had been avoiding the fact that I needed to change my habit of being picky. I decided to make a breakthrough with the foods I disliked. Though I saw how my cousins enjoyed eating shrimp, I was still unable to muster up my courage to eat it. My younger cousin only ate salmon last year. He made a breakthrough this year and ate vegetables and natto. I was encouraged by seeing him try new foods.

I thought about why I disliked shrimp so much the day before I returned home. I realized it was just a notion and that I was clinging to it. I would start to get nervous even before a dish with shrimp was served. I even cried one time when I saw a plate full of shrimp. I gave myself an excuse at the time and told myself to eliminate the attachment another day.

I started thinking about how I always procrastinate, so I decided to face my fears. I tried eating a piece of shrimp, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I felt embarrassed that I had cried at the sight of shrimp. I finally came to my own realization and took a step forward. I challenged myself to eat eggplant and green peppers the next day. I am beginning to slowly let go of my notions and now I can try more foods.

It seemed like my two cousins and I spent a month at a cultivation summer camp and lived to the fullest each day. I am grateful to Master for arranging different tests to improve my xinxing. I will cultivate diligently in the future.