(Minghui.org) The authorities from the 610 Office and police department in Jilin City, Jilin Province, dispatched a large number of agents and arrested more than 30 residents on June 4, 2023, for their shared faith in Falun Gong, a mind-body practice that has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party since July 1999.

The police monitored the practitioners for a long time and collected footage from the surveillance cameras before carrying out the arrest. If any practitioners or their families refused to open the door, the police would smash the windows and break in to arrest the practitioners and ransack their homes.


At the time of writing, the names of 20 arrested practitioners have been confirmed. They are Ms. Ma Fang, Ms. Wang Yin, Mr. Li Shigang, Ms. Liu Yinghua, Ms. Yin Fuying, Ms. Wang Xumin, Mr. Yu Danjiang, Ms. Mou Chunxiang, Ms. Xia Guihua, Ms. Jiang Ruihua, Mr. Zheng Fengxiang, Ms. Li Wenhua, Ms. Su Guiru, Ms. Xu Min, Ms. Wang Yanzhen, Ms. Na Na, Ms. Yu Yawen, Ms. Cong Shunli, Ms. Fu Guiyuan and Ms. Qin Dongmei.

Below are the details of some of the practitioners.

Four officers, including Feng Ruiming from Dongjuzi Police Station in Changyi District, as well as a local street committee worker, arrested Ms. Ma Fang at her mother’s home (where she had been living in recent years). An insider revealed that Ms. Ma and her mother had been monitored for a month. The police confiscated a large amount of personal valuables. Ms. Ma is currently detained at Jilin City Detention Center.

Ms. Wang Yin lives in the Fengman District. An officer who had been staked out outside her home barged in at around 5 p.m. on June 4, when her husband and son had returned home from work. The officer then called in more agents from the Jilin City Domestic Security Office, Yan’anjie Police Station, and Changyi District Police Department. They accused her of “colluding” with Ms. Ma and claimed that they knew everything about her, including the make and model of her car. The police ordered Ms. Wang to bring out her Falun Gong books and materials but she refused. The police then searched for the books. When they wanted to remove the photo of Falun Gong’s founder, Ms. Wang told them not to do so. She was later taken to Yan’an Police Station in Changyi District and held in custody until around 7 p.m. on June 5. Her family paid 5,000 yuan to bail her out.

During Ms. Wang Yanzhen’s arrest, her elder sister and niece were also harassed. That night, the police took Ms. Wang Yanzhen, who was handcuffed, to her other residence to ransack it. The police drilled the door lock with an electric drill before breaking into the home to confiscate her Falun Gong-related materials. She is currently detained at Jilin City Detention Center.

Ms. Liu Yinghua, a 68-year-old resident of Fengman District, is currently detained at Jilin City Detention Center.

Ms. Yin Fuying was arrested by officers from Hadawan Police Station in Longtan District.

Ms. Wang Xumin was arrested at home, also by police from the Hadawan Police Station. The police confiscated some of her Falun Gong books and released her before midnight on June 4.

Ms. Mou Chunxiang of Chuanying District was arrested at home. As she refused to open the door for the police, they smashed her windows to break in. Her computer and printer were confiscated.

Ms. Xia Guihua, Ms. Jiang Ruihua, Ms. Yu Yawen, and Ms. Cong were arrested on June 4 and taken to a police station in Changyi District. Ms. Yu and Ms. Cong might already have been released.

Ms. Li Wenhua was arrested by police from Xinghuajie Police Station. The police confiscated her Falun Gong books, a photo of Falun Gong’s founder, her personal items, and some cash. She is detained at Jilin City Detention Center.

Ms. Su Guiru was arrested at home by police from Yunheli Democratic Police Station. The police confiscated a photo of Falun Gong’s founder, Falun Gong books, a laptop, a cell phone, and other personal belongings. She was released the next morning and her phone was returned to her.

Mr. Yu Danjiang was arrested by the police. More information of his arrest is currently unknown.


Several officers stayed at the home of 74-year-old Ms. Zhan Junying’s for an entire day before leaving at night.

When they harassed Ms. Ni Fengzhi, they questioned her whether she knew Ms. Yin.

Being Forced to Live Away from Home or Gone Missing

Ms. Mi Hong’s home was raided, as was her mother’s. While she wasn’t arrested, she has been forced to live away from home to hide from the police since.

Mr. Li Shigang was among the arrested. He escaped at night and has been forced to live away from home to avoid further persecution.

Ms. Fu Guiyuan has also gone missing, together with some other practitioners whose names are unknown at the time of writing.

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