(Minghui.org) The 31st anniversary of Falun Dafa’s public introduction and the 24th World Falun Dafa Day were celebrated on May 13, 2023. Falun Dafa practitioners around the world celebrated this special day in many different ways.

Poem in the painting: Pure Lotus Bloom

Experiencing tribulations in cultivationGetting rid of attachmentsWisdom is from the FaPure lotus blossoms in the heart

Materials: Colored pencil, colored paperSize: 27cm × 19cm

Materials: Colored pencil, colored paperSize: 26 cm x 18 cm

Description of Work:

I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996, and I am now 51 years old. I have experienced much during the past 27 years of my cultivation and have overcome many human attachments. I am here today because of Master’s protection and compassion.

Dafa benefits me physically and mentally and gives me wisdom. I have liked lotus flowers since I was a child, because they are beautiful, they symbolize holiness, and they grow out of mud without being stained. I like beautiful lotus pictures and dreamed that one day I could draw one myself. Occasionally, I would draw a few simple petals, but I didn't know how to draw the lotus.

A month ago, I suddenly had an idea: I would see how people drew a lotus flower. I watched a few short videos on how to draw a lotus. It was as if my wisdom opened up, and I suddenly knew how to draw a lotus in an instant. So I learned to draw, and I drew a few lotus flowers that looked pretty good.

As I drew them, I realized that every lotus flower I put on paper seemed to tell me of having experienced many tribulations during my years of cultivation.

After I let go of many human notions and attachments, my mind became pure, and I felt more detached, pure, and beautiful in my inner heart. The pure lotus is born in the heart. Master bestowed me with the wisdom to draw the blossoming lotus by heart, and my dream of many years came true in an instant.

On the occasion of World Falun Dafa Day, I present the lotus flower to Master to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. Thank you, Master, for everything you have given to me.