(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 26 years now. I used to work as a middle school English teacher. Before I took up Dafa, I was very sick, with all kinds of health problems such as heart disease, blood viscosity, various cerebrovascular issues, stomach problems, and chronic insomnia. I could hardly walk without assistance and was unable to read books or watch TV as I would feel dizzy and nauseous. Years of treatment with either Chinese or Western medicine didn’t lead to any improvement, and I was no longer able to teach. The school had to let me take early retirement with regret, as I was an excellent teacher.

My Incredible Experiences after Reading Zhuan Falun

I became totally dependent on my husband in daily life. Then, a student’s parent encouraged me to read the book Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. One day, I started reading the book around 8:00 a.m. I kept on reading until after 4:00 p.m. when I finished the whole book. It was amazing that I had not felt dizzy or nauseous, and remained very clear-headed all this time. Hugely inspired, I decided to practice Falun Dafa, be a good person, and be free from my illnesses.

The next day, my husband helped me get to a nearby Falun Dafa practice site. When they were doing the fourth set of exercises, I chickened out, worrying that I might fall over. “Come on, you can do it,” a parent I knew encouraged me. “I’m right in front of you, you won’t fall.”

I followed the exercise instructions and bent down to a pretty low point and didn’t feel dizzy at all! I was really surprised by what was happening. When I got home, I felt that there was something rotating rhythmically in my body, from my throat, all the way down to my abdomen, then to my hands, arms, calves, and my back. I thought: This practice is so amazing!

On the third day, I went to the practice site on my own. I told the parent that I took some pills to keep from feeling dizzy before I left home. “You don’t need to take any medication. See how you feel,” he said to me. I believed him and stopped taking medication. To my surprise, I slept very well that night and didn’t wake up until 5:00 a.m. the next morning. I got out of bed, feeling light all over.

My husband, an atheist, was totally shocked to see what I was able to do within just a few days after I started practicing Falun Dafa. Soon afterward, I went through a cleansing process, the shortest being three days and the longest eight days. In less than two months, all my illnesses disappeared!

I’m 82 years old now, and I have never felt sick since then. People all say that I look like someone in her 60s. My son, my daughter, and my daughter-in-law all teach in higher education institutions, and my son-in-law works in a government agency. They are all very supportive of my practicing Falun Dafa.

Amazing Learning Outcomes of My Students

I used to teach English in middle school before I retired, and my effectiveness was always recognized with appreciation by the school and the regional district.

After I retired, my health improved greatly thanks to Falun Dafa practice. So quite a few primary school, middle school and high school students came to me for tutoring, and they all achieved what they had wished for within a short period of time. I would like to share a few of such cases.

Case 1

A young geography teacher in our school is a single mother. She came to me and said that her son was already in the third year of middle school, but his English was always around the passing marks of 90 while he scored over 120 in math, physics, and chemistry (the top score was 150). With little improvement from other private tutoring arrangements, she wanted me to help her son.

When the boy came to me for the first time, he looked flushed in the face and his nose was blocked. “You must be feeling pretty awful,” I said to him. “Yes, I’ve got a cold and my head is aching,” he said. “Well, just recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ Then see how you feel,” I suggested and went to fetch my pen and notes from another room.

“Teacher, what’s happening? I have only recited the two phrases three times, but my headache is gone, and my nose is also unblocked!” the boy said to me excitedly. I told him the truth about Dafa, and he also quit the Chinese Communist Youth League before we started the English class.

He came to see me once a week for the next six weeks, and I explained to him the phonetic rules, text reading skills, and grammar structures covered in the entire middle school syllabus for English. “Teacher, you’ve explained things so clearly and all my confusion has been cleared up.”

After the second semester started, he told me, “I scored 130 points in the first exam, and the teacher praised me in class!” “Keep up the good work,” I encouraged him.He continued to do well in English studies and scored 120 points on the entrance exam for senior high school, and was accepted by the top school in our county.

He is a grown-up now and has been working for three years after he finished his graduate studies. In May this year, he got married and invited my husband and me to his wedding ceremony as honored guests.

Case 2

During the summer vacation in 2006, a former colleague came to me and said, “My grandson did well in senior high school entrance exams in math, physics, and chemistry, but only got 7 points out of 50 in the English exam.” In a concerned tone, he asked, “What do you think his problems are? How would he cope in senior high school?” I told him to bring his grandson to my place so that I might give him some help.

The boy came, and I gave him two lessons first to sort out his spelling and reading problems, with examples and practice. Then, I gave him another four lessons to help him understand grammar rules and structures, covering the essentials of the entire junior middle school English syllabus.

He was really happy and felt a lot more confident about his English studies. After completion of the tutoring program, I clarified the truth to him about Falun Dafa and helped him quit the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated organizations for youngsters. I also told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in times of danger. He was very responsive to what I said to him.

In the first mid-term exam at the senior high school, he scored 87 points (out of 150), and 93 points in the final exam. During the winter vacation, I gave him another four lessons on English grammar covered in the senior high school syllabus.

I ran into him seven years later in a different city. By then he was already an accomplished university graduate. He was so happy to see me and his whole family insisted on taking me for a meal in a restaurant. I felt very happy for him.

Case 3

My elder grandson was preparing for the entrance exams for a “Super Experimental Class” run by a prestigious middle school affiliated with a university. One day, I received a phone call from my daughter-in-law, telling me that my grandson scored well in Chinese and math, but his English was far from the top 300, a margin set for consideration.

Even though my daughter-in-law is a lecturer in English in a university, she felt inadequate to coach her son for this level of exam. I went to talk with his teacher in the primary school, to find out what they had taught children in the English subject.“In primary school, we don’t teach grammar. Your grandson is doing well here and always gets 99 or 100 marks,” his teacher told me, “but now they are taking English tests for grade two in middle school, and there are only 50 days left before the formal exam. There is no way to teach him all he needs to know for the exam.”

My grandson also told me that most questions were in the form of filling the blanks with appropriate words or phrases, but he had no idea how to fill in such blanks. He was worried that he might get zero points for the exam. I decided to help him get ready for the exam. Every day after he came back home and finished all his homework, I would give him some tutoring to cover the contents of English studies for the first two grades in junior middle school, with relevant exercises.

The next day, I would do some review with him before moving on to new content. I would spend a bit more time on more complex content until he understood what we were working on. Usually, he would not go to bed until late. I went through the preparation with him just a day before the formal exam. He did well and was accepted by the school. He studied in the same school until he finished the senior high programs.

I would like to share another story about how my grandson was blessed by the divine.

On New Year’s Eve of 2014, my grandson was scheduled to have a phone interview with a prestigious American university that evening. His parents worried about people living nearby setting off firecrackers and whether my grandson would be able to hear clearly during the call.

It turned out that it was rather quiet during his interview. As soon as he finished at 10:35 p.m., sounds of firecrackers broke out like thunder, so loud that people could not hear each other clearly even when chatting face to face.

My grandson has always believed that Falun Dafa is good. He also listened to recordings of Master Li’s (Dafa’s founder) Fa lectures when he was still a student in senior high school. This could very well be the reason that he always did well and achieved his goals from primary school to high school, from studying in the university to being accepted by a prestigious university in the U.S. as a postgraduate student, and then to becoming an employee with Google.

The year before last, on his 30th birthday, he said to me via video, “Grandma, the saying is so true that ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ I think the divine is in charge of all! Also, thank you for all your kind help along the way while I was growing up.”“Yes, you should be very grateful to the divine (I meant Dafa’s Master),” I said to him. “Of course, but I should also thank you for helping me along the way,” he said gratefully.

My granddaughter-in-law also believes “Falun Dafa is good.” She suffered from leukemia when she was in elementary school, but she recovered and never had any relapse. She and my grandson studied at the same university in the United States and they are now working at the same company.

All my friends and neighbors are envious of my family, saying, “It looks like your family is enjoying a life in heaven!” However, we all understand that all these are blessings and encouragement from our Master. All my family members keep a low profile in daily life, and my husband always makes sure to listen to at least one lecture of Master’s Fa teaching every day.

Miracles from Listening to Master’s Teachings

I would like to share a few more true stories about how people benefited from having faith in Falun Dafa.

Story 1- Dystocia Birth Changed to Natural Labor

My eldest brother is a rural doctor. In the early summer of 2010, one of his neighbors told him that his daughter-in-law was suffering an obstructed labor in the hospital, and they had to pay 50,000 yuan for a cesarean section. He asked if my brother could lend him some money to save the baby.

When my sister-in-law heard about it, she rushed to the hospital and urged the family members of the woman in labor to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” with her. In less than half an hour, the baby was born naturally with a loud cry. The doctor in charge was really surprised: How could it be possible that a “shoulder presentation baby” came out so quickly!

The neighbor’s family was overjoyed to see the newborn baby and were very grateful to my brother and his family. The husband brought two cured pig’s feet to my brother’s house and said, “Thank you so much! You have saved us 50,000 yuan.”My sister-in-law called and told me what happened. “I did a good thing, and was rewarded with two cured pig’s feet,” she said joyfully.

Story 2 - The Auspicious Phrases Saved a Patient with Brain Hemorrhage

Just before the Chinese New Year in 2009, my younger brother’s wife suffered a concussion from a fall. I happened to be around, so the two of us started reciting the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She was completely back to normal in three days, with no need to go to the hospital. My sister-in-law firmly believes that Falun Dafa is good.

In the winter of 2012, her brother-in-law, who was working in Guangdong at the time, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage all of a sudden and became unconscious. He had no money, and the hospital refused to perform any surgery. She called me and asked me what to do. “You and all his immediate relatives should keep reciting the auspicious phrases in your hearts. It would help if you are truly sincere about it,” I said.

Sure enough, their whole family recited the phrases together throughout the night. The next morning, her brother-in-law woke up, and the hospital discharged him back to his hometown.

Story 3 - A Likely Miscarriage Was Avoided

My niece’s colleague, a Chinese teacher in a middle school, had two miscarriages. She was pregnant again in 2010 and felt she was about to have another miscarriage. My niece asked me if she could play Master’s lecture recordings to her colleague.“Yes you can if she believes in Dafa,” I said to her, “You should tell her to listen to the lectures from the beginning to the end. It’s not good to listen to part of the lectures and then stop.”

Her colleague must have some affinity with Dafa, and as soon as she started listening to the Fa lectures, her bleeding stopped. After she finished listening to all of the nine lectures, she felt very good and went to work as normal in the morning. Later, she gave birth to a baby girl, who is now about to go to junior high school.

Young Children Benefited from Listening to Fa Lectures

I have a couple more stories to share about how Falun Dafa benefited youngsters.

Story 1 - From Bottom Third to Top Three in Half a Year

In the fall of 2009, my husband and I paid a visit to my mother in our hometown. There happened to be a flu infection going around in the local area. My elder sister-in-law told me that her cousin’s grandson was hospitalized for a week, and all their savings (over 4,000 yuan) was used to pay the bills. The boy’s parents were doing odd jobs out of town and this cousin didn’t know what to do except to sit down and cry.

I said I’ll go and see if I can help, but my family members discouraged me, “You shouldn’t go. My cousin won’t believe you,” my sister-in-law said to me, “She may even report you.” As it turned out, the two families had a falling out in the past due to some land dispute. I thought it could be a good opportunity to save people and help improve the relationship between the two families. So I went to her house with my husband.

I read to the sick boy from the book Zhuan Falun several times. An hour later, his fever came down and he stopped coughing. “I feel so good now!” the boy said happily, “Please don’t leave. Can you read to me again?” In the evening, I kept reading the book to him and then left the book with him, so that he could read it by himself (he was a grade three elementary school pupil at the time). The next morning, he was well enough to go to school. “I want to learn Falun Dafa exercises, too,” he said to his grandma.

Six months later, he told me on the phone that he had become one of the top three students in his class from being in the bottom three earlier. His head teacher and the school principal paid them a family visit, with awards and prizes.

His parents were also very grateful for our kindness and help. Since then, they and my elder brother’s family got on really well, even better than before their dispute. They have even built their new houses next to each other.

Story 2 - My Grandson Showed Extraordinary Mental Capacity for His Age

As my daughter and my son-in-law were often sent overseas on business, I took over the daily care of their son. He listened to Master’s Fa lectures with me every day soon after he was born. He was able to express himself with a few simple words when he was only eight months old, and by the time he was one year old, he would sing nursery rhymes with me.

He began to recite ancient poems when he was two. I noticed that when I taught him to recite a poem, he never said the lines with me, and just kept playing with his toys. But when I read the poem the third time, he would say the next line after me, and he would still remember the poem the next day. It was quite amazing.

My grandson always believed that Falun Dafa is good, and when he was in middle school, he still listened to the Fa lectures when he had time. He did well in both junior and senior high schools and graduated from a prestigious university.

The year before last, due to the pandemic, he could not go to study in Germany as planned, so he applied for some postgraduate programs in the United States. He got a number of offers a month later and is now proceeding with his studies at an American university he had chosen.

Looking back on the cultivation path I have traveled in the past 26 years, my heart is filled with immense gratitude to Master Li and Dafa. Not only I myself have turned into a completely new person for the better, but all my family members, our relatives, friends and neighbors, and many others, have also been blessed by Master’s boundless compassion and grace.