(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from the Franconia region of Bavaria gathered at Nuremberg City Center’s Hallplatz on Saturday, May 13, 2023, to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. At the same time, they wanted people to be aware of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tramples on human rights. Passersby stopped to watch the practitioners demonstrate the Falun Dafa exercises and many signed a petition calling for an end to the persecution by the CCP regime. 

Practitioners from the Franconia region of Bavaria gathered at the Nuremberg Hallplatz on May 13 to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day.

Demonstrating the Falun Dafa exercises

Passersby sign the petition calling for an end to the persecution in China.

Nuremberg is an internationally famous human rights city. It is also the second largest city of Bavaria. During weekends, its city center is always bustling with people. The peaceful Falun Dafa exercise music coupled with the slow and graceful exercise movements created a peaceful contrast to the usual activity in the city center.

Passersby stopped to watch the exercise demonstration and some followed along to imitate the exercise movements. Many people accepted fliers, immediately started reading them, and then signed the petition to show their support for bringing an end to the persecution. A number of people just walked straight to the practitioners' table and signed the petition to show their support.

“Their Morality and Level Exceeds Normal People's”

Ms. Michaela Voreseka signs the petition to show her support.

Ms. Michaela Voreseka is a native of the Czech Republic. She used to live in the Netherlands with her husband and had just moved to Nuremberg three years ago. She said, “This is my first time seeing a Falun Dafa activity. I can feel the peacefulness in the Falun Dafa practitioners, and in the energy that is being emitted, I feel that they are different from other people. Their morality supersedes that of normal people. This persecution is heartbreaking. It is a pity that many modern people have become indifferent, disregarding the hardships that are happening to others. Many people do not care about this persecution.”

Ms. Voreseka wept as she said, “People need to know that when one leaves this world, things like their houses, cars, etc., they can bring none of these with them. We are so lost in this materialistic world. And with this practice, it can change humankind.”

She pointed to the practitioners who were doing the exercises and said, “You see, they are such good people! Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance is so good. If people can abide by these principles, they will be able to find themselves.”

I Want to Learn Falun Dafa

Ms. Natascha Koch (left) and Ms. Karin Köppendörfer (right) wish to learn the Falun Dafa exercises.

Nuremberg residents Ms. Natascha Koch and Ms. Karin Köppendörfer passed by the Falun Dafa exhibition venue and were very happy to see the Falun Dafa booth. Ms. Köppendörfer had started practicing Falun Dafa in another city in the past, but due to several reasons, she’d stopped practicing. She said, “Yesterday, when I was tidying up my home, I don’t know why I took a look at the book Zhuan Falun. I thought in my heart that I should start to cultivate Falun Dafa once again. Then I saw the Falun Dafa practitioners’ event today.”

Ms. Koch had heard that Falun Dafa is a really good practice and she was also interested in learning. That day, she happened upon the Falun Dafa event seemingly by chance. After watching the exercise demonstration, she decided that she also wanted to cultivate Falun Dafa. They inquired in detail about the time and venue for the exercise sessions in Nuremberg and said that they would come to learn the practice that coming weekend.

Practitioners Thank Master for His Compassion

Mr. Alex Rüber thanks Master for his compassion.

Mr. Alex Rüber has been cultivating in Falun Dafa for more than three years. Three years ago, as Mr. Rüber’s health was not good, he started practicing Falun Dafa through a friend from Cologne. Recalling his feelings when he first learned about the practice, Mr. Rüber said, “I felt that my heart was emitting light and I could not stop smiling. Since then, I’ve known that Falun Dafa is my path. After returning to Nuremberg, I immediately contacted the local practice site and embarked on my path of cultivation.”

Mr. Rüber thanked Falun Dafa for changing his life and helping him attain energy. He said, “During my cultivation in Falun Dafa, I learned how to look within myself and abide by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance in all aspects of my life – from my daily living to my work. Of course there are ups and downs in the cultivation process. I and my life have all changed. They are no longer the same as before. I can feel the energy that comes from Dafa all the time, improving my xinxing. I no longer quarrel with my wife and both of my children also listen to the teachings of Falun Dafa with me and are learning the exercises. No words can describe the gratitude I feel toward Master Li. I can only thank Master and thank Dafa!”