(Minghui.org) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I’m 74 years old. Thanks to Master’s compassion arrangement, I’ve been able to assume the task of technical support and help with basic computer and printing issues for practitioners in our area.

I was illiterate, and didn’t know anything about computers, or how to print materials. Local practitioners relied on one practitioner for technical support. He was followed and monitored by the 610 Office and left home. Because of the persecution, he lost his job. Because he was forced to flee, he also lost his Fa study and cultivation environment. He developed illness symptoms and passed away. Our only technical support was gone. We were sad and didn’t know how to solve our computer issues.

Because my home was a small material production site, I was able to resolve some technical problems but no way was I able to take on the responsibility of technical support. After Master Li (Falun Dafa’s founder) gave me three hints, I felt encouraged and was able to assume this responsibility.

Stepping Into My New Role with Master’s Guidance

My story starts with the first hint I received. In my dream, I saw a stack of frames. Someone (I thought it was Master) picked one up and it turned into a beautiful basket, the kind that people put gifts in. Master hung it over my left arm.

I didn’t understand the hint. I thought it meant I was given the basket because I was supposed to wander around (like a monk) because I didn’t cultivate very well. At that time, I had a lot of conflicts with other practitioners because we had different opinions. I later realized the dream suggested I should assume the technical support job and not be afraid of hardship.

When Master saw that I didn’t enlighten to the first hint, he gave me another one. While I meditated one day, a screwdriver was placed in my hand. This time I realized Master was encouraging me and suggested I do some repair work. I realized I shouldn’t have doubts because I have Master and the Fa.

After I understood what I should do, I tried my best to help out whoever had computer issues. Whenever practitioners had technical issues, I did my best to resolve them. If I couldn’t, I took the equipment to the computer repair shop. It was not easy for me to carry computers since I’m thin and short. I walked up and down the stairs no matter how many floors there were. I didn’t complain. One practitioner was very moved and said, “You help whoever has issues. I don’t know how to thank you.” I said, “It’s my responsibility.” I knew that Master was guiding me and looking after me.

Master gave me a Fa tool which was my 3rd hint. Pliers were placed in my hand while I meditated one day. It was wonderful. I realized Master gave me a Fa tool and also opened up my wisdom.

One day a practitioner was not able to switch on her computer. She had it repaired several times, and I knew she was worried. I told her I would try. I opened the computer case and asked her to find a rubber eraser for me. I tried to take out the memory stick, but I was not able to remove it no matter how hard I tried. I asked Master to help me. I ran my fingers around the edges and found two clips on both ends of the slot. I pushed down the clips and pulled out the memory stick. I cleaned it with the eraser and then put it back. The problem was fixed. The computer has been running smoothly for more than a year.

I had the same problem with installing the system. Because it was hard for me to move the heavy desktop computers, I encouraged practitioners to buy laptops. For those practitioners who were not able to afford one, I bought them second-hand laptops. I helped install the systems so they could visit the Minghui website. Most local practitioners had computers, and they asked me to solve their computer problems. Some practitioners asked me to send their computers to their homes in faraway villages or counties.

Everything We Encounter Is a Cultivation Opportunity

Whatever challenges I encountered, I regarded it as my cultivation journey. However, sometimes I didn’t cultivate myself very well, and I felt it was too difficult. It felt similar to how Buddha Milarepa cultivated: His master asked him to build a house on a mountain. He laboriously moved the stones and built a house. As soon as he finished it, his master told him to demolish it move the stones to another location, and rebuild it. He understood his xinxing was being tempered and upgraded in the process.

One practitioner’s computer didn’t work, so she asked me to buy a new one for her. I bought it and carried it to the fourth floor (there was no elevator in the building). I installed the system and it worked. She didn’t want the old computer and asked me to take it. She said that other practitioners might need it. After a while, she told me the new computer had issues because the plug was loose and she was not able to get on the Internet. She said her old computer was better. I told her that it might be an issue with the registered jack (note: telecommunication network interface). Her husband asked someone to fix it but he couldn’t find him. She became anxious because she couldn’t get on the Internet. I bought a Wi-Fi receiver for her to use temporarily. She said that the signal was weak and she didn’t want it.

I was in a dilemma. I wasn’t afraid of hardships but I felt she didn’t trust me. She doubted my abilities and hinted that I pretended to have some expertise and I wasted her money. I said, “Isn’t this an opportunity to eliminate our attachments?” When I returned her old computer I said, “How about I buy a new hard drive and install it in the old computer? But you have to give me the money for the new drive. I’ll buy your new computer from you and give you the amount you paid.”

She said, “I can get onto the Internet with the new computer sometimes. Just wait.” Nine months passed, and she no longer had issues with her new computer. Wasn’t this a cultivation test for both of us? It was indeed as Master said, “...temper oneself physically and mentally.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

I was misunderstood sometimes. Due to the hot weather, I bought a new air conditioner out of my own pocket for a new Fa-study site so that practitioners could read the Fa with focused minds. Some practitioners said I took money from the material production site. They collected money and paid me back. I was calm at the time and realized I must have attachments I needed to identify and eliminate. I didn’t try to find out who started the rumor, but I didn’t maintain my xinxing. I told them, “Okay. I gave you an air conditioner, not cash. I will uninstall the air conditioner and take it back.” They were quiet after I said this, and the incident ended.

Some practitioners felt I was old and didn’t have any skills. They didn’t trust me. I understood. I ld have taken the time to explain the problems to dispel their doubts even though I did my best to save them money.

I spent a lot of time and effort to set up a laptop for a practitioner. She soon brought it back and said she couldn’t get on the Internet. I changed a part for her. She tried it and was happy. She recently said she couldn’t get on the Internet. She was upset and I was impacted emotionally. I later told her, “You have to be patient to log onto the Minghui website. Sometimes the Internet is blocked. You use other people’s Wi-Fi signals but don’t have patience. How can you get on the Internet in such a state?”

Eventually, I bought another second-hand laptop and switched it for her. I kept her old laptop.

I have a desktop and two laptops. Whenever anyone needs one, I give them one. I keep their old computers that don’t work. Master told us to be selfless and consider others first.

Dafa Gave Me Wisdom

Any person who is a technical support professional knows that it’s impossible for an old person like me who doesn’t have any education, to achieve my skill level. How much training would it take? I needed to create the installation toolbox make the toolbox USB drive, and look up the materials on the Tiandixing Forum. I needed to do a lot of detailed work.

I felt it was part of my cultivation journey, and only Master knew whether I cultivated well or not. Only a Falun Dafa practitioner could achieve this. We have great and benevolent Master and we cultivate in Dafa. Dafa bestows us with abilities and wisdom, and I can operate independently now.

I sometimes had complacency, a show-off mentality, and resentment. Other times I had low self-esteem. I felt every day people looked down on me and even practitioners had issues with me. I also felt that I was getting old and couldn’t help much. I often complained that other practitioners were not cooperative and the young practitioners didn’t step out.

Actually, all my complaints are reflections of my attachments. I need to cultivate them out. Everything was arranged by Master and given by Master. Master handed me this task because he wanted to fulfill and temper me so that I could mature. Master sacrificed so much for me and devoted so much compassion and effort to me. I didn’t dare to say “I’d like to quit” now. It equates to my refusing Master’s blessings and going against Master’s order. Helping as technical support was such a good cultivation opportunity! Thank you Master for your blessings and careful arrangements.

When I reflect on my cultivation journey, I’m moved to tears. I will cherish all my cultivation opportunities. As long as Master trusts me and practitioners need me, I will cooperate unconditionally.

I know that I am far behind Master’s requirements. My biggest problem is that I haven’t studied the Fa enough or practiced the exercises enough. Going forward I will overcome my pursuit of comfort, try my best to reach the standard of cultivation, and not disappoint Master.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!