(Minghui.org) Since the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in 2004 and through Falun Gong practitioners’ unremitting efforts in truth-clarification, a great number of people have realized the true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and at least 420 million people have quit the CCP and its affiliated associations as of November 2023. I have come across many people who do not hesitate to break away from the CCP as if they had been waiting for the opportunity all along. I would like to share some examples.

Two Former Colleagues

Lee was a former colleague of mine and a member of the CCP. I clarified the truth to him in the past, but he didn’t quit the CCP at that time. Later, he suddenly left the workplace and I felt deep regret for not being able to help him quit the CCP.

One day, he came back to my workplace for some other business. I was happy to see him, and after a short conversation, I asked him if he had quit the CCP yet.

“I have long wanted to quit and I don’t want to pay the membership fee anymore. I don't want my son to be taken advantage of by the CCP so I will definitely forbid him from joining,” he said. “The CCP does nothing good, only harm! I will quit!” he said loudly.

Another former colleague Liao was transferred to a workplace out of town and promoted to be a director. One day in winter, we ran into each other near his home, so he invited me in for a chat.

In fact, this colleague not only witnessed the persecution I suffered for practicing Falun Gong but also personally took me to a brainwashing center. I didn’t hold any bad feelings or resentment against him.

We sat down for a chat and shared how things were going in our lives.

He told me that he had long retired due to poor health. He then talked about the various chaotic phenomena in society and the corrupt misconduct of the CCP. He knew a lot and said he could see things much clearer now. When I asked him if he wanted to quit the CCP, he said with no hesitation, “Yes, the CCP is extremely evil. I want to quit!”

A Former Student

Liang was a student of mine in the past. When I ran into him one day, he was happy to see me. After he graduated from the university, he continued to study and obtained a Master's degree and is now working in the procuratorate in our city.

Liang had heard about how I was persecuted for practicing Falun Dafa and was quite sympathetic towards practitioners. We had a really nice chat that day. I didn’t talk to him about quitting the CCP as our cell phones could easily monitor our conversation. I wrote “quit the CCP” on a piece of paper and asked him if he knew anything about it.

To my surprise, he told me immediately, “The CCP is an authoritarian dictatorship and does all kinds of evil! I will quit!”

“Please Help Me Quit the CCP as Soon as You Get Out of Here!”

The above is what the president of a court said to me when we were in the same cell in prison. He was an upright judge but was framed and sentenced for petitioning for the people. He refused to plead guilty or do the forced labor, so he was also a target of persecution by the prison authorities.

He liked to hear Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the truth and we often chatted together. On the morning of the day when I was released, he came to me and said, “If I can get out of here, I will go overseas to expose the evil conduct of the CCP. Please help me quit the CCP as soon as you get out of here!”

“I Believe in Gods. I Want to Quit the CCP!”

I have a colleague, who is a team leader in the village. I know he is a CCP member, but I haven’t had a chance to clarify the truth to him.

One day, when I saw him at home by himself, I went in and asked him if he knew anything about “quitting the CCP.” He said he knew about it but hadn’t done anything.

I then told him briefly about the great momentum of the campaign and encouraged him to quit the CCP.

“I believe in gods. The CCP is atheist. I want to quit the CCP!” he said with no hesitation.

The CCP is like a sick tree, rotten from the top to its roots. With a gust of wind, it could be destroyed and wiped out. Although those who still cling to this rotten tree may gain some benefits for now, once the tree falls, it will end up like its sacrifices.