(Minghui.org) Nowadays, more and more Chinese people detest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and refuse to join it.

Recently, my work unit, a government affiliated organization, launched a campaign to recruit new members to join the CCP. While no one openly opposed it, most people remained unresponsive as a way to express their attitude.

The leadership was aware of the situation, but they had no choice and had to fulfill this political task. They talked to many people and offered various incentives to join the Party, but to their surprise, not a single person expressed any interest.

As the deadline approached, and these leaders wondered what to do, three new employees joined our work unit. The leaders immediately talked to the new hires one by one promising promotions and great benefits if they agreed to join the CCP. The three newcomers reluctantly agreed. Relieved, the leaders helped the new hires write their application statements to join the CCP.

However, the following morning these three new workers told the leaders that after thinking it over, they decided not to join the CCP. They explained that they heard from friends that over four hundred million people have already quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations worldwide, and the number is increasing every day. They refused to join the CCP no matter how the unit leaders tried to persuade them.