(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 26 years. During those years, Master Li has been with me every step of the way.

My daughter recently visited us. The night before she left, she asked me to wake her up early the next morning to catch the bus.

The following morning, I was awakened by the sound of Dafa’s exercise music. I thought at first that my daughter had gotten up and wanted to do the exercises with me. However, I saw that my daughter was still sleeping. So I followed the sound and saw my music player packed in a cardboard box. To my surprise, the player was playing the exercise music, but the device was turned off.

It was amazing! I realized that Master wanted me to get up and do the exercises. He didn’t want me to fall behind, so he pushed me forward in cultivation. I am so blessed to have such a compassionate Master in this life.

When I talked to my daughter about this miraculous event, she replied, “Doing the exercises is important. It strengthens our energy, and at the same time Master will purify our bodies.”

Over the years, I had spent little to no time doing the exercises, due to laziness. As a result, I often felt uncomfortable. However, as Master always watches over his disciples, he turned on the player for me.

Music Wakes Me up to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts

Disciples worldwide began to send forth righteous thoughts four times daily in the summer of 2001. I bought an alarm clock and set it for five minutes before midnight to wake me up. But I often turned off the alarm when it rang, and went back to sleep.

While I was asleep one evening, I suddenly heard pleasant music. The music was loud, so I woke up right away. When I looked at the clock, it was time to send forth righteous thoughts. I was surprised and delighted!

One morning, I didn’t want to get up even when I heard the music. But the music just kept playing. I felt ashamed and finally got up.

I was awakened by the music for seven days, so I got up on time to send forth righteous thoughts. From then on, for 22 years, I’ve been able to send forth righteous thoughts every day. When I missed the time due to other urgent matters, I always made up for it.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts When Imprisoned

In the evil forced labor camp, I sent forth righteous thoughts whenever I could. Master’s protection helped me get through those difficult days. I memorized the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts every day. I didn’t waste any time because I saw too many evil beings in other dimensions. My celestial eye saw coiled, black snakes ready to harm practitioners at any time.

I was imprisoned with other practitioners who did not give up their faith in Dafa. I silently sent forth righteous thoughts for those who were newly arrested. I said to myself, “Eliminate the evil demons behind those people who are persecuting Dafa disciples. Stop them from committing crimes against Dafa. Shut their mouths right away!” Usually, after several minutes, those evil people who were pressuring the practitioners to stop practicing quit talking and sat there dumbfounded. I then gave a thumbs up to fellow practitioners to encourage them.

In the beginning, the head guard started her day by walking along the corridor and yelling at practitioners in cell after cell. Her eyes beamed with ferocity, and she had to include profanity each time.

I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements behind her. I also hoped she could treat Dafa practitioners well and leave herself a way out. After I sent forth righteous thoughts, she no longer yelled at our cell. There was a time when she did not come by for a week. I understood that the evil beings controlling her had been eliminated.

One guard always instigated those people who gave up practicing to persecute practitioners. I sent forth righteous thoughts to her for several months. My celestial eye then saw a black snake die, and I knew that the evil being behind her had been eliminated. From then on, this guard became kind to all Dafa practitioners, especially those who refused to renounce their faith.

I later wrote this guard a letter to tell her more about Dafa. After reading my letter, she treated us better and always looked cheerful when she saw me. She whispered to me at the end of each month, “I’m going to reduce your term again this month by x many days.” In the end, I was released half a year early.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts When Distributing Materials

We encountered many dangerous situations when my fellow practitioners and I went out at night to distribute truth-clarification materials. Sometimes, people who did not know the truth followed us and reported us to the police. The police would drive up to arrest us. When it seemed impossible to run away, we sent forth righteous thoughts and asked for Master’s help, and we were usually able to return home safely.

In recent years, whenever I go out to distribute materials, I ask Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts before sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings who prevent sentient beings from being saved. I always return home safely.

Whenever I encounter disturbances, Master gives me hints with the Fa principles and helps me eliminate interference. When I am diligent, Master lets me experience miracles and see many beautiful things in other dimensions, which have encouraged me and strengthened my confidence in the practice. When I don’t do well, especially when I can not pass a test, Master points out my mistakes through other people’s mouths so I can improve and correct myself in time.