(Minghui.org) Since the publication of Master’s article “Treat Master’s Family Members Properly” and the Minghui editorial “Acting with Righteous Thoughts (with Master’s Comment),” some practitioners who used to flatter Master’s family members with their words and actions based on human attachments have gone to the opposite extreme on the issue of how to treat Master’s family members.

Master has taught us the Fa to enable us to elevate in cultivation. We are all cultivators walking on the path to divinity. We follow the Fa’s guidance to continuously let go of various human emotions and human attachments and progress toward consummation in our process of saving people. Master has not said that his family members are all wrong; He is only correcting certain practitioners who are not doing things as cultivators should. We should avoid creating difficulties for Master through unbecoming words and actions; rather, we should understand the Fa from within the Fa and hold ourselves to a cultivator’s standard.

Minghui Editorial Board
October 26, 2023