(Minghui.org) When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) suppresses dissidents and minority groups, it often labels them as domestic forces against China, as if this would give the regime an excuse to recklessly slaughter its own people.

As will be seen below, however, it is the CCP that has betrayed China and its people ever since it seized power. In fact, it appropriated the communist doctrine of Karl Marx (Germany), the “The Internationale” from France and the hammer and sickle of the Soviet flag. Moreover, it has gone even further to thrive on the blood of the Chinese people.

The Origin

Since the CCP came into existence, from Mao Zedong to its current leader, the regime has always looked to The Communist Manifesto as its theoretical basis and core guidance. It is a mandatory reading for all CCP members. More specifically, Mao pointed out that Marxism and Leninism are the foundation of CCP theories.

What then is The Communist Manifesto? It begins by saying “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism,” suggesting that communism is a ghost that hovers over the world and threatens mankind.

In addition, the CCP adopted “The Internationale” from France as the Party’s anthem. All Party members are required to sing it and the song is played at major events. But few people know that the CCP’s version of the song only contains three out of the six stanzas in the original French version, as the lyrics of the other three stanzas might inspire the Chinese to revolt against the CCP itself.

Mao once wrote that the October Revolution sent Marxism to China. It was indeed the case. In fact, the CCP started as the Soviet Communist Party (SCP)’s Far East Branch with all its funding coming from the SCP. As a result, the CCP chose the Soviet national flag with the hammer and sickle to be its flag.

The violent and brutal nature of communism was also laid out by Marx. “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions,” he wrote in The Communist Manifesto.

That was also what the CCP did. After the forces made up of mobsters and hooligans got together, they followed the convention of the Soviet Red Army and called it the Chinese Red Army. After seizing Jiangxi Province in 1931, the CCP established the Chinese Soviet Public and named its territory the “Soviet Area.”

When celebrating Joseph Stalin’s 60th birthday, Mao said in 1939 that, based on the essence of Marxism, he had every reason to initiate a rebellion. This phrase was later used to stir up the destructive ten-year-long Cultural Revolution that nearly wiped out 5,000 years of Chinese traditional culture. In China today, however, that same CCP has exhausted its resources to stop any potential threat, let alone rebellion. This has extended to state-of-the-art technology to try to control the internet, censorship, countless surveillance cameras, and big data.

Following the doctrines of a German revolutionary socialist, singing a song of hatred from France, and swearing allegiance to the Soviet flag—the CCP is not interested in China or the Chinese people. Not only that, high CCP officials stockpile their bribe money in Swiss banks and send their wives and children to enjoy life in the United States, while shamelessly claiming in propaganda press releases, “The U.S. imperialists never stop trying to destroy us. We will not follow Western countries.”

The Japanese Invasion

For these reasons, the Kuomintang government went after the CCP. Out of options, its members fled from Jiangxi Province to Shaanxi Province. Through deception, they started the so-called second cooperation with the Kuomintang government and were classified as the Eighth Route Army.

During the eight years the Japanese army invaded China (1937 to 1945), Mao maintained the following policy: “10% to resist Japan, 20% to cope, and 70% to development.” Although it received funds from the Kuomintang government, the CCP exerted little effort to counter the Japanese invaders—unlike the Kuomintang army fighting on the front lines. It shored up its own forces; grew opium in Yan’an, Shaanxi Province; secretly colluded with the Japanese army; and sometimes targeted the Kuomintang army in the guerrilla war.

In fact, in the 1950s and 60s, Mao thanked the Japanese government many times for invading China—without the Japanese invasion, the CCP would not have had the opportunity to weaken the Kuomintang troops while growing in strength itself.

Such duplicity continued even after the Japanese army was defeated in 1945. When the Soviet Red Army, supported by the CCP, went to Northeast China, soldiers looted the area, raped its women, and seized assets, causing endless losses. This is another example of the CCP colluding with external forces to ruin China.

Selling Out China

After the CCP seized power in 1949, the devastation of the country and its people rose to a new level.

Giving Away Parts of the Country

For quite a long time, the Republic of China considered Mongolia a part of China. However the CCP helped Stalin to gain control of that region.

The CCP allowed the Soviet Union to use China’s ports and airspace at no cost. In addition, Mao and his aide Zhou Enlai gave away parts of China to North Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, and other countries.

In recent times, CCP leader Jiang Zemin went even further. He acknowledged several unequal treaties between Russia and the Qing Dynasty and gave away over 1.4 million square kilometers of land, an area about 40 times the size of Taiwan. He also gave land to Vietnam in a secret treaty in late 1999.

Killing Its Own People

The CCP leaders launched numerous political campaigns to suppress its own people. In Mao’s era, they included Land Reform (1948–1950), the Three Antis (1951), the Five Antis (1952), Industrial and Commercial Reform (1956), the Great Leap Forward (1958) followed by the Great Famine (1959), and the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976). After that, Deng Xiaoping was responsible for the Tiananmen Square Massacre (1989) while Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong (1999–present).

Not even counting forced abortion, about 80 million people died during these campaigns. They included landlords, capitalists, intellectuals, students, and Falun Gong practitioners. That is more than all who died during the two world wars combined. The CCP’s ruthless killing of ordinary citizens during peacetime is unprecedented.

If that was not enough, Mao listened to Stalin and got involved in the Korean War by sending the so-called “People’s Volunteer Army.” Hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers died in a war outside China’s territory.

Giving Away Vital Resources

Because it sent troops to North Korea, the CCP was isolated internationally. Nonetheless, the regime continued to support certain poor countries for political gains even when it meant hurting its own people. When more than 40 million Chinese people died in the Great Famine, Albania asked for food. Without hesitation, then-premier Zhou Enlai ordered a ship filled with grain just purchased from America to turn around and deliver the grain to Albania.

During the Vietnamese war, the CCP provided many weapons and large amounts of ammunition and food to the Vietnamese. During the Sino-Vietnamese war in the 1970s, however, Vietnamese soldiers ironically used China-supplied weaponry to fight the Chinese army.

Undermining Traditional Values

Since ancient times, China has been known as the land of the divine. That tradition has inspired the Chinese for thousands of years.

Then the CCP emerged. Following Marx’s German doctrines, it instigated ruffians to rebel to ruin China. It also coerced people to swear to the Soviet flag to devote themselves to communism. In doing so, its followers sold their souls to the communist specter. That is also why CCP members often say they will “report to Marx” at their death. The CCP also sold its members to the Soviet Communist Party. That explains why the regime established the Chinese Soviet Republic in its early days and declared it would fight to defend the Soviet Union.

To make things worse, the CCP also brainwashes the youth, who are pressured to join the Young Pioneers and the Youth League. As a result, nearly all the children in China have been forced to swear to and devote their lives to the Party.

After Stalin died, Zhou Enlai took delegates to Moscow to attend the funeral and help carry the coffin, while Mao Zedong set up a place of mourning on Tiananmen Square for tens of thousands of people to attend the ceremony.

After CCP officials die, their bodies are covered by a CCP flag to reaffirm their dedication to the communist specter. Every year on October 1 (the CCP’s National Day), the regime places portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin on Tiananmen Square. In 2018, the CCP had a major ceremony in the Great Hall of the People as it sent a bronze statue of Karl Marx to his hometown in Germany, celebrating 200 years since his birth.

On October 1, 2009, large banners that read “Celebrating 60 years of the History of the Motherland” appeared all over China. City-dwellers and people in the countryside were surprised to see them—our nation has a history of 5,000 years, so where did the 60 years come from?

The CCP was created by forces outside of China, forces with no real interest in or loyalty to China. It has no interest in helping the Chinese people live a good life. With its doctrines of atheism and class struggle and inescapable hate propaganda, it has killed Chinese people and destroyed Chinese culture. While enslaving its people and digging up ancient sages such as Confucius, it has shamelessly claimed that the Chinese people have chosen to follow the CCP.


The CCP is the root of the problems in China. It is a specter that opposes China and the Chinese people. Several decades have passed, and it is time to hold it accountable. Heaven will not allow it to harm mankind any longer.

On December 25, 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved. The communist Eastern Bloc also came to an end. Characters engraved on an ancient rock unearthed in 2002 in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, China, say, “The Chinese Communist Party will end.” It won’t be long before the regime is phased out as a result of its sins against the Chinese people and mankind.