(Minghui.org) The Tiandixing Forum of Minghui is a technical platform dedicated to serving material production sites in mainland China and helping them solve technical issues as they produce materials exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s persecution of Falun Gong. We’d like to remind all practitioners in mainland China who use Tiandixing to check to make sure you have adequate security measures in place. Wherever we find security loopholes, be they concerning computer equipment or our thoughts, we need to make necessary changes immediately and close the loopholes to avoid problems. When we walk our paths well, there will be no external interference. 

As long as the CCP has not fallen, we must remain rational on security measures by taking the matter seriously and not letting our guard down. 

Minghui Editorial BoardSeptember 27, 2022

* * *

Background information for reference:

The Tiandixing Forum had remained low key and operated smoothly for over 10 years, but it has been forced to go through some changes in recent years, primarily due to practitioners’ attachments. After the main technical support personnel of oGate were arrested in mainland China, the CCP spies obtained real information of a large number of oGate users (including their IP addresses and bank payment information). Some key oGate technical supporting staff outside of China were also exposed, with their information obtained by the CCP spies as well. 

Some of the arrested oGate technical support personnel once visited Tiandixing, using the platform and the good reputation of Minghui to promote oGate, brag about themselves, recruit people, and solicit the contact information of other practitioners. As a result, the Tiandixing Forum was also implicated by the oGate incident. 

In addition to oGate’s technical support staff outside of China, some practitioners who moved from China to other countries also continue to rely on Tiandixing resources for their personal use. But oGate personnel are the most high-profile in their use of Tiandixing, totally ignoring the platform’s security rules and making it much more complicated to maintain the platform’s low-key and secure profile.

* * *

Reminder to practitioners:

oGate provides a so-called service to access uncensored online content with “no need to scale the [fire]wall.” If the security of the back end can be ensured, this service could provide convenience to people in China who want to overcome the CCP’s internet blockade. But as long as the CCP is still around, we do not recommend that practitioners in mainland China use this service. Experienced practitioners in mainland China always avoid using it. Our reminder here is more for inexperienced users including those who had just learned to access uncensored online content, new practitioners, and practitioners who had just stepped forward to clarify the facts.