(Minghui.org) One day my aunt, in her late 60s, went to the mountain to pick mushrooms with two friends. Suddenly the sky turned dark. Thunder and lightning started to strike. They found nowhere to hide. Even worse, a wildfire started around them and may get to them at any moment. Everyone was scared and feared that they might die.

Luckily the fire went off on its own and they were so relieved. When my aunt later told me about the incident, she said that she believed she was blessed by Falun Dafa during the incident.

My aunt is a hardworking, pure person. Unlike many other family members who kept a distance from me due to the persecution of my faith in Falun Dafa, my aunt sympathized with practitioners like me and supported us.

Because of her kind heart, she has also been blessed. Besides the aforementioned incident, she recovered from a severe food allergy that prevented her from eating meat or flour-based food. In another incident, she accidentally rolled down a small hill but wasn’t hurt at all.

My aunt’s family income is limited. She has to work to support her family even though she is over 60 years old when most people have retired in their 50s in China. She found a job at a coal washing factory. Her responsibility was to watch the rolling belt to make sure the coal wouldn’t get stuck and piled up on the belt. For others, the coal piled up on the belt quickly and they had to shovel it frequently, which was very tiring. My aunt, often recited “Falun Dafa is good” while she was working. Her belt always went smoothly and she never had to shovel the coal herself.

When the factory was short of hands, my aunt did two shifts every day for over a month. She believed that Falun Dafa gave her the energy to take on the extra work.

Although my aunt hasn’t practiced Falun Dafa yet, she lives by its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and her moral standards have been improving.

There was a time when she was working in a grocery shop. Some employees ate the snacks for free. But she never did so because she understood the principle of no loss, no gain. She also did the hard work that no one else wanted to do and never tried to compete with or take advantage of others.

After my aunt’s parents-in-law passed away, they left nearly 10,000 yuan and a house worth over 100,000 yuan to their three children, including her husband, the oldest child. It was common in China that siblings fought with each other for inheritance. But my aunt and her husband gave up their portion, which resolved a major family conflict.