(Minghui.org) I am 80 years old. After my three sons were injured and became sick three years in a row and my oldest died of liver cancer at the age of 23, my life was miserable. But it changed completely after I started to practice Falun Dafa, and my family and I have been blessed by Dafa’s saving grace ever since. 

Early Tragedies

I live in a rural, isolated area where transportation is difficult and the economy is backward. Each family was allocated certain land based on the number of family members. But after my first son got married, we didn’t get any more land. My daughter-in-law soon became pregnant, and what we could grow on our land barely supported us. So my husband and sons plowed a barren field under the hillside, hoping to harvest more food. Later, my husband went out of town to work, leaving our sons to farm the fields.

There was a large rock in the field that made their work difficult. The boys decided to it blow up, but they accidentally ignited the dynamite too soon, and my oldest and youngest boys were seriously injured and couldn’t even open their eyes. 

They were both treated at the hospital, and they saved my youngest boy’s eyesight. But my oldest son’s condition was much more serious. Many grains of sand had lodged in his eyeballs, and the pain was excruciating when the doctors removed them. I took him to the hospital three times before all the grains were cleared out.

The next year, my oldest son got sick again. He didn’t tell us until he was too sick to walk. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and died 40 days later at the age of 23, before his child was even born.

Two years later, my youngest son got lung disease. I was so scared that I couldn’t eat or sleep. During the surgery, the doctor made a hole in his back to pump fluid out of his lungs. All that came out was black dusty water. I was terrified that I might lose another son. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and my youngest son survived.

All this happened during the planting season. If our kind neighbors hadn’t helped us, we would have starved to death.

The Whole Family Blessed

I started to practice Falun Dafa in the 1990s. Since then, many good things have happened to us and I will share three of them.

Surviving a Serious Car Accident 

Before the 2020 Chinese New Year, my youngest son was driving his wife and his brother home for the family reunions on his motorcycle. They were on a gravel road near the mountain, facing cars coming in the opposite direction. He hit a stone and they all fell to the bottom of a pit four meters deep with the motorcycle.

Everyone on the road was stunned and thought they had no hope of survival. Suddenly they heard voices from down in the pit—it was the three of them asking each other if they were all right. They were all safe and sound!

The motorcycle had landed partially on a haystack. Not only were the people safe, but the motorcycle was still in one piece. They climbed out and continued their way. The crowd who witnessed the accident all exclaimed it was a miracle.

When they arrived home and told me what happened, my son took out the Falun pin he was wearing, “Mom, before we left, I had made sure to take the Falun pin with me. It saved us all!”

Grandson’s Kidney Disease Cured Without Treatment

My oldest grandson developed nephritis when he was in middle school. He was treated at the hospital, but his condition only got worse. He couldn’t go to school and was extremely weak.

I decided to bring him to my home to take care of him. For a week, besides eating and sleeping, all he did was study the Fa teachings and do the exercises. A week later when we took him to the hospital, the doctor was surprised by the result: “His nephritis is 80% recovered.” 

A few days later, he fully recovered and returned to school.

Snake Poison Neutralized

One afternoon, my oldest grandson went to play on the mountain and a snake bit him on the ankle. He was afraid we might get angry with him, so he pretended nothing happened and didn’t tell anyone. At around 11 p.m. that night, he started screaming in pain. We saw his leg was swollen from the ankle to the knee and realized that he had been bitten by a poisonous snake. His calf was as thick as his thigh.

It was the middle of the night, and the local doctor who specialized in treating snakebites didn’t want to come. My husband and I started to ask Master for help. Soon my grandson stopped screaming and fell asleep. The swelling didn’t get worse.

The next day, the doctor did come. As he suctioned the venom out of the wound, he said repeatedly, “It is unbelievable! Usually people bit by a poisonous snake like this die in minutes. I don’t know how your grandson survived!”