(Minghui.org) My husband’s skin suddenly turned yellow one day in August 2020. We went to two different hospitals in our region and they both found that my husband’s bile duct was blocked. We next went to 301 Hospital in Beijing, the largest military hospital in China, where he underwent a complicated surgery that involved the liver, gallbladder, small intestine, spleen, and pancreas. After the surgery, my husband was diagnosed with bile duct cancer.

The doctor said chemotherapy should be performed because this disease could become malignant quickly. Additionally, there was no specific drug for this type of cancer and the doctor could only use medicine targeting other cancers instead. After one round of chemotherapy, my husband’s condition only deteriorated. The cancer had spread to the hepatic portal, and it had grown to four centimeters in size.

Our whole family was in deep grief. The doctor was not surprised because the recurrence of this type of cancer was usually very fast. Some people could not even survive for a few months or weeks. We later learned that a person living close to us died 25 days after being hospitalized for the same condition.

The doctor started another round of chemotherapy, with some new medicine. This time, my husband was hit even harder. He became bedridden and lost all his hair. I had to take care of all his needs, when I was also struggling with some sickness symptoms myself.

If the chemotherapy continued, my husband would be gone soon. Finally, my family decided to stop the chemotherapy and resign ourselves to our fate. The doctor warned us of all the terrible consequences.

After we returned home, I decided to urge my husband to start practicing Falun Dafa. As soon as I brought up the topic, he said to me, “I have been chanting ‘Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ every day, even when I was on the operation table.” I was shocked. My husband had been against me practicing Falun Dafa for years and we had fought about it so many times. 

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. At that time, my family did not object my practice. My mother-in-law also practiced Dafa and had her heart disease healed. However, after the persecution began in 1999, she was afraid and stopped practicing Dafa. Her heart disease also relapsed. 

The whole family was afraid of being persecuted, and they all tried to make me quit practicing. Whenever we talked about Falun Dafa at home, my mother-in-law would immediately close all the windows because she worried that the neighbors could hear us. My husband and I had many arguments about this. Later, I gave up on my attempts to persuade him. I didn’t expect him to think of Dafa when he was seriously ill.

My husband said that he wanted to read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Dafa. After listening to me reading the book, he asked to read it himself. 

I asked him to write a solemn statement to void the disrespectful things he said about Dafa and Master. He agreed. It was published on the Minghui website.

Without any medication, my husband’s health was getting better day by day, as he continued to chant the auspicious phrases every day.

When he went back to the hospital for another examination six months later, the doctor was surprised to see him still alive. He was even more amazed when he saw that my husband’s tumor had miraculously disappeared. The doctor could not believe it and said modern medicine could not explain it.

My husband had another check-up this summer, and everything was fine. My family, relatives and friends were all very happy and thanked Dafa for saving his life.