(Minghui.org) During the pandemic, I persuaded a few customers to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the pastry store where I was working.

One day, a young lady came in, holding a big and fresh durian fruit. I asked her how much the big durian cost and she said that it cost over 60 pounds.

I said, “That is quite expensive. I am not used to eating this. Maybe a durian sweet is still okay.” She said that she liked to eat durian and that its nutritional value is very high.

I said, “Hearing your accent, you are from China right?” She said that she is from the city of Chongqing, and that she came to England to study.

After she graduated, she found a job here. Therefore she resides here permanently.

I said, “That is really good. Many students from overseas cannot find a job here. You must be a very outstanding student.”

Clarifying the Truth

Hearing what I said, she was quite happy. I continued to say, “During such a pandemic, we must protect ourselves well and hope that the divine can protect us.

“When we were in China, we all joined the CCP and its youth organizations which promotes atheism. We even gave our lives to the CCP. Thus, there will be danger in the future. Why don’t I help you by giving you a pen name to quit the CCP? When a human has a thought in his/her heart, the Heavens know and they will protect kind people!”

She said, “Ok, ok, thank you.” In the end, she quit the communist youth league using the pen name I gave her.

After that, I told her that since we are now overseas, we are free to listen to more and learn more about the truth of the CCP through many channels.

I also told her not to believe in the propaganda, defamation, and lies from the CCP on Dafa. She agreed with what I said.

Quitting the CCP

Another time, an English-speaking Asian lady came in but she suddenly said a few things in Chinese. I asked her if she was from China, and she said yes.

Then I said, “Your English does not have any Chinese accent in it.” She said that she had lived in England for 16 years, and that her husband is not Chinese.

She asked me if we had any vegetarian pastries. I asked, “You are a vegetarian? Are you a Buddhist?”

She said that she became Buddhist four years ago. I said, “Did you become a vegetarian after becoming Buddhist?”

She replied that she originally did not have much preference for meat. I said, “People who have a belief normally have self-restraint in their morals and virtues. Having a belief is a good thing.

“In China, our homeland, many people need to join atheist organizations and even have to vow to offer their lives and work hard for their entire lives for communism. This is really not auspicious.”

She told me that she had joined the communist youth league, so I offered her a pen name to help her quit it, as quitting it will bring her protection from the Gods. She said, “Ok, thank you, thank you.”

Good Person Enjoying Great Blessings

One Sunday, a man who spoke Cantonese came in. I asked him if he was from Hong Kong. He said that he was from Fujian and has already been in England for 20 years.

He bought fried dough sticks, sesame balls, and other items costing over 70 pounds. I said, “You bought so many things.”

He said that he is stopping by his construction site, so he is buying these pastries for his workers.

I said, “Then, you must be a person with great blessing since your business is doing so well. You are buying so many things for your workers; they must be thankful for your generosity and concern and will do your job well for you.”

He said yes. They all did their work well. I said, “This goes both ways. You are good to them and they will be good to you too. They will do the job well.”

He said, “My wife often reminds me that I did not do well enough.” I said, “You are so blessed to have such a kind wife to remind you.”

Hearing me compliment him, he was very happy. I said, “Now, during this pandemic, I hope that a good person like you can obtain peace and safety. Good people will be protected and watched over by the Heavens.

“When we were in China, we joined the CCP, and even vowed to offer our lives to the communist party. This is a lethal vow, so we must void it by using a pen name to quit it. We do this for the Heavens to see.”

He told me that he joined the communist youth league before, so I said that I would use the pen name “Fu Da” to help him quit the communist youth league.

“Fu Da” means blessed and rich, which suits him. He agreed and said thank you, thank you.