(Minghui.org) My husband used to work as a prison guard and developed a habit of yelling at inmates. Because he was used to shouting all day, he shouted at me when he came home. To some extent he knew Falun Dafa is good because I recovered from all my diseases after I practiced. However, he was deeply deceived by the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda and said disrespectful things about Falun Dafa and its founder. Sometimes he bombarded me with those words as soon as he stepped into the house. I refused to accept it and often argued with him.

As I studied the Fa, I gradually realized that conflicts arise to help me upgrade my character because I am a cultivator. It is a good thing and I have to mind my character. When I improved, my husband also changed a bit. His temper became better and gradually he acknowledged that Dafa is good. My family became harmonious.

One day in early 2021, my husband told me that he felt uncomfortable after eating. I told him to go to a hospital for a checkup. Our daughter took him to a hospital. The examination showed that two tumors, about 2 or 3 centimeters in size, had developed on his liver. He was terrified. Our daughter took him to specialty hospitals in Tianjin and Beijing but the results were the same. A doctor told them, “Take the medicine and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, you will have to have an operation.” He took medication for a period of time, then went to the hospital for an examination again. The tumors only grew bigger. Our daughter felt helpless. She contacted a specialist to prepare for surgery for him.

I went to the hospital to ask about my husband’s condition. The doctor told me that the tumors developed in an awkward location, and that made the operation difficult. So a family member had to sign to release the hospital from being held responsible if an accident happened during the operation. I told my husband what the doctor said. He was upset and became depressed. One day, with a distressed look, he said to me, “I didn’t commit bad deeds. Why did God let me suffer from this hard to cure disease? It seems that a surgery is my only option. But I’m very worried, what can I do?”

Seeing his desperation, I told him, “There is a method that doesn’t need any surgery.” He asked what it was. I said, “Reciting the nine words can cure diseases. But I need to say something first. You must repent to my Master, and erase those disrespectful words that you said to my Master and the Fa, and make a statement of repentance on the Minghui website. Only then will it work.” After hearing what I said, he said in a solemn tone, “I will do this. But I still have some doubts that Falun Dafa can cure diseases. If Falun Dafa can treat my disease, I will be convinced of the power of Dafa for the rest of my life.”

I helped him write a solemn statement for the Minghui website. He approved it and signed the statement. From then on, every morning he recited, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I no longer heard him say that eating was uncomfortable. My husband became emotionally stable, and his mood also improved.

A month later, my husband came back home with a sheet of paper in his hand. He called my name loudly, “Come and see. I went to the hospital for a checkup today. Look at this report. Those two tumors disappeared!”

I looked at the report. It was true. I said to him, “Isn’t it that Master Li removed them for you? You must thank Master for helping you.” He repeatedly said, “Thank you, Master! For the rest of my life I’m convinced that Falun Dafa is powerful!” His face was filled with joy.

Going through this ordeal and witnessing the miracle of Dafa, my husband’s temperament changed a lot. He no longer yells at people and no longer believes the CCP’s propaganda against Falun Dafa. Now he is happy every day and is more energetic. He said, “Although I haven’t begun to practice, I will also do things according to Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I will always support Dafa.”

Our whole family is bathed in Master’s great grace. Here, on behalf of my entire family, I bow to Master for His saving grace.