(Minghui.org) On the evening of May 27, 2019, I was lying in bed and about to fall asleep, when I had the urge to use the bathroom. To my surprise, I was unable to sit up. I managed to stand with help from my wife. I collapsed after taking a few steps and I was unable to get back up. My anxious wife wanted to call for an ambulance, but I said no. The following day I was able to stand and walk the short distance to the bathroom on my own. However, on the third day, I collapsed again in the bathroom. Seeing that I was unable to stand up on my own, my wife sought help from our neighbors. Four people carried me to the bed, and an ambulance took me to the hospital.

As I was severely constipated and unable to urinate, the hospital inserted a urinary catheter and applied an enema. There was blood in my urine and my body felt very uncomfortable. The hospital took a CT scan and the doctor told me, “The bleeding in your head has stopped. You have to do your best to stand up!” I replied, “I really can’t move. Even if you threaten to shoot me, I can’t move to save my life.”

The hospital arranged for me to undergo physiotherapy sessions. Faced with the reality of my condition, I was on the brink of a complete mental collapse. Overnight, from a perfectly healthy person, I had become completely paralyzed and bedridden. I told my wife, “I’m living a life worse than death! Buy some rat poison for me to eat, so I can die in peace.”

When my doctor came to check on me, my wife told him what I said. He angrily yelled at me, “By asking your wife to buy poison for you, aren’t you making her break the law? She might get sentenced to jail! Isn’t this bringing harm to others?”

A few days later a fellow practitioner came to visit. He shared with me some understandings from the perspective of the Fa. As my righteous thoughts gradually strengthened, I remembered that I was a practitioner and Master Li (Falun Dafa’s founder) was protecting me. I should get myself discharged from the hospital and return home. When I told my wife, she refused to agree. I was still undergoing physiotherapy, and I was completely paralyzed.

On the twentieth day of my hospital stay, the hospital said I could be discharged. My medical insurance would not cover further medical fees, and my family would have to pay if I continued to remain there. As I had a fever, the hospital agreed to extend my stay for another five days.

Remembering That I’m a Practitioner

During this period, another fellow practitioner came to visit me. I was undergoing a physiotherapy session at the time. On seeing the practitioner, my tears began to flow. A nurse carried me back to bed, and I told the practitioner, “Truly, I’m living a life worse than death.”

Although I was completely paralyzed and unable to move at all, this practitioner noticed my mental cognition and thought processes remained perfectly normal, although I had difficulty speaking clearly. He advised me to believe in Master and Dafa, study the Fa, practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts diligently after returning home. Master would surely help me overcome this tribulation.

Even though I received treatment in the hospital for 25 days my condition did not improve. After returning home, I began to practice the exercises, study the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts, while lying flat in bed. After two days, I was able to roll over and lay on my side.

The sixth day after I was discharged from the hospital, the practitioner who had last visited me came to see me again. He shared with me some of his understandings based on the Fa, and we talked until it was nearly time to send righteous thoughts. He asked me, “Do you want to sit up?” I agreed and he maneuvered my body, sitting me up and leaning against the head of my bed. However, I was unable to sit stably on my own. Because I was in danger of falling over, he sat behind me and leaned me against his chest. After a while I was able to sit on my own. He moved away from me, and we continued to send righteous thoughts for forty minutes.

My gratitude to Master and this fellow practitioner was indescribable. Within a short span of time, a completely paralyzed person recovered the ability sit up for forty minutes! My wife was overjoyed. “Dear, you were able to sit on your own for so long!”

Belief in Falun Dafa is a Lifeline

The sixteenth day after I was discharged from the hospital, a group of practitioners came to visit me. By this time, I had improved to the point I was able to sit up on my own by the bed. My wife happily invited practitioners into our home, before she headed out.

A practitioner asked me if I could stand up. I said yes. I slowly stood up on my own, without leaning or holding onto anything for support. The practitioners were surprised and I felt very encouraged.

They asked if I wanted to practice the exercises. I said yes, and proceeded to do the first set of exercises on my own. When they asked me to walk across the room to the other side of my bed, I agreed and completed the journey—my body and legs did not shake. I was so moved, my eyes filled with tears.

The other practitioner then suggested we practice the first set of exercises together. After we finished, they said, “Walk to the next room and show your granddaughter that you can walk.”

I walked over and excitedly nudged my sleeping granddaughter. She sat up, but did not open her eyes. The other practitioners gathered by my side and called my sleepy granddaughter, “Little sister, take a look at your grandfather.” She raised her head and was shocked to see me standing in front of her. “Grandfather! Did you walk here on your own?!” I nodded. With tears of joy running down my face, I told her, “Master is truly great, Dafa is amazing!” My granddaughter and the other practitioners burst into tears.

My granddaughter phoned my wife and said, “Grandmother! Quickly come home, grandfather can stand on his own!” A practitioner said, “When your grandmother returns, let your grandfather open the door for her.”

When I heard my wife at the door I opened it. Greeted with the sight of me standing before the door, my wife stood motionless for a while in shock. Then she started crying with happiness. “I truly believe it now. Falun Dafa is amazing!”

When she returned, my wife held a practitioner’s hand in hers. “My husband always showed me Falun Dafa flyers and CDs. Although there were many amazing stories, I found it hard to believe they were real. Today, after personally seeing my husband’s recovery, I truly believe in the greatness of Master and Dafa!” At this point, I told my wife. “I have been hiding something from you. I didn’t swallow any of the medicine you gave me. As soon as you left, I spat it out.” After this incident, my wife began reading Dafa books with me.

Without Master’s blessing and compassionate salvation, I would have remained paralyzed in bed for the rest of my life. Many people—both practitioners and non-practitioners have witnessed Falun Dafa’s miracles since Dafa was introduced to the world in May 1992. The miracle I experienced may be insignificant, but I hope it can help show people how great and compassionate Master and Dafa are.


Falun Dafa is extraordinary and magnificent, and its mighty power reaches both the macrocosm and the microcosm. The case detailed in this article is just a tiny manifestation of the power of Dafa on the level of the secular world. While Dafa can bring blessings to humankind, Dafa’s extraordinariness and magnificence are more for people to return to their true origins.