(Minghui.org) I saw an image in my dream on the morning of September 29, 2022, where a group of Dafa practitioners were all lined up and racing forward. It looked like whatever they were doing was urgent. When I took a closer look, I saw that everyone was wearing yellow exercise suits that overseas Dafa practitioners wear when they promote the Fa. On the outside, they were wearing a gray jacket that was unbuttoned. In my mind, the words “time is flying” flashed by.

After waking up, I understood that Master was enlightening me. After having lunch, I continued studying the Fa lecture that I had not finished in the morning. I then took an afternoon nap. However, I did not expect that by the time I woke up, more than an hour would have passed. Suddenly, a thought clearly appeared in my mind, “Utilize all available time to quickly save people!” I was shocked and awakened, so I immediately sat up in bed. It happened to be time to send forth righteous thoughts, so I immediately got into the posture to send forth righteous thoughts and clear my own dimensional field.

I thought about why Master had enlightened me three times within a day. It must be that I have slacked in my cultivation and Master was anxious about me! I thought about my cultivation over the past month, and discovered that I had many problems.

Since the Minghui editorial published a notice asking for cultivation experience sharing articles for this year’s 19th China Fa Conference, I used all available time to help four practitioners write their articles, and the articles were submitted successfully to the Minghui website. After that, Master enlightened me to motivate more local practitioners to participate in this Fa Conference. I therefore invited a practitioner to work with me on this task.

We went out to interview practitioners. When we returned, I planned to write the article and this practitioner would type it. During that time, both of us cooperated very harmoniously. With Master’s empowerment and protection, we finally managed to submit more than 60 articles to the Minghui website two days before the submission deadline. We were also able to give every practitioner a copy of the manuscript.

After returning to where I live, I realized that during the past month, in order to make the submission deadline, both of us had studied the Fa very little. Over many days, we didn’t finish one lecture of Zhuan Falun. We sent forth righteous thoughts even less frequently. So I felt very tired and decided to stay at home for a few days to study the Fa more before going out to clarify the truth. During that time, I was especially sleepy. I was full of regrets every time I woke up. Due to my lack of perseverance and determination to overcome this problem, my attachment to comfort was being made use of and controlled by the evil.

I did not expect the arrival of the pandemic. My area went into lockdown on September 22, which delayed going out to clarify the truth. In order to make good use of this precious period of time at home, I studied two lectures of Zhuan Falun in the morning, memorized the Fa in the afternoon, and went online to download the Minghui articles of the day at night. I thought that I had made good use of time. On the 8th day of my area’s lockdown. I heard the neighbors downstairs chatting that today was the last check for COVID-19. People were expecting the lockdown to be lifted the following day, so I would be able to go out to save lives as per my wish.

From this incident, I found out that I have many attachments, such as fear of hardship, fear of being tired, greedy for sleep, seeking comfort, and slacking off. I must get rid of them during the process of cultivation.

On the other hand, from Master’s three hints, I also understood the following few points that I would like to share with fellow practitioners.

1. Fa-rectification goes fast and the time to cultivate during the Fa-rectification is very limited. Many of the behaviors that do not abide by the Fa principles are being pushed to the surface. Therefore, I saw that Dafa practitioners’ exteriors were still covered by a gray shirt. This is what we need to quickly correct in ourselves as we progress in our actual cultivation. The remaining short amount of time should not be missed or wasted. Once this period of time is over, there will no longer be any chance to try all over again.

2. We should tighten our cultivation and get rid of all greedy thoughts, desires, and attachment to relationships. We cannot cover them up or keep them. Having any of these attachments will stop us from attaining the standards of the new universe.

3. Study the Fa well because this is the best guarantee for doing well in our Dafa work. I feel that memorizing the Fa is an effective path. During the process of memorizing the Fa, we must let go of all selfish and messy thoughts. Only when every word goes into our minds are we able to memorize the Fa. When the Fa is implanted in our hearts, we will not be deceived by the innumerable false displays in the mundane world. Only then can we maintain a clear mind and use Dafa to keep cleansing and purifying our minds and bodies so we can give our all to do well in what we should do.

4. Dare to be responsible for our own mission and responsibilities.

As Dafa practitioners of the Fa-rectification period, we are here to assist Master in rectifying the Fa instead of seeking personal comfort.

Master said:

“Some people have not stepped forward and don’t take this task seriously, and they don’t think that saving sentient beings is all that important. In reality, your responsibilities as Dafa disciples all lie right there. If you don’t take action to save sentient beings, you will not have fulfilled your responsibility as a Dafa disciple and your cultivation will amount to nothing, for your becoming a Dafa disciple was not for the sake of your own Consummation. This means that you shoulder a monumental mission.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2009 Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Vol. IX)

Ever since Master published the new lecture “Wake Up,” many practitioners have understood that after the Fa rectification ends, they can still continue to cultivate during the period when the Fa rectifies the human world. Master said before:

“When the force of Fa-rectification arrives, everything will end in an instant.” (“The Effect of Righteous Thoughts,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress II)

With regards to this, my understanding is that at the moment when the Fa starts to rectify the human world, we also no longer have the chance to clarify the truth and save people. The chance for sentient beings to be saved will also come to an end. Dafa practitioners’ cultivation during the Fa-rectification period will also come to an end.

The Fa rectifying the human world is the next step that Master is going to take. Many Dafa practitioners still need to follow Master until the Fa rectifies the mundane world. Therefore, we must tighten our self cultivation and not let mundane matters drag us down and cause us to leave behind too many regrets. We must therefore be responsible to the Fa, and be responsible for saving sentient beings by not letting them down. We must also be responsible to our own cultivation so as to be worthy of Master’s benevolent salvation through suffering so much hardship.

5. Master said,

“I hope everyone will do better and better at the end. Be sure not to become lax. You must not slack off, and you must not become apathetic.” (Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles)

I hope that all Dafa practitioners can remain clear sighted in this complicated world and be even more diligent in cultivation.