(Minghui.org) During the 19th China Fahui on Minghui.org November 7 to 20, 2022, Falun Dafa practitioners in China wrote about how they were able to become selfless by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Despite the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution, practitioners in China identified and eliminated their human notions and firmly and steadily walked their cultivation paths.

Practitioners in Taiwan said they admired practitioners in China who are closely following the progress of Fa-rectification. Taiwanese practitioners said that when they compared how they applied Falun Dafa’s principles and cultivated themselves to practitioners in China, they saw their own gaps and deficiencies. They said the articles encouraged them to be more diligent in saving sentient beings.

Only by Truly Believing in Master and the Fa Can One Cultivate Genuine Compassion

Ms. Chen, who has practiced Falun Dafa for 15 years, said, “Reading the Fahui articles helps me improve. Faced with many difficult problems, practitioners in China firmly believe in Master and Dafa. They cultivate themselves and save others. Their righteous thoughts and benevolent deeds for others are moving.”

Ms. Chen is a mother of two adolescents. She was deeply touched by the article, “Helping Students Overcome Addiction to Mobile Phones.” She said, “The Internet is really a devil’s den.” As the article says, many children were pure and lovely Dafa disciples when they were young, but when they grew up and became addicted to mobile phones, they were controlled and unable to get over the addiction.

She said that she had similar issues with her own children as they constantly played with their mobile phones. She often got angry with them. She was inspired by how the author helped the children overcome being controlled by the mobile phones by relying on righteous thoughts and firm belief in Master and Fa.

She said, “The author said, ‘I knew this was not what Shuiling wanted to do. She was manipulated by the evil, which tried every means to make me give up on her, but I wouldn’t be fooled.’ After going through hardships, she finally brought the child back.”

Ms. Chen said she saw her shortcomings in another article, “Cultivating Compassion Toward My Child, Police Officer, and People I Met.” It made her wonder, “Do I behave like a cultivator in any environment with pure compassion, tolerance, and magnanimity? Am I truly kind and considerate from the bottom of my heart?”

Ms. Chen enlightened from the Fahui articles that, in today’s modern and complex society, without the power of Dafa, ordinary people cannot escape temptations. “Seeing fellow practitioners in China validating Dafa with righteous thoughts is both an encouragement and a reminder to me. I think that only by truly believing in Master and the Fa can one cultivate true kindness and demonstrate the compassionate power of Dafa.”

Finding One’s Gaps

Ms. Wang, a primary school teacher, said, “Every article is wonderful and touched me a lot.” She was most moved by the article “Falun Dafa Pulled Me Out of the Abyss of Suffering onto a Sunlit Path.”

She said, “The author endured the pain of the accidental death of two sons, and struggled through her days with strong family attachments. It was not until she encountered Dafa that she undid those heavy shackles.”

Ms. Wang said, “I always felt lonely, ever since I was a child. Even though my family is healthy, I have no close relationship with anyone. I felt lonely and helpless and as though I had no roots. I often wept. In the article the practitioner said she got over the pain of mourning her sons by persisting in saving people. I realized that my inexplicable loneliness disappeared after I practiced Falun Dafa. It was replaced by happiness because I have Master and fellow practitioners, and I want to return to my true home with Master.”

Ms. Wang said that she read in the Fa conference articles how practitioners in China persisted in saving people during the COVID pandemic and in all kinds of weather. They risked their lives to save people. She said, “I cultivate in a relaxed environment in Taiwan. Compared with practitioners in China, there is a huge gap. The state of compassion and selflessness that other practitioners cultivated moves me, and I admire them.”

Ms. Wang was also touched by the sharing article, “The Demeanor of a Falun Dafa Practitioner.” She said, “The author adheres to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. In today’s society that emphasizes money, he was not tempted by profit and is not greedy or possessive. This shows the pure character of a Dafa practitioner.” The demeanor of a practitioner transcends language, like a dazzling light, filling the surroundings with warmth.

As a teacher Ms. Wang said, “I hope that I can always conform to the Fa and do everything more in line with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I hope students, parents, and colleagues can sense the extraordinary demeanor of a Dafa practitioner.”

Strong Will Despite Great Difficulties

Ms. Lu said, “Reading the Fahui articles is a process of mutual improvement for practitioners in China and abroad.”

She said, “The article ‘How I Collect Perpetrators’ Information and Expose the Persecution’ describes how a practitioner collected information on the Internet despite the potential danger. Other practitioners were then able to send letters and text messages or make phone calls to raise awareness of the persecution. The data collected included information about the local 610 Office, government department personnel, and lists of neighborhood administrative offices, and played a great role in saving sentient beings.”

After reading about other practitioners’ cultivation experiences, she said, “I also collect information. I am moved by the practitioner’s perseverance and determination to save people despite being in such a hostile environment. I can also empathize with some of the mental journey that the practitioners mentioned in the article. There is a lot of information to be collected on the Internet. I must do better in this project as I am outside of China.”

The article “Wrongful Sentence Dismissed with Solid Cultivation and Perseverance” also moved her. She said, “A practitioner was illegally arrested for filing a complaint against the former CCP head. She thought that she would practice cultivation wherever she went. She sent forth righteous thoughts, memorized the Fa, and saved people. During more than 19 months of illegal detention, she continued to improve her xinxing. The judge was at a loss for words. The intermediate court finally withdrew the case and she was acquitted.

“While she was detained, the practitioner looked within and realized that her notions and attachments caused the persecution. When she conformed to the Fa and cultivated solidly, Master helped her.”

Ms. Lu said the article helped her recall her own bumpy cultivation process. When she conformed to the Fa’s principles, Master resolved many tribulations for her. She said, “Seeing the process during which the practitioner encountered tribulations in the article, then looked inward and rectified herself to conform to the Fa, I am encouraged to cultivate myself, be more diligent, and complete my historic mission.”