(Minghui.org) The 19th China Fa Conference on Minghui.org is an opportunity for Falun Dafa practitioners from all over the world to appreciate Master and validate Dafa. Western Falun Dafa practitioners in Australia said they benefited a lot from reading the sharing articles to strengthen their righteous thoughts.

Holding Myself up to Dafa’s Requirement, Handling Things with Righteous Thoughts

Louis, a Western practitioner from Queensland, said, “The China Fa Conference has greatly helped me in my cultivation, it’s wonderful to get insights from Chinese practitioners, even though our conditions differ, we can still help each other cultivate and do better in fulfilling our vows.”

He said after reading, “The Demeanor of a Falun Dafa Practitioner” he realized that cultivating well at work was most important for us to validate Dafa and save people. 

He said, “This article reinforced my awareness that I had stagnated too long with many attachments. I had not let go of resentment, jealousy, attachment to material things, many things stemming from demon nature.”

He said he was impressed by how the practitioner handled every situation with righteous thoughts, aligning themselves with the Fa and saving people. “One situation that stood out to me was how they persevered in not accepting bribes and gifts. This example and ‘A Young Practitioner Improves Herself While Providing Technical Support to Others’ woke me up to something I had been ignorant of.

“I often accept gifts from people even after helping others with Dafa activities. I knew it might not be right but still didn’t get rid of the items. I even used the excuse that they were not giving me things in exchange for teaching the exercises or working on a project. I am surprised that I could not let go of these material things, even in such a serious situation. I will no longer take gifts like this and I’ve donated the items I have taken.”

Louis said the article, “Compassion Emerges After Letting Go of Attachment to Self” describes similar shortcomings and roadblocks to his own cultivation journey. “This sharing helped me be more determined and solid in cultivating my main consciousness. It was very encouraging to read their cultivation experiences and how they raised their xinxing. Her sharing enlightened me to where I fall short and offered insight on how I can further improve myself.”

Studying the Fa More and Cultivating Diligently

Josephine from Melbourne shared her feedback after reading the article “Compassion Emerges After Letting Go of Attachment to Self,” “It clarified for me what a weak main consciousness versus a strong main consciousness is. She asserts that drifting off to sleep when sending righteous thoughts or meditating means our main consciousness is weak and is not in charge of itself.

“In my arrogance I always equated a weak main consciousness as a form of mental illness or someone who has handed control to possessing spirits or other interfering entities. Clearly, anyone whose mind wanders or who dozes off while studying the Fa, or sending righteous thoughts or doing the exercises is exhibiting a weak main consciousness.”

She continued, “I was heartened by the practitioners’ determination and efforts to correct this state and how she strengthened her main consciousness by reciting ‘On Dafa,’ writing it down and memorizing the Fa. It’s only through studying the Fa and treating it as teacher that we can correct our wrong states and improve ourselves. But we need humility and a willingness to acknowledge our wrong states and let go of our attachment to self to begin the process.”

Emma from Melbourne said after reading many articles from this year’s China Fahui, she gained a lot of inspiration and enlightened more to some aspects in her own cultivation, “I also saw more clearly some of my attachments I need to work on, such as sentimentality and attachment to self.”

After reading the article “Compassion Emerges After Letting Go of Attachment to Self,” Emma said she had a similar attachment to self. “It encouraged me to get rid of my attachment to self further like this practitioner has done. I felt like sometimes I was so busy with work and things, that I didn’t look within at my attachments enough. I had an idea before I get up every morning to spend some time to think about the day before, or recent happenings, and look within to think about attachments and how I can improve and get rid of them. This sharing made me think I should make this a daily habit, and seriously look within every day.”

Emma said after reading “Rain or Shine, We Have Only One Thought: Let’s Go Out and Save People,” “These practitioners really studied the Fa so well, and exercised well - their truth clarification was like a pure wave rectifying people around them. This was very inspiring and spurred me on to keep staying diligent doing the standing exercises every morning, as I had started to do a few months ago. Previously I had slacked off for a long time and only did the sitting meditation every night whereas I did the standing exercises only a couple of times a week. As a result, the power to rectify my environment and clarify the truth with great power was not good enough. I was also getting interference in the form of physical karma elimination. Since doing the exercises every day I feel completely different, more in the Fa, and have had no physical karma interference. This article encourages me to keep going, and shows so clearly we need to cultivate ourselves well to have this grand power to clarify the truth.”

Emma said after reading “Maturing in Cultivation,” “I could relate to this as I had a similar feeling when my grandmother died, as I lived with her for some of my childhood and we were quite close. My sentimentality was incredibly strong when she passed away, and still 4 years later, I sometimes have dreams of visiting her. After this experience sharing article, I know even more clearly this is a hint from Master to keep getting rid of this strong attachment to sentimentality and I need to more seriously get rid of this attachment more deeply.”

Believing in Master and the Fa When Facing Tribulations

Daniel from Sydney said the article, “Falun Dafa Pulled Me Out of the Abyss of Suffering onto a Sunlit Path,” impressed him. The practitioner in the article mentioned how in the process of passing tests, we need to believe in the Master’s Fa and maintain strong righteous thoughts. Master’s great compassion and boundless wisdom will work wonders.

Daniel said, “Practitioners’ tribulations having to do with being illegally arrested in the Chinese Communist Party’s brainwashing centers or in life-and-death moments when they pass the tests of karma left a deep and moving impression on me. During those life-and-death moments, her strong righteous thoughts and righteous faith in Master and Dafa enabled the practitioner to pass those tests. This has helped me to appreciate more deeply the importance of believing in the Fa and maintaining strong righteous thoughts as we pass the tests in our cultivation.

“When I read fellow practitioners’ sharing articles during the 19th China Fa Conference, I felt like I accompanied those practitioners in their cultivation process. I feel the tribulations that fellow practitioners have gone through as well as how their righteous acts have helped them through the trials and tribulations. The sharing has also helped me recognize and eliminate many of my attachments, especially laziness and the fear of facing tribulations. This helped me strengthen my righteous thoughts and be more diligent in the process of cultivation.”

Irene from Perth said the article, “Falun Dafa Pulled Me Out of the Abyss of Suffering onto a Sunlit Path,” made her cry and gave her hope. “I was able to empathize with the practitioner in so many ways. I would like to thank the practitioner who wrote this sharing. It touched me deeply and resonated in my heart. Even though Falun Dafa practitioners all come from different regions and differing backgrounds, with different amounts of karma, we are all connected and can encourage each other.”

Before she began practicing Falun Dafa, Irene said she also experienced many tribulations. When she was eleven years old, her sixteen-year-old brother died in a car accident while helping others. 

She said, “I could not accept the tragedy. It was as if the ground under my feet was swept away. I could not get over it. All my joy and security vanished in an instant and I became a recluse and shut off from the world after that. 

“I left home at 16 and had no one to guide me in the right direction. As a result, I was easily led to do many wrongful things that made me more depressed, hopeless, and lost. I created more karma in my life.

“I first heard about Falun Dafa in 2006. After reading Zhuan Falun, I recognized the righteous Fa and wanted to practice.”

She continued, “The righteous faith in Master and righteous thoughts this practitioner has after going through many ordeals in her life encourages me to keep going forward with determination and never give up.”

After reading the articles, she felt it would be easier for her to share Falun Dafa with people and let them know how practitioners are being brutally persecuted in China.