(Minghui.org) I am 62 and have been practicing Falun Dafa since 2001. In recent years I’ve often gone out with Min to distribute materials that tell people the facts about Falun Dafa and disprove the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) slanderous propaganda. 

Min is 66 and her husband Tao is 69. Min has strong righteous thoughts and does well clarifying the facts to people face-to-face. I’ve been living with the couple for the past two years after being forced to live away from home to avoid being persecuted. 

The three of us worked together to clarify the truth. Min often rode on the back of my electric bike. We distributed materials prepared by Tao, who occasionally helped put up self-adhesive stickers. 

Since last year we’ve focused on distributing materials in the countryside. We always made sure to study the Dafa teachings, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts before we went out to distribute materials and clarify the facts. We usually rode 20 or 30 miles per day, chatting with farmers and construction workers about Falun Dafa along the way. Because of how far we went, the bike would run out of electricity. So we found a few places to recharge it, either at practitioners’ homes or their farmland huts. During our pit stops, we would drink some water and eat the lunch we brought with us before continuing on. 

Late last year, we decided to go to Tao’s hometown, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) away from our city, to distribute Minghui calendars that have information about Falun Dafa. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Min and I would go out after we sent forth righteous thoughts. In two hours, we would meet up with Tao at a designated location. I would leave my bike for Tao to recharge while we took his electric bike to distribute calendars, tell people about Falun Dafa, and encourage them to sever ties with the CCP. Each time, we helped 30 or 40 people to quit the CCP organizations. 

Traveling in the Fog

It was foggy on one of those days, but Min and I went out anyway. By the time we got to Tao’s hometown, the fog was so thick that we could barely see several yards ahead. Nonetheless, we had the calendars ready and were ready to talk to people on the way.

We could hear people talking in the village, but we did not see anyone. Following their voice, we saw several people watering their wheat field. We greeted them and said we had some calendars for them. 

“What kind of calendars?” one of them asked. 

“It is about Falun Dafa, a meditation system that teaches one to be a good person,” I explained. I went on to say that the CCP promotes hatred, brutality, and lies, while Falun Dafa teaches its students to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I said that the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa is a grave sin and the divine will not allow it. The CCP would be brought to justice when the time comes, and those who follow it to persecute Dafa or agree with its persecution policy would face consequences, too. 

“By renouncing your membership in the CCP organizations, however, one will be blessed and avoid sinking with the regime,” I explained. “This is very important, especially during the pandemic.”

All of them had joined the CCP’s Young Pioneers when they were children, and they all agreed to withdraw from it. 

As we entered the village, Min and I asked Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) for help so that more people would come out for the calendars. Then we saw people walking and went over to them. They accepted the calendars and agreed to quit the CCP organizations. 

After leaving the village, we rode for a while and could not see where we were because of the fog. Again, we heard people talking. Following the sound, we found seven people building a house. As we chatted, they learned how the CCP has been deceiving people and lying about Falun Dafa. Everyone took a calendar and was willing to distance themselves from the CCP. Not far from there, we found five other people. So we gave them calendars and helped them quit the Party as well. 

By then, we’d given out all of our calendars and it was still foggy. As we were leaving, we saw a group of people cutting down trees. After we talked to them about Falun Dafa, they accepted amulets that read “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and agreed to quit the CCP organizations. 

On our way home, Min and I were grateful we were able to help so many people that day in spite of the heavy fog. Thank you, Master, for your compassion. 

At a Construction Site

One afternoon, Min and I went to the parking lot of a construction site. Several workers were getting their bikes, ready to go home. 

“Hello! Here is an amulet for you. It will bring you blessings,” I said to one worker. 

“Oh, Falun Dafa. Do you have a USB drive (a memory stick with information about Falun Dafa)?” he asked.

I gave him one and explained that by supporting innocent practitioners and sincerely reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” one could remain safe and survive the pandemic and other disasters. He nodded and agreed to quit the Young Pioneers. 

As I wrote down his name as a record for quitting the CCP, I heard him say, “More people are coming. Quick!” I looked up to see a car stopping next to us. The driver asked for a USB drive and so did four other workers in the vehicle. In the end, every one got a USB drive and they all withdrew their memberships in the CCP organizations. 

We then noticed six other workers on the other side of the parking lot, so we walked over to chat with them. Right after Min gave out an amulet, one of them said, “All right, let’s take a picture” and took out his phone. 

“Come on,” Min said. “You are like a brother and you are a good person. Please do not be silly and do something like that [reporting us to police].”

The worker smiled and walked away. After Min and I finished talking with five other workers, the one who wanted to take a picture came back and asked for an amulet. I chatted with him and he was willing to quit the CCP organizations, too. 

That day, we helped 18 people in the parking lot quit the CCP organizations. We were happy for them to sever their ties with the CCP and be blessed with safety. 

Freezing Winter

One day after the Chinese New Year, it was freezing cold, but Min, Tao, and I went to the countryside anyway. Since there was hardly anyone outside, we asked Master for help. “Master, we are not afraid of being cold or tired, but there are no people here. Could you help?” I said in my mind. 

After passing a village, we saw a tricycle with a canopy. Two elderly people were sitting inside to keep warm. 

“What a cold day!” said Min. “Here is a calendar. I hope it will bring you warmth and health.”

We chatted with them and gave them several different booklets. 

“I joined the CCP 50 years ago. Where can I quit it?” one of them asked. 

“We can help you quit on a designated website as long as you agree. Even pseudonyms work. How does Ru Yi sound?”

“Sure. Thank you!” he answered.

We told him to thank Falun Dafa’s Master Li. 

We continued on and saw a group of people watering the land, and they were also willing to sever ties with the CCP. Then there was a farmer’s market. After Min talked with a woman about Falun Dafa and gave her an amulet, the woman was very excited. “Can I have another one?” she asked. 

“One is enough to keep you safe,” Min said. “I have to give the rest to other people.”

“All right, then he needs one, too,” she said and pointed to a vendor next to her. 

We gave that man an amulet, too, and both of them agreed to withdraw from the CCP organizations. 

That day was cold, but our hearts were warm, because we helped 20 people quit the CCP organizations. 

Near Miss

We’ve often encountered police officers and people who wanted to report us to the police, but we managed to avert danger thanks to Master’s protection. 

Once, Min and I went to a farmers’ market to expose the persecution. From one end to another, we talked with many people and handed out materials. Outside the market, there were three people selling watermelons, so Min and I started talking to them. I looked up to see a police van parked only three or four yards away. Other than Min, me, and the three vendors, there was no one else around. 

Since Min was still clarifying the facts to the vendors, I whispered to her, “Let’s go.”

She didn’t hear me and continued talking, so I gave her a nudge. She looked up and saw the van. The two of us hopped on our bike and left. The police van did not follow us. We were thankful to Master for protecting us; otherwise, we could have been in big trouble. 

Another time, Min and I again went to the countryside and talked to different people. I said to one man, “Sir, I have an amulet for you.” 

He took a look and said, “No, I don’t want it.” 

“That’s okay. Just please keep in mind ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ and you will benefit from it.”

His face changed and he shouted, “You stay here! I will call the village officials to arrest you.”

I was still calm and replied, “You are a good person. Please don’t do that, since it won’t do you or me any good.”

He couldn’t find the village officials’ phone numbers on his phone, but he kept saying, “We will arrest you.”

I remembered Master’s words: “Under trying circumstances of any type, you must all keep steady in thought. Just by staying unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Teachings at the Midwestern U.S. Conference”)

I saw Min coming in my direction and used a hand gesture to signal her to go away. We quickly left there and went elsewhere to do our truth-clarification. 

Improving Mind Nature

Min, Tao, and I once went out to clarify the facts together. Tao got separated from Min and me, and we still could not find him even after half an hour. [Translator’s note: Practitioners do not carry cell phones under such circumstances for security reasons]. While complaining about Tao to myself, I told Min to go home instead of continuing our efforts. 

Right then, we saw Tao. He said he had been putting up non-adhesive stickers and had posted 34 so far. 

Still feeling upset, I said to Min, “Okay, then. How about we put up stickers, too, instead of actually talking to people in person?”

Min looked at me and said, “You can’t talk like that.”

My teeth were already loose and it was difficult for me to eat. After this incident, my gums were swollen the next day and I couldn’t eat. Knowing the old forces were taking advantage of my loopholes, I was determined to still go out and talk to people about Dafa on an empty stomach. But I also looked within and found I was harboring resentment and failing to cultivate my speech. Thinking more deeply, I realized Tao had done very well. Already 69, he cultivated well and did what he could to save people. Every time Min and I went out, he charged the electric bike for us. He always carried the bike upstairs every evening and took it downstairs the next morning. How could I have thought and said those things to him the day before?! As I improved my mind nature, I helped 30 people quit the CCP organizations that day. 

During those days, Tao also dealt with illness tribulations. One day, he rode 45 kilometers (28 miles) to his hometown. While having lunch with his father, he suddenly seemed to have hemiplegia. His speech was slurred. His father said that Tao had probably choked. Although he wasn’t able to say anything, Tao was clear in his mind: “I am a Dafa disciple and I have practiced for over 20 years with no health problems. Master, please help me. Plus, I have to give the materials to them [Min and me] tomorrow.” He returned to normal in a while. The following day, he gave us the calendars and charged the electric bike for us. That afternoon, all of us returned to our city together. 

But it was not over. One morning when doing the fourth exercise in his hometown, Tao’s arms and legs stopped functioning well. He wanted to do the sitting meditation in bed, but he was unable to climb up onto the bed and collapsed on the floor. His mind was still clear. He kept asking Master for help and he got better. 

When he was on his way to deliver calendars to us the following day, he started having similar symptoms—his right leg went numb and he couldn’t control it. He had a hard time keeping his bike on the road. Knowing the old forces were interfering with him again, Tao was determined to not listen to them. He thought to himself, “Dafa will make my limbs work well. You are pulling my leg down and I will bring it back up again.” After a while, the symptoms disappeared and he delivered the Minghui calendars to us. 

The same thing happened two more times. Tao did not acknowledge the old forces’ arrangement and sincerely begged Master for help, “Master, I have not finished my mission. I cannot remain like this since I need to go out to save people. Could you help me become healthy and strong?” 

He also began to look inward and found that his sentimentality for his elderly father and his children ran deep. When he stayed in his hometown to take care of his father, for example, he did not spend enough time studying the Dafa teachings and his mind was not calm when he did the exercises. As a result, his xinxing could not meet the requirements of Dafa. In addition, he was heavily influenced by the CCP Party culture and did not have compassion for other practitioners. These were all loopholes for the old forces to take advantage of. 

After that, Tao spent more time going out with Min and me to clarify the facts. In addition to preparing printed materials, amulets, and USB drives, he also charged the electric bike every day and helped us carry it when needed. As Min and I talked with people about Falun Dafa and asked them to quit the CCP, Tao would stay behind putting up self-adhesive stickers. To start with, he did 20 or 30 per day. Later on he did 50 or 60 and even 90 a day. 

During the Falun Dafa Day celebration in May this year, another practitioner gave us 150 posters. Tao put up all of them in two days and asked that practitioner to make 100 more, which he also quickly put up. The posters were everywhere, on electric poles, pipes, tree trunks, concrete walls, and other suitable places. 

Because of that, we caught the attention of the police. One time the three of us were biking on the road, when a car stopped in front of us and three young men got out. They were dressed in plainclothes, but we were positive they were police officers. Fortunately, a big truck came and blocked their view. The three of us immediately turned and took a small trail. After climbing over a hill, we went to the next village and continued saving people.

Correcting Omissions

Because of the worsening pandemic, officials in many places required residents to have frequent nucleic acid tests and show a health pass and identification card to go out and come in. To avoid harassment from the police and neighborhood committees, Min, Tao, and I moved in May this year. 

The new place had originally been rented by another practitioner, Hui. There was still four months left on the one-year lease when she moved out. She had paid the whole year’s rent but the unused portion would not be refunded. When we moved in, I wanted to pay Hui the rent for the four months, plus the utilities, but she firmly refused to consider it.

I still felt we should thank Hui for allowing us to live there rent-free, so in July I bought a big goose and cooked many dishes. We then invited Hui and her husband to dinner. The next day, Min and I went to practitioner Di’s home to make clothes because we had bought a lot of fabric. When we returned to the new rental place in the evening, we found the water pipe of the solar heater had cracked. The leaked water had soaked the wooden floor. Min, Tao, and I worked through late at night to clean up the mess, but we were unable to sop up the water trapped under the floor.

We were all very frustrated and also knew we had omissions in cultivation. For myself, I found I still harbored an attachment to eating better food. Thanks to my pension, I could afford better food when I felt like rewarding myself from time to time, especially given that I had been out every day clarifying the truth. My time spent on cooking elaborate meals also worsened my attachment to food. Also, I had enough clothes, but I couldn’t help buying more fabric to make new clothes when I saw it on sale. A third attachment I identified was the sentimentality towards fellow practitioners. Hui’s providing us with a rent-free place was all part of Master’s arrangement, and I should not have been obsessed with thanking her with a fancy meal. I realized that we cannot be too attached to sentimentality. 

Min and Tao also identified their respective attachments. As we improved ourselves, the water damage issue was easily resolved. The landlord didn’t ask us to pay for the damage because the water pipe burst by itself, not due to any fault on our part. 

Since the apartment unit was no longer livable, Hui found us another place. While this apartment was older, it (the new one) was closer to major roads and did not have complicated pandemic prevention measures. 

We still went out every day to tell people about Falun Dafa. Because of the long distance we travelled each time and the hot summer, we were often sweating. The sweat dripped to our eyes and made them sting. Our clothes were soaked with sweat, dried, and soaked again. 

But after returning home, taking a shower, and drinking some water, we would all be refreshed, as if life could not be any better.

Concluding Remarks 

We helped about 10,000 people quit the CCP organizations in the past 12 months. The things given out—flyers, calendars, amulets, USB drives – are like seeds that will bring people hope and prosperity. 

As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we need to cultivate ourselves well and become better people so that we can help others learn the facts and be saved. This is our mission. We have never stopped our truth-clarification efforts all these years. No matter what happens, we treat it as an opportunity to look within and improve ourselves. Rain or shine, we have only one thought: Let’s go out and save people. 

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!