(Minghui.org) I live in Canada. I would like to share my experiences of helping Chinese who live outside China to renounce their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I used to think that when tourists from China saw Falun Dafa practitioners at tourist spots, most of them would quit the Party after we clarified the facts about the persecution. I realized things are not that simple after I began helping at truth-clarification sites at tourist attractions eight years ago.

It’s not easy to get Chinese people to quit the CCP, sometimes because the tour guides interfere and keep tourists from talking to us. There are many people in a tour group, and Chinese people are afraid that others are watching them and reporting on them and so on.

When I first moved to Canada, I stood at shopping malls and bus stations on weekends to talk to Chinese people. I met many Chinese students in small groups. In comparison to those in tour groups, they were not as affected by the CCP propaganda about Falun Dafa. It’s relatively easier for them to understand the true nature of the Party and encourage them to quit the Party organizations they joined. I stopped going out to clarify the truth to Chinese people in person after I moved to a different city. We actually have many opportunities to clarify the truth in our daily lives. I discovered that many Chinese have not quit the CCP.

Helping People Who Read the Epoch Times Quit the CCP

As I was handing out copies of the Epoch Times newspaper at the entrance to an Asian supermarket, I saw a woman looking at her mobile phone as she waited for someone. Ten minutes went by and she was still there, so I asked if she wanted a copy of the paper. She said she knew about the paper and that it was available outside the building where she worked. I pointed at the number of people who have quit the CCP printed on the first page and asked if she’d noticed the figure changed daily. She replied, “No, I never did. I don’t know what that number means.” I told her the CCP persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners and why millions of Chinese have decided to renounce the Party. She agreed to renounce her membership in the Party. Just then, the person she was waiting for arrived. She thanked me and left.

Before the COVID pandemic, a friend invited me and my family to dinner at a restaurant. There were many people seated at our table. When all the customers had left except for our table, I asked two waiters to quit the CCP. I later learned that the person at the cash register was the boss. I saw the Epoch Times was available for patrons to pick up and thought the owner had already quit the CCP.

I eventually learned that he had not even heard of the movement to quit the CCP. He told me he was from southern China and moved with his family when he was young. He only went to primary school in China. He also told me that many years ago he had a friend who practiced Falun Dafa. The friend moved to another city but never told him about quitting the CCP. I explained what Falun Dafa was and why he should withdraw from the Party. He immediately agreed.

Helping Tourists from China Quit the CCP

Just before the pandemic, my husband’s former boss invited us to have dinner with his friends, a couple who were visiting from China. One was a deputy head in the tax department while the other was a department head of a well-known hospital. I knew these were people I had to clarify the facts to, but before we met for dinner, my husband’s old boss asked us not to speak to them about Falun Dafa. I knew if I did not tell them about the true situation in China at that dinner, there might never be another opportunity for them to learn the truth. I kept asking Master for help.

After the meal, I said to the deputy head, “I think fate has arranged for us to meet. There is something I need to tell you or I would be letting you down.” I explained that Falun Dafa is unjustly suppressed in China. He told me he knew about Falun Dafa. He also knew practitioners and that they were good people. I asked if he wanted to quit the Party. I knew he might be afraid to, due to his position. When I told him he could withdraw under an alias, he agreed. I said the same thing to his wife and got her to quit the CCP, too. She thanked me. In subsequent gatherings and daily life, I used the same approach to persuade friends to quit the CCP, and the results were great.

Helping People Who Left China Years Ago to Quit the CCP

July and August are the height of the tourist season. Through a friend, I was introduced to several Chinese who were on vacation in the city I live in. They had lived outside China for decades. I’d like to tell you how I helped some of them quit the CCP.

A couple who left China 12 years ago turned out to be from my hometown. I found an opportunity to sit next to the wife and told her I practice Falun Dafa and asked what she thought of it. She said it was a faith. I then explained why Jiang Zemin started the persecution, about the true nature of the CCP, and that Dafa is now practiced in many other countries. She told me she was aware that many people in other countries practiced Falun Dafa. She agreed to quit the CCP, but I felt something was wrong. I suspected she did not fully understand the facts. However, as her children were upset, she had to leave and I could not continue our conversation.

A moment later, her husband came in. I knew they were going home the next day, so I seized the chance to clarify some things to him and helped him quit the CCP. He said his aunt practiced Falun Dafa when he was a student. When he went to another city for further studies and then left China, he lost contact with her. The husband was kind and agreed with what I told him.

The next day after breakfast, I found another opportunity to talk to the wife. She thought what I’d said about the former CCP leader who started the persecution was wrong. She said the CCP might have done some bad things but that we should not criticize it. She also mentioned an encounter with a woman who’d asked if she was from China and started saying bad things about it. Later on she realized the woman was a Falun Dafa practitioner. Someone called her just then and we could not continue our conversation.

The couple left that day. I discovered the woman did not take the information I gave her. I don’t know what prevented her from accepting the facts and I felt it was a great pity. I can only hope that when she returned home, she went online and found out more about the persecution. I also hope other practitioners are more mindful when they clarify the truth. We should try to see things from the perspective of non-practitioners and not give people the wrong impression that we are involved in politics.

The Second Couple

Another couple left China 32 years ago and only knew about the Epoch Times newspaper. They did not pay attention to the news about Falun Dafa. They occasionally saw practitioners protesting outside the Chinese consulate but thought it had nothing to do with them. They assumed that their memberships in the CCP Youth League had expired and thus thought they had long since broken away from the Party.

The woman’s mother was 92 years old and a Party member. Her father was the former head of a factory and a Party member, but he’d passed away many years before. This couple clearly understood how bad the regime was through its repeated political campaigns and decided to leave China. They readily agreed to quit the CCP.

The Third Couple

One day I went to the beach and met a couple who had lived outside of China for more than two decades. They were walking their dog and I struck up a conversation with the wife. She had not heard of the movement to quit the CCP but said she often saw practitioners protesting outside the Chinese consulate. I told her many things and she gladly agreed to quit the CCP. Regrettably, I had to go and did not get the chance to clarify the truth to her husband who had gone elsewhere.

Talking to People in a Restaurant

Several practitioners and I participated in an activity to celebrate the 400 million Chinese people who withdrew from the CCP. It was very late when we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. The couple who owned the place had lived outside China for nearly 20 years. A Western practitioner knew their son and had long wanted to tell them about quitting the CCP but he did not speak Chinese. Another practitioner and I talked to them together. The woman said she had never heard of this and immediately agreed to quit the CCP.

As we were leaving, the owner’s friend and his wife walked in. We chatted with them and learned that they’d left China nearly 30 years ago. The man said he loved to read the Epoch Times and had already quit the CCP when he was in China. I asked if a practitioner helped him renounce his membership. He said no, when he left the country, his employer told him he had to give up his membership to leave China. His wife, who is a Christian, did not want to quit the CCP at first because she thought she was protected by Jesus. After we explained the importance of quitting the CCP, she did not hesitate to renounce her membership.

The Man in the Park

The next day another practitioner and I went to a park. We hung a banner that read “400 Million Chinese Have Withdrawn from the CCP” and I walked around the park looking for people to clarify the facts to. I met a man in his 30s who asked, “Do you have something to do with the banner I saw?” I said I did. Perhaps he was curious about Falun Dafa but could not find anyone to explain it to him. He asked many questions about the practice, why is it suppressed, and why I practiced Falun Dafa. He also had many questions about life.

Master gave me the wisdom to answer them all. We chatted for over 40 minutes. I also recited Master’s poems to him. He quietly listened and believed what I told him. He was delighted.

All this time, his five-year-old daughter did not disturb us even though it was very hot. The little girl played by herself and occasionally came over to listen to what we said. The man left reluctantly after his child said she wanted to go. I gave him several websites about Dafa. I think he will pay attention to Falun Dafa for sure and may even begin practicing.

The Family at the Beach

I recently went to the seaside and met a Chinese family. The father and son headed to the beach while the wife packed up. Another practitioner and I went over to her. She told us she had a friend who practiced Falun Dafa 20 years ago. The friend introduced her to Falun Dafa and lent her several books to read. Then the friend moved to another city and they lost touch. She did not know about the quit the CCP movement and thought her membership in the Young Pioneers and Youth League automatically expired when she became an adult. We explained why it was important to quit the CCP and she agreed to withdraw.

What Is Stopping Us from Clarifying the Truth?

After I left China, I observed that many practitioners I knew seldom socialized with non-practitioners. They only attend truth-clarification activities and therefore don’t have many opportunities to get Chinese people to quit the CCP. Many veteran practitioners clarify the facts face to face but not thoroughly. Young practitioners seldom have time to talk to people as they have to juggle work, family, and other Dafa projects. Practitioners who speak English would rather hand out information to Westerners or Chinese instead of talk to them. I even heard that some practitioners never explained things to their Chinese coworkers even though they’ve worked in the same company for years.

Although practitioners outside China started many media outlets and explained the facts to people from many countries on a broad scale, how many Chinese nationals pay attention to the persecution? Furthermore, the corrupt everyday media lure people through the arts, money, and lust. How many Chinese people actually take the initiative to go to the Epoch Times website and quit the CCP?

Chinese people living overseas have access to uncensored information and are willing to listen to the truth. Some practitioners even said that, as long as Chinese people who joined the Party don’t oppose Falun Dafa, Master will save them. I cannot imagine what these people’s future will be if they do not quit the CCP. The number of withdrawals is the result of practitioners’ painstaking efforts. The gods are watching as well. I think we should just do what Master told us to do and not leave any regrets in our cultivation.

Our attachments hinder us from clarifying the truth to Chinese people face to face. Don’t give yourself excuses such as fear, loss of face, or complacency, or say, “I am now working on a certain project, I am sending text messages using a mobile phone, I took part in an automated phone calls project, or I don’t know how to talk to people,” and so on as a substitute for clarifying the facts to those around us.

Some practitioners who began to practice before the persecution started in 1999 have gone through many tribulations. They sacrificed a lot and steadfastly walked on the path of cultivation. Now, some of these practitioners have sickness karma and are unable to participate in truth-clarification projects. There are others who think since there are many young practitioners now, they no longer need to participate in Dafa activities. Due to the pandemic, there were fewer opportunities to clarify the truth and many veteran practitioners stayed at home to read the Fa, do the exercises, and send righteous thoughts. Perhaps they thought they did a lot in the past and it is good enough to spend more time studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending righteous thoughts.

If one does not attend public activities but makes regular phone calls to China, that is not a problem. I know many practitioners are reluctant to call Chinese people even though they have time for fear that people will not listen to them. So they feel it is a waste of their time. Master extended the time so that we can save more people while cultivating ourselves well. I hope practitioners listen to Master’s words, let go of various human notions, and save more people.

Conclusion and a Warning

Recently a practitioner said that when she called someone, the person hung up quickly after saying he was preparing for an earthquake in his area. No one answered the phone when the practitioner called back. Last year, she called another person and was told there was a flood in his hometown. This person did not hear the facts and he did not quit the CCP. I wonder about the fate of these two people. I’m afraid that people are losing the chance to be saved and so I feel it is urgent to write this article.

The disasters in China are increasing lately. The CCP censors the Internet and is stopping people from leaving the country. The opportunities for Chinese to be saved are diminishing. Even if we make only one phone call a day or save one person, an entire cosmos is saved and thus countless sentient beings are spared destruction. When you think of practitioners in China risking their lives to clarify the truth, how can we not let go of our fear?

I understand that the situation is different in other countries, so I only talked about what I observed and heard around me. I feel that practitioners around me have slacked off in clarifying the truth and I hope my sharing will push me and others to do better.