(Minghui.org) My family member told me the other day that the local police knocked on my door when I wasn't home. The officer called him, and he told the police my whereabouts.

I thought to myself that my family actually helped the authorities. I should take this opportunity to explain to them that practicing Falun Gong is legal, and they should not cooperate with the police.

I acted immediately and went to my parents-in-law’s home first. They all attacked me when I told them about being harassed by the police.

They said things like, “Will they harass you if you just stay home and do your exercises quietly? Why would they sentence you to jail if you did not violate the law? Weren’t you held in prison before?” etc.

I calmed myself down, and told them that practicing Falun Gong in China is entirely legal.

I told them that I don’t do immoral things, let alone illegal things, which they agreed with.

They then asked, “Why do they persecute you and not others?” They cited their friends and relatives that were not persecuted.

I said, “It is because my righteous thoughts are not strong, and neither are my relatives’. We were all too soft so we were squished; we should be stronger and not help the authorities to persecute us.”

I also gave them a few examples of other practitioners’ relatives who did not work with the police. Gradually, they came around.

One relative patted his chest and said he would be able to face up to the authorities; another who never said that he supported Dafa in front of me before said that he recited “Falun Dafa is good” whenever he had the time. Still another one who did not quite approve of Dafa said that he carried a Dafa amulet in his bag.

I went to my parents’ home afterwards, and I asked my relatives to search for “the News Bureau's order #50” on the web. After doing so, they realized that Falun Gong is legal.

I said, “True. They are investigating the judiciary to prevent wrongful cases. My case was wrongful. They want me to sign now so that they can have evidence showing I was wrong and they were right. Do you think I should sign?”

He said, “By no means.”

I thought, their wanting me to sign is also to have me admit that their current harassment is legal and studying the Fa and doing the exercises are illegal. I felt I should call and tell them that they need to erase the blacklist of all Dafa practitioners in their jurisdiction.

Everything in this surface dimension is attached to other dimensions. I need to clear away all conduct, speech, and blacklists in other dimensions which do not align with Dafa.

I only want the most righteous and positive thoughts and behaviors that validate Dafa. I will engrave “Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is righteous” into all my lives, including the lives of atoms, molecules, and neutrinos, and even smaller or larger lives, and zero out all negative thoughts.

I am sending forth strong righteous thoughts: Mie (eliminating). I feel that many lives have been saved.

The above is my humble understanding. Please point out any mistakes.

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