(Minghui.org) For us Falun Dafa disciples, we ought to study Dafa’s teachings more so that we can always maintain righteous thoughts. More Fa study can also help us eliminate human notions and external interference. We must use the Fa to measure our every single thought and idea to prevent us from going astray.

When lacking righteous thoughts, human thoughts can bring about tribulations to our cultivation, which has happened to several practitioners in our area. Because of the tribulations, one practitioner passed away, and the others lost their confidence in Dafa and cultivation. 

In this article, I would like to discuss manifestations of the issue of relying on human notions, and share my understanding. 

Resisting Dangerous Human Notions

Once, when a practitioner felt dizzy, her first reaction was that her blood pressure must be high. With that thought, as she entered a market, she was stopped twice by volunteer medical staff there to measure her blood pressure. 

These volunteers were there every day, but they’d never bothered her before. Her human notion invited the old forces to attempt to deter her from Dafa cultivation. Fortunately she did not let the volunteers take her blood pressure, and hence did not give the old forces the opportunity to interfere with her. 

There was another practitioner who for a period of time always felt that her right leg was very weak as if she could fracture it at any time. But she knew those were human notions and just went ahead with what a Dafa practitioner should do. Before she knew it, the sensation in her leg disappeared.

Passing Away Due to External Interference 

One practitioner took a second job to pay off the mortgage. With two jobs, she could hardly find time to read the Fa and do the exercises. She began to lose a tremendous amount of weight and became very thin. Her son took her to the hospital, and doctors found problems in her intestines. 

She felt a bit better after two surgeries, but in her daily interactions with family and friends, she still believed she was ill. The old forces intensified her fear by having more people comment on her poor physical condition. Some even told her that several people her age had passed away. Frightened, she talked about her physical problems with her son and daughter-in-law, who pressed on her legs and saw dents. They said she had pitting edema. She immediately felt extremely weak and had trouble breathing. Her son and daughter-in-law took her to the hospital. Doctors found water in her heart but told her that they could not operate on at that time. 

Even so, she could still meditate in the lotus position for one hour each time. Fellow practitioners helped send righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference, and they also studied the Fa with her. With their help, she got better. 

However, things went downhill about three years after she was diagnosed with intestinal problems. One day when she was meditating, the old forces let her see her father-in-law who had died many years ago. Taking that as an omen of death, she told fellow practitioners and her husband that her days were numbered. She passed away a few days after that. 

Trapped by Illusions

A fellow practitioner's daughter-in-law told him to have a physical check-up. He went to the hospital although he did not have any physical problems. To his surprise, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart problem, and was told that he had to be hospitalized right away to undergo heart stent surgery. He then went to another hospital but received the same diagnosis. Things started to go downhill from there, as he was convinced that he was truly ill. So he had the stent surgery as doctors suggested, and now relies on medications to sustain his life. 

Another practitioner in our area also went to the hospital for a physical examination as suggested by his family and was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, he had an operation to have the cancer removed. He has now lost confidence in Dafa cultivation, even though he had totally regained his health more than two decades ago after he began to practice Falun Dafa.

Master told us,

“In any case, a cultivator must look at things as a cultivator should and with the mind of a cultivator, and absolutely cannot look at things with the mind of an ordinary person. Nothing you encounter is simple, accidental, or an ordinary thing. It must have to do with your cultivation and your improvement. Because you are a cultivator, your life path has been changed, and you have been given a new cultivation path; nothing on your path happens by chance. But it will definitely appear to be by chance, because only in this delusion and in a state where you are the same as ordinary people can you show whether you are cultivating, whether you cultivate well, and whether you are able to pass test after test. That is cultivation, and that is righteous enlightenment!” (Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles)

Our thoughts can create different results. If these practitioners believed that they were not ill, the results would have been the opposite. When asked to go to the hospital for physical examinations, practitioners should immediately use Dafa’s teachings to check their thoughts—to see whether their faith in Master and Dafa is genuine. 

Master said, 

“Your spiritual journey has been well designed, and your body isn’t allowed to become sick. Really, it’s not allowed to be sick. That’s because no illness is allowed to invade you now; any pathogen would be killed by the positive energy you have. But people do create karma, and that karma will manifest in your body in a way that mimics an ailment.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

Master also told us, 

“As Dafa disciples, when you have time you should study the Fa, because you are a cultivator—what else do you do if you do not study the Fa? With the time remaining, if you can save more people, that will be good!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

We should study Dafa teachings more to improve our enlightenment quality, so we know to use righteous thoughts to counter all interference. We must cultivate more diligently so as not to fall into the traps of the old forces' interference. Only by studying and memorizing the Fa can we strengthen our righteous thoughts and eliminate human notions and external interference.

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