(Minghui.org) The Fa-rectification has reached the end of the last stage. However, our Dafa practitioners’ efforts to clarify the truth and save people are far from keeping up with the pace of Fa-rectification.

The daily number of people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations published by the Global Quit the CCP Service Center is relatively low. The reason is that not enough practitioners go out to clarify the truth face to face.

Master Li Hongzhi said,

“Once the number to save is fulfilledThe evil shall be destroyed all at once” (“The Kalpa’s End,” Hong Yin III)

It’s obvious that the number of people we’ve reached so far didn’t meet Master’s requirement. He has endured a great deal to extend the time for us to validate the Fa and save people.

Currently, only about 70,000 people quit the CCP every day. That means that, if one practitioner can help one person quit the CCP per day, only about 70,000 practitioners are going out to clarify the truth on a daily basis. If one of those practitioners can help two, three, or more people quit the CCP, it means even fewer practitioners are participating. In China, there are tens of millions of Dafa practitioners. Why are so few people being saved? Isn't this worth pondering?

Some practitioners are very busy working on multiple projects. But I believe the majority of them have time to clarify the truth face to face. Think about it: If one million, several million, or even tens of millions of practitioners go out and clarify the truth face to face every day, one million, several million, or even tens of millions of people could be saved. If we can approach this, we are keeping up with the Fa-rectification process.

Master said,

“As Dafa disciples clarify the truthSharp swords shoot forth from their mouthsTearing open the rotten demons’ liesLose no time and save them,hurry up and tell them”(“Hurry Up and Tell Them,” Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

Master told us to save more people. It is actually not that hard to do. If we go out, it only takes 10 or so minutes to save one person. However, whether we can go out to clarify the truth has nothing to do with being busy or not and everything to do with having human attachments. As long as we overcome these attachments, clarifying the truth and saving people will come naturally.

Clarifying the Truth Is a Cultivation Process

Practitioners who have not yet started walking up to strangers and clarifying the truth are usually held back by various human attachments, such as fear, laziness, and the mentality of “saving face.” When I first started going out to talk to people face to face, I also ran into these obstacles. But I treated my attachments as tests in my cultivation. I didn’t acknowledge them as real when they tried to obstruct me.

I thought I had to overcome my attachments and go out with determination. A practitioner wrote in his experience sharing article: “Nothing can stop me. Even If I fail to help people quit the CCP, I will keep trying and never be discouraged.”

As long as we take that first step, it is another big step forward on our path of cultivation. Those human attachments will be eliminated in the process. Master’s Fa guides and encourages me:

“It is necessary for a Dafa disciple to ensure his cultivation on a daily basis, and it is the mission of a Dafa disciple to clarify the facts and save people. You cannot go without either of these as you journey toward consummation.” (“A Reminder,” Team Yellow Translation)

My Experiences of Clarifying the Truth Effectively

1. Be determined and have strong righteous thoughts

A fellow practitioner and I work together to clarify the truth. One sends righteous thoughts, while the other does the talking. This arrangement can be flexible according to the specific situation. As we leave home, we send righteous thoughts to eliminate and disintegrate all evil factors that interfere with saving people. While one of us talks, the other sends righteous thoughts to disintegrate all evil factors that interfere with the person to be saved.

We can vouch for the fact that working together is very helpful in assisting people to quit the CCP smoothly.

2. Different talking points for different people

We might start talking about high housing prices, corruption of CCP officials, and the pandemic and only then bring up quitting the CCP in order to be blessed. It also works well to mention ancient prophecies.

If someone is pressed for time, we ask them right off if they’ve heard about “Quitting the CCP to be blessed.” The results are good when they can sense our sincerity. Of course, we’ve also met people who did not understand us. They even said disrespectful things about Master and Dafa. In these cases, we try our best to stay calm and not argue. We leave if they refuse to listen so that they won’t commit further sins against Dafa.

3. Learn from fellow practitioners

I’ve downloaded other practitioners’ experience sharing papers on truth-clarification and learned how to talk to people of different social classes. Adding their experiences to ours, we were very successful.

4. Using reason and wisdom

Master said:

“In the magnificent, grand feats of validating the Fa with rationality, clarifying the truth with wisdom, and spreading the Fa and saving people with mercy, each Dafa disciple’s path of Consummation is being perfected.” (“The Disciples’ Magnificence,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

As we clarify the truth, we follow the other person’s line of thinking. If they have some correct understanding about the evil nature of the CCP, we agree with them. Then we discuss the meaning of withdrawing from the CCP, and they usually agree to quit naturally. If someone says they support and follow the CCP, we bring up pertinent facts to help them see the true nature of the CCP.

Whenever we talk about the current chaos in Chinese society, many people express all kinds of dissatisfaction and even curse. We listen to their complaints patiently and then follow their lead to enlighten them and help them quit the CCP.

When I began speaking to someone a few days ago, he started to criticize the current state of society because people owed him money, even after he filed the cases in court. He advised me not to lend any money, even a penny. Even relatives and friends can become enemies because of debts, he cautioned.

I encouraged him to calm down and relax. When he was almost done with his tirade, I asked him if he’d heard about “Quitting the CCP to be blessed.” He said he hadn’t, so I clarified the truth and helped him quit.

5. Clarifying the truth is part of my daily life

I now set aside time every day to clarify the truth face to face. This time is fixed and cannot be altered unless there are special circumstances. I will go out to talk to people regardless of how many can be saved. It’s not too little to save only one person! In fact, I know that Master arranges all predestined people to come listen to the truth and be saved.

6. Do not just go through the motions

A few people we met said someone had already spoken to them about Dafa. When we asked for details, we learned that the practitioner just gave them a Dafa amulet but didn’t clarify the truth, let alone help them quit the Party. This is not clarifying the truth and cannot save people.

We should talk to people first, then give them a keepsake only after they quit the CCP. We also need to tell people to recite, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” to be safe when the pandemic returns. We can also ask them to help spread the truth by telling their friends and family.

Hopefully, those fellow practitioners who are available to go out to clarify the truth can quickly overcome all obstacles and help save more people. This is the only way we will fulfill our mission as Dafa practitioners and live up to the title of “Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciple!”

I’d like to encourage everyone with Master’s words:

“You once signed a contract with me when you came to this world, vowing to save those sentient beings. You could then become a Dafa disciple, and you could then do this thing. But you did not fulfill it. You did not completely fulfill your vow, and you cannot even save those beings allotted to you, those you undertook to save, behind whom are countless sentient beings and gigantic groups of beings. What is that?! Is that simply just a matter of not cultivating diligently? That is an extremely serious crime! An unparalleled crime!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,” Team Blue Translation)

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