(Minghui.org) I always thought that my desire for sex was long gone, because I almost stopped sex with my wife when I began to practice Dafa in 1996. There were two reasons: firstly, I thought that kind of thing would affect my cultivation; secondly, I felt that behavior was very dirty. The lust test happened to me because I was a leader among female colleagues who often seduced me or used words to seduce me. I was able to avoid it. 

After the onset of the persecution, I had to live with a single female practitioner a few times for doing Dafa-validation projects. I regarded it as a kind of holy predestined relationship. I had no evil thoughts at all. It is ridiculous and incomprehensible for me if someone thought that I had sexual desires. My heart was as calm as still water without tiny ripples then.

But, lust has come back to my mind recently, and my mind often held those bad thoughts. Although I could suppress it sometimes, it still returns back and forth. I realized that this is the last struggle of a corrupt life – lust and desire, which intends to destroy Dafa practitioners. Meanwhile, it’s time for Dafa practitioners to thoroughly sever their desire or lust. After figuring this out, I started to jump out of my personal cultivation, and re-understood this issue from the perspective of the Fa

Master said: “In ordinary human society, because of this marital life, humankind can produce its descendants.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

From Master Li’s teaching, I thought that lust and desire are derived from emotion, and it also has life. When God created the human body, the two substances of lust and desire were also created in the human body simultaneously. Therefore, the human body is also called “se-shen” (the word se has the same pronunciation as lust). God created these two substances in the human body for reproducing offspring, not for enjoyment. This is restricted by God.

However, with the development of society and the decline of human morality, mankind began to deteriorate. People have broken the constraints set by God, and regard the sex life of husband and wife as a kind of mutated joy of life. Especially in the past one to two centuries, the communist cult emerged in human society, with the concept of indulging in human lust, destroying restrictions set by God, and caused a wide-range of love affairs, and homosexuality. In China, serious incest appeared. The book “Bible Revelation” mentions the communist cult as the “great adulteress”. Chinese society and media are promoting mutated lust, and the whole society is shrouded by this rotten substance. People’s understanding of lust is an extreme abnormal psychology, and lust has become a tool for people to vent their animosity and seek extreme mental stimulation. 

What’s more, during the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa), the old forces manipulated the world’s major financial groups to flood into mainland China, resulting in substantial Chinese economic growth, and providing Chinese with superior material foundations and conditions for indulgence. How many Chinese people are enjoying this “happiness” while at the same time hysterically indulging in their desires?

Possessing Entities

However, when human beings have turned corrupt to such a degree, they will be possessed by creatures in other dimensions, and human beings will become “unhuman”. Today, most Chinese people’s behaviors are controlled by foreign creatures. Gods have no choice but to forsake humans, and mankind will be doomed. Lust is the main means used by the communist specter to destroy human morality and ultimately destroy mankind.

But, the human body created by Gods is not to enjoy life like this, but to endure hardships to pay for karma, and return to heaven through cultivation. Gods have already created the factors that enable humans to cultivate. The so-called enjoyment of life and even the indulgence of desire by human beings are blasphemy against Gods’ creation of human bodies. It is sin against Gods.

According to today’s moral standards, mankind has long been ruined. Fortunately, Master still wants to offer salvation to humankind. Master has granted Dafa practitioners the ability and mission to save people, which requires Dafa practitioners to let go of lust through cultivation.

Summarizing Ways to Sever Lust

Getting Rid of Party Culture Is a Necessary Step for Severing Lust

I had never thought that lust has any connection with the Party culture – a subset of the indoctrination by the Party. But, when I realized that along with the decline of human morality, the Communist Party consciously instilled the corrupt substance of lust to the extreme in humans, I understood that my current concept of lust is the product of the CCP. 

Master said:

“Theft, deceit, lust, fighting---the communist thugDon’t sell out like the Fifty-cent Brigade(“Drinking the Wolf’s Brew”, Hong Yin III)

Lust substances are one of the main factors that formed the spirit of communism. Those indoctrinated by the Party must feel strong lust, and it is also mutated. One often reads books such as “The Ultimate Purpose of Communism” and “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World.” They advise how to let go of the Party's indoctrination, and it is also very useful to send righteous thoughts. The old forces arranged this mutated concept of lust, which must be completely denied and eliminated. 

Distinguish Lust and Persecution of Lust

There were always some dirty and mutated lusts in my mind, so I tried to suppress and eliminate them. But, they were not willing to be eliminated. I became alert. I slowly discovered that these dirty thoughts did not come from me, but from the lust demon in another dimension. Yet, once it realized that it was discovered, it took off, and my mind no longer had those dirty thoughts.

One day I was printing with my Canon printer. I thought that I must eliminate that demon of lust. At this time, a paper jam occurred. I took out the paper, but the printer showed a double-flash error 14 times. At first I thought the printer was really malfunctioning, but soon I realized that it was the demon of lust that was making trouble. I sent forth righteous thoughts, as I reset the printer. It returned to normal.

This incident made me realize that some ill thoughts are not attachments we should let go, but are something given to us by the evil. They are a form of persecution and should be eliminated with righteous thoughts.

Distinguish Between Lust Concepts and Lust

Under the effect of lust, long-term lustful words and deeds will form a concept of lust. This concept will be continuously strengthened by the words and deeds of lust. After a long time, it will influence people, but people would think that it came from their minds. Why can’t people let go of this behavior of lust? It is because people think that lustful behavior will bring so-called satisfaction and happiness to themselves, and they think it is good. So people can’t let it go. In fact, this is not people’s real knowledge, but from the lust concepts formed postnatally. Our true self regards lustful behavior as filthy.

Master said: 

“From a high-level perspective, everyday people are playing with mud while in society without realizing that it is dirty. They are playing with mud on earth.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

This concept of lust is not lust itself. Lust is an emotion. Every cell of our body is soaked in this substance, as long as we still have this part of the human body that is not fully cultivated. But as more and more parts of our body cultivate well, and our righteous thoughts become stronger, we can let go of lust and not be driven by it.

Do Not Fall Into a Side-path Cultivation Way to Sever Lust

When I newly practiced Dafa, in order to remove lust, I just suppressed my sexual desire. Due to limited living conditions at that time, I couldn’t sleep separately, so I tried very hard to control my behavior. Gradually, I was able to not think about it. However, my family conflicts are accumulating. Now, I understood that I had fallen into a side-path cultivation way. Our Dafa does not take this form. We focus on cultivating our minds. When the lust desire was removed, our spouse will not think about sexual desires. Only if our insides are cultivated well will our outside also change.

I found that many practitioners had adopted this form of side-path cultivation way when removing lust and desire. They only paid attention to sleeping separately from their spouse-- not including fellow practitioners who already removed the attachment. Then what is the difference between cultivating in a temple? Those fellow practitioners have not yet grasped the fundamentals of Dafa cultivation, which focus on cultivating the mind instead of the form. If we had lust removed, the form must also be positive.

Do Not Fall Into the Cultivation Way Set Up by the Old Forces

Practitioners will inevitably commit mistakes when cultivating. I can tolerate any mistake made by practitioners, but not when it comes to lust. I looked within and found that I put too much emphasis on removing the attachment of lust. Where does this idea come from?

From Master’s teachings, I know that the old forces regard the lust issue of cultivators as most important. Once cultivators made mistakes in this respect, they would lose the opportunity to cultivate forever. It is precisely for this reason that the old forces cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners who have committed wrongdoings in this area, through either torture or deviation from Dafa cultivation. Now, I understand that the reason why I keep my mind on this subject is that I know the terrible consequences of making such a mistake.

However in Dafa cultivation, every attachment is equally bad, and every attachment must be treated seriously and be eliminated. If we are stressed out about severing lust, then another attachment may be formed.

How to get rid of lust? We can clearly recognize the various thoughts reflected by lust, and we can separate the thoughts of lust from ourselves. The rest depends entirely on our own righteous thoughts.

In the personal cultivation stage, I remove lust for my own consummation. Now, is the time for awakening the conscience of sentient beings and rectifying the Fa. Only thinking about self-salvation is an attachment that doesn’t meet the standard required by the Fa at this stage.

The Minghui website published an article about a practitioner who had not cultivated away lust. As a result, many sentient beings in his corresponding world were eliminated. From Master’s lectures, I also realized that each thought of Dafa practitioners is related to whether countless high-level beings can be saved. The quality of eliminating lust is related to the future of so many high-level beings! We should truly take it seriously. 

There was a lot of interference during this writing process, but I got rid of it with righteous thoughts. In the process of writing this article, I found that the lust substances that had recently been reflected in my mind were gone. Thanks to Master for removing this dirty stuff for me! I do not know how much suffering Master has born for me. I must cultivate well to repay Master!