(Minghui.org) I began cultivating Falun Dafa in 1998 and am now 66 years old. I recall asking my mother where I came from when I was eight years old. She said I came from heaven and that really made an impression on me.

At the tender age of 10, I started to weave straw products. I quit school when I was 12. Although I always worked hard on the farm, I was poor and experienced hardship, even after I got married.

Giving Up My Addictions

Neighbors playing mahjong on the roadside laughed at me because they thought I was ignorant. I then learned how to play mahjong and other board games. After that, I began to suffer from an inflamed gallbladder, headaches, and insomnia. However, I continued to play mahjong and drink until I had no money.

A woman told me that Falun Dafa practitioners in our village were attending Master Li Hongzhi's video lecture series. She said that people were able to give up their unhealthy habits if they took up the practice.

I went with her to watch the lectures but did not understand them. Afterward, however, if I even looked at a mahjong game, I felt sick. Other practitioners told me this aversion meant Master Li was already looking after me. Had I not experienced this for myself, I would never have believed it.

So from then on, I never played mahjong again, and my health improved. I appreciate Master's saving grace!

My Husband Survives a Work Accident

In the spring of 2004, my husband exclaimed, “Your Master protects you!” I said, “You support Dafa, and Master protects you as well!”

My husband is an electrician. One day, he needed to remove some wires from a utility pole. The nine-meter-tall pole he used fell while he was working. A co-worker’s wife notified me that he was in the hospital. My first thought was that he would be okay. I was not nervous and asked a relative to take me to the hospital.

At the entrance to the emergency room, I saw the company manager who said, “He's inside. I have no idea how he is.” My husband was later taken out of ICU in a wheelchair. I was told, “Fortunately, you practice Falun Dafa. His leg was grazed a little. Otherwise, he's fine.

The people in our village knew my husband survived such a dangerous accident because I practice Falun Dafa. I told them, “Dafa’s Master saved his life! Dafa is amazing!”

The doctors did not want him to go home for several days. Our children were all out of town, so I did not tell them what had happened and took care of my husband myself. His boss was happy he was not injured. He gave me 500 yuan for meals and other expenses and said he would give me more when that ran out. I bought tofu for my husband and millet porridge for myself for breakfast. I sat on a stool next to my husband for seven days.

His company reimbursed us for the hospital fees. The doctors wanted to keep him longer for further observation, but we did not want his company to spend any more and decided to take him home after a week.

We invited his coworkers to a celebration in my home. One of them said, “Falun Dafa is miraculous!” And a few more echoed, “We want to practice Falun Dafa, too!” They borrowed all my Dafa books. They also read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and quit the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) organizations.

Since then, all my husband's colleagues work diligently and are often praised by the company manager.

I have cultivated for 20 years. Master has always looked after my family. Thank you, Master, for the many blessings we've received! I will do well the three things and cultivate diligently to demonstrate my appreciation!