Kanto, Japan: Falun Gong Practitioners Protest in Front of Chinese Consulate on New Year’s Eve

Japanese practitioners often stage peaceful protests at the Chinese Consulate in Kanto, and said that by protesting on New Year’s Eve, they hope to let practitioners inside China know that they are not forgotten and they will continue to speak out for them until the persecution ends.

Falun Dafa Practitioners from 61 Nations and Regions: Happy New Year, Master Li!

From the four corners of the globe, Falun Dafa practitioners have sent in their heartfelt greetings to the Minghui website to wish Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, a Happy New Year.

Practitioners from 30 Provinces in China Wish Master Li a Happy New Year!

On the occasion of New Year 2021, practitioners from 30 provinces and province-level cities in China sent greetings and poems to the founder of Falun Dafa. One poem promising to continue to help people choose goodness and abandon communism read, “Leaving wind and storm behind with no regret, we are vowing for a brighter future with nothing to fret.”

Pro-Communist Youth Care Association Disbanded in Hong Kong

For eight years, the Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKYCA) disrupted Falun Gong practitioners' efforts to raise awareness of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of their faith. The HKYCA harassed practitioners on the street, damaged their information booths, and displayed their own banners to slander Falun Gong.

Top Chinese Officials Who Participated in Persecution of Falun Gong Sanctioned by the U.S.

The U.S Department of State announced sanctions against 17 Chinese government officials and other foreign nationals for human rights violations. Many of these officials gained prestigious political promotions for persecuting Falun Gong.

Eight Accomplishments of the Trump Administration: Why They Matter to Us

This article summarizes important actions by the Trump administration to strengthen the U.S. in the areas of economics, defense, and upholding its leading role in the free world by countering communist infiltration.

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