(Minghui.org) I used to think that “Truthfulness” meant honesty, integrity, and not cheating people. But a recent incident made me realize that this is not enough. The meaning of “Truthfulness” is immense.

Being Careless in My Work

I recently applied for a part-time job as a copywriter to supplement my income. The employer asked each applicant to write two articles as a test. After I skimmed through the guidelines, I finished the articles in no time and sent them through to the prospective employer. Only later did I notice that there were specific requirements that I hadn't paid attention to.

It was only a part-time job and the salary wasn't much, so I didn't put too much effort into it.

The editor gave me his feedback. He said that my writing was good, but I hadn’t followed the format required. Then he hired me.

I took the job more seriously when I started, but I still didn't pay much attention to the requirements. I noticed some problems after my first draft and made some changes, but I didn't bother to change them all the time. If I had questions regarding the format, I didn't bother to ask. I just handed the articles over and thought the editor would correct it anyway.

The editors modified my drafts for the first two days. On the third day, the employer said he had nothing for me. I later learned that they stopped giving me assignments because they weren't satisfied with my work.

This made me reflect on my problems. I caused a lot of trouble for others because I was not serious about the work. My previous employer incurred 100,000 yuan in losses due to my carelessness. To take things seriously is also part of what it means to cultivate “Truthfulness.”

More Attentive When Younger

I had a good attitude to learning when I was in elementary school and studied hard even during the summer and winter breaks. If I had a question, I would ask my parents to take me around to ask other people, such as senior students and teachers in the village.

When it came to exams, I would not submit the paper right away and would check it over and over again. My teacher once pointed at me and said to the class, “You can only get high marks in exams with an attitude like his!” I was always at the top of my class. It was all due to my serious attitude to learning.

When I was young, I was straightforward and put all my effort into getting things done. I think that being serious is the pure side of human nature. Doing things with this kind of attitude is the state of “Truthfulness.”


Now we are polluted by a variety of bad ideas and social trends. We are anxious for quick results and success. We've become impatient and careless and always want to reach the ultimate goal as soon as possible. But this attitude affects our ultimate goal. It is worse for cultivators, because it also breeds the attachments of impatience, seeking comfort, and selfishness. And, in the process, our hearts become affected.

For example, my mind was filled with all sorts of things during Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts, and doing the exercises. I was thinking about my work, what to eat, and what to do afterward. I couldn't focus and reach a state of tranquility. All I was doing was a mere formality, and I wanted to hurry up and finish the task. That is not cultivation—it's wasting time.

To cultivate “Truthfulness,” one must continually eliminate all interference that makes one impatient and prevents one from settling down and calming the heart. Then one can reach the state of “The Mind and Body Join Together” (Chapter II, The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection). This is the only way to achieve “Truthfulness” and assimilate to the cosmic characteristics of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Therefore, whether it is everyday people’s work or Dafa work, I should examine the details thoroughly and fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my abilities and not rely on others to correct my mistakes.

It’s also essential not to allow anything to interfere with our cultivation. Nothing is trivial in cultivation. We should measure ourselves against the Fa's requirements in every situation and always think of others in a selfless state.

There is a process to getting rid of our impatience, our fear of troubles, and our desire for comfort. Only through hardship can we return to our true self and cultivate our innate nature, “Truthfulness.”