Discipline Inspection Official Agrees with Falun Gong's Principles

When a Falun Gong practitioner phoned a government official in China to talk about the persecution and quitting the CCP, the man responded, “Not only have I already quit, I know all about the CCP's evil policies, dictatorship, shamelessness, and anti-humanity rules." After a long conversation and after receiving a link to the main teachings of Falun Gong, the official said that the phone call was the biggest blessing of his life: "It allows me to see hope!”

A Striking Scene in Taiwan: Peaceful Meditation Amidst Chaotic Times

 “This is amazing!” said a tourist at Taipei's Liberty Square upon encountering hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners  performing the meditative exercises. Taiwan rejects communist China's policies, including its persecution of Falun Dafa, and some say this "social distancing" from the Communist Party is the reason for Taiwan's remarkably low number of Covid-19 cases.

A Mother Recounts a Young Man’s Tragic Death and Injustice Suffered for His Belief

A heart-breaking account of the torture and persecution endured by Mr. Yuan and his family to uphold truth and expose the vicious lies of the Communist regime.

Finland: Promoting Falun Dafa in the New Year

Practitioners in Helsinki rang in the new year with an event over the weekend of January 9, 2021. The public showed great concern about the persecution in China.

Jiangsu Province Air Force Veteran Dies from Possible Poisoning in Prison

A friend of Mr. Zhong who was familiar with his case later told his family that he lost his appetite not long after he was taken back to the prison hospital. He suspected that the prison put toxic drugs in his food.

My Determination to Cultivate in Dafa

A woman remained diligent and committed to Falun Dafa even when faced with big tribulations. Consequently, her life changed and she became someone who thinks of others first.

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