(Minghui.org) Two fellow practitioners were arrested in 2019 while talking to people about the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Dafa. Wei was released the next day and Hui returned home after being detained for five days.

Around April 25 of 2020, both of them were harassed and asked to sign a Guarantee Statement to stop practicing Falun Dafa. 

Wei and her family firmly resisted the harassment. She refused to sign the documents, didn’t allow the officers to take her picture, and also clarified the truth about the persecution to the officers. After they left, she asked Master for enlightenment. Suddenly, the words “make-up exam” appeared in her mind. She realized that as she didn’t do well after her previous arrest in 2019, Master gave her another opportunity this time around to improve in her cultivation.

Tears ran down her face. She was grateful for Master's compassionate salvation. She made up her mind that no matter how difficult, she would follow Master and do well in cultivation. 

Hui has been harassed a number of times since the “zero-out” campaign began around July 2020.  It is a massive harassment campaign aimed to force every practitioner on the government’s list to renounce their faith. After several times, she seriously told the officers that harassed her: “You can just forget about this, I will not sign anything!” She felt such a sense of relief after that. And people left her alone after that. 

Don’t Cooperate with the Evil in the Harassment

In the so-called “zero-out” campaign, the practitioners were often told to cooperate with those who'd come to harass them. We must be clear that we are cultivators who walk on the path of divinity and see through the persecution. Those who come to persecute us are being manipulated by the evil forces behind them and they themselves may not necessarily be that bad. What they are doing is illegal from the perspective of ordinary people’s laws, and from the perspective of cultivation, it is an attempt to harm and destroy us.

Like the story in the Journey to the West, when the white bone demon came to harass Monk Tang, should he just cooperate with it? Absolutely not, or it would mean death and disaster to him. That’s also the same reason why the Monkey King beat the demon to death as soon as he saw it – he knew that as long as he let it go, the demon would go on to harm people.

Likewise, while we compassionately clarify the truth to people on the human side, we should also send out powerful righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them.

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