(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners continue to hold activities on Mynttorget, a square near the royal palace in Stockholm. They introduce the spiritual practice to the public, demonstrate the exercises, and tell people about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution.

Sweden did not implement a lockdown policy during the CCP virus pandemic, so people can still travel freely during Christmas. People from many countries traveled to Sweden to celebrate the holidays.

After learning about the 20-year-long persecution of Falun Dafa, people signed the petition calling for the disintegration of the CCP and to protest the persecution.

People learn about Falun Dafa and sign the petition against the persecution.Practitioners demonstrate the exercises at Mynttorget on December 26, 2020.

Mother and Daughter from Poland: You Speak for Justice

December 26 was a cold and snowy day. As Maria and her mother from Poland passed by the square they noticed many people signing the petition. After talking with a practitioner she immediately signed it. She said, “I am from Poland and know the bad deeds the communist party does.” She explained to her mother in Polish and the practitioner gave her a flyer in Polish. The elderly lady read it attentively and signed the petition.

Maria said, “You are speaking for justice. We must support you!”

Mother and daughter from Poland sign the petition.

We Want to Learn Falun Dafa

When Jeria and Toum noticed practitioners peacefully practicing the exercises in the snow, they wished to learn about Falun Dafa and stopped to watch.

After a practitioner explained the facts of the persecution, the CCP’s state-sanctioned live organ harvesting, and the CCP’s cover-up of the initial coronavirus outbreak which led to the global pandemic, Toum said indignantly, “I believe the CCP can do any bad deed. How can we help you?”

Toum was born in Lithuania and moved to Sweden a year ago. He said he knows the communist party lies and how they hide the truth to deceive people. He said the CCP’s persecution of peaceful Falun Dafa was evil. He was interested in learning to practice Falun Dafa. He supported Falun Dafa and condemned the persecution.

Jeria listened quietly, nodded, and said, “It's cold today. But standing here makes me feel warm and comfortable. I'd would like to learn the practice.” They both took information about Falun Dafa before they left.

People Pay Attention to Falun Dafa and Help Spread the Facts

Two men who work for a TV station in the French-speaking region of Sweden stopped by the practitioners' event on December 18. They were happy to see practitioners raising awareness and said they were concerned about the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa, Tibet and Xinjiang.

They filmed a video to prepare a program to introduce Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. They also interviewed practitioners.

Two staff members from a TV station in a French-speaking region in Sweden filmed practitioners' activities and interviewed them.

A Swedish man walked straight to the venue. After obtaining a practitioner's consent, he took photos and videos of the entire activity and the exercise demonstration. He then signed the petition. He gave practitioners a thumbs up and said, “You are doing well. Keep up the good work.”

Swedish man signs the petition.