(Minghui.org) It was a warm and sunny day in Kaohsiung as young students from the Minghui School gathered at the Qiaotouguomin Junior High School in Kaohsiung to send their New Year greetings to Master Li Hongzhi on December 27, 2020.

Students from the Minghui School in Kaohsiung gathered at the Qiaotouguomin Junior High School to wish Master a “Happy New Year” on December 27, 2020.

Children studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, memorized the Fa, did puzzles, made lanterns and enjoyed two films. Parents accompanied their children during the activities. The adults were touched by the peaceful atmosphere as the children’s beautiful voices resounded while they memorized the Fa.

Parents participated in the day-long activities and said they were touched by the peaceful atmosphere.

The activities were very lively with children doing puzzles and word games, making lanterns and playing games. Seeing how each child learns through play, the parents were very happy to participate.

Immersing Children In Dafa from a Young Age Is Beneficial

Mr. Cheng Xiang a high school math teacher, his wife and two children participated in group Fa-study and wished Master a Happy New Year.

Mr. Cheng Xiang learned about Falun Dafa from an old friend. After researching it online he decided to begin practicing. Mr. Cheng’s wife who also practices, works in the same school. They have two beautiful daughters. Mr. Cheng teaches his daughters traditional culture, has them listen to Shen Yun music and recite Hong Yin. After six months, Mr. Cheng realized that his daughters were able to fluently memorize and recite poems from Hong Yin and Lunyu.

Mr. Cheng brought his children to the Minghui School. At first, they were unable to sit still because they were so young. Now his daughters look forward to going there to study the Fa and practice the exercises with the other children. Because he works in the education system, Mr. Cheng firmly believes that it is very beneficial for his children to be immersed in Dafa and traditional culture at a very young age.

Our Children Reflect Our Cultivation

Ms. Ya Hui and her daughter Xiao Xuan wish Master a Happy New Year.

Xiao Xuan started cultivating under her mother’s guidance at a young age. She likes studying the Fa and practicing the sitting meditation exercise. Xiao Xuan became more cheerful and well-behaved after attending Minghui School. Her mother did not need to worry as much and Xiao Xuan is also a teacher’s helper at school.

Xiao Xuan said, “I really like to memorize poems from Hong Yin because I learn a lot from them. Ever since I started to cultivate, my essays became more structured and I can also better comprehend what my teacher is trying to teach us in school. Whenever I see that a classmate is not feeling well, I comfort her.”

Her school teachers and classmates say, “We need to learn from Xiao Xuan because she is compassionate and kind and is willing to help classmates in need.”

Xiao Xuan said, “I wish Master a Happy New Year. I don't want Master to worry about me. I will be a kind and caring child and not upset my parents.”

Ms. Ya Hui, Xiao Xuan’s mother, was introduced to Dafa when she was at the university. However due to her heavy workload and household chores, she did not continue practicing. She decided to resume practicing three years ago. She said, “I need to start doing well from within since our children reflect what we do. I hope my daughter can see the wonders of abiding by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I also reflect on my daughter's behavior to correct myself.”

Ya Hui said, “Seeing how my daughter gets along with her friends, how her studies and her moral conduct improved after practicing Falun Dafa, I am deeply grateful to Master.”

Xiao Xuan’s father also started to practice and their family wish Master a Happy New Year.

Asthma Resolved After Practicing Falun Dafa

Ms. You Fei and her two daughters wish Master a Happy New Year. Her child's asthma cleared up after practicing Falun Dafa.

Ms. You Fei's daughters started attending Minghui School three years ago. Ms. You said, “My oldest daughter had asthma since birth and I would often run to the emergency room with her. I have been to almost all of Kaohsiung’s hospitals and even to the allergy department at the National Cheng Kung Hospital in Tainan to treat my daughter's asthma. Nothing helped and I was very frustrated.”

Her daughter’s asthma disappeared after cultivating Faun Dafa. Ms. You said, “At the Minghui school the children study and memorize the Fa, and practice the exercises, and their hearts are filled with happiness. Not long after we began practicing, my daughter’s health improved and she no longer needs allergy medication. Now she is very healthy. I would like to sincerely thank Master for taking care of her.”

As a fine arts teacher, Ms. You Fei said, “There are many distorted and fragmented things out in society. I have arranged some art and humanities classes for the children. I hope by attending my art classes, the children will understand what is truly beautiful.”

Appreciating Master's Teachings

Mr. Bai Zhi and his wife said, “When young Dafa disciples get together to study the Fa, practice the exercises and play together, they are very happy and healthy. My daughter is also often praised by her school teachers.”

Mr. Bai Zhi started cultivating with his daughters after attending a nine-day Falun Dafa workshop. Mr. Bai said, “When these young Dafa disciples get together to study the Fa, practice the exercises and play together, they are very happy and healthy.”

Before she began practicing, Mrs. Bai who is a Chinese teacher, taught her daughters “Di Zi Gui” and the “Three Character Classic”. After she began practicing she understood how profound Master's teachings are. Her oldest daughter can now read 10 pages of Zhuan Falun by herself and her younger daughter now memorizes poems in Hong Yin.

Mr. Bai and his family wish Master a very Happy New Year. They are sincerely grateful for Master’s compassion and being able to practice Falun Dafa. They hope to cultivate with their daughters, remain steadfast in their cultivation and return to their true selves.

Cultivation Journey With Her Daughter

Ms. Ya Xin, a pediatric dentist, brings her daughter to Minghui School on weekends. She wishes Master a “Happy New Year.”

Ms. Ya Xin obtained the Fa through a college professor who is a Falun Dafa practitioner. He created a dentist club which she attended and she started to cultivate. She said, “After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I became peaceful. I am no longer lost and confused about life.”

She also said that after cultivating her views and perceptions on things became very different. When the CCP virus pandemic happened, she did not panic. At her work she would sometimes encounter unreasonable parents. She is now able to handle every situation rationally and has higher requirements for herself. She wants to improve her dental skills and make sure children get the proper treatment. Ms. Ya Xin and her daughter are grateful for Master’s boundless compassion and protection. They wish Master a Happy New Year.