(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners conducted activities in front of the Chinese Consulate to protest the persecution on July 25, 2020. They called for an end to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 21-year-long persecution. They raised awareness of the persecution at Church Corner in the afternoon and advised Chinese people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Practitioners in front of the Chinese Consulate on July 25, 2020, call for an end to the persecution.

Through various activities, Falun Gong practitioners around the world have told people about the persecution since July 20, 1999. Especially with the CCP's cover-up of the coronavirus and the resulting pandemic, people are now increasingly aware of the CCP's true nature and support Falun Gong. Millions of Chinese people have renounced their membership in the CCP.

Some practitioners held large banners, while others demonstrated the exercises. Their peaceful protest drew the attention of passers-by. Some drivers honked their horns or gave them a thumbs up to show their support.

Jelle Asson, an undergraduate student, passed by on his motorcycle. He stopped, asked questions and then phoned his friends and told them about the practitioners' protest.

Asson explained that two of his friends were undergraduate students and the others were engineers. They knew very well about the CCP's violation of human rights.

They recently watched a video about the concentration camps in Xinjiang. They were shocked to learn that everything is true, and that the persecution of Falun Gong had gone on for so many years. They were appalled that the New Zealand government has kept silent about the CCP's crimes.

The friends said they also wished to protest the CCP's violation of human rights, but did not know how to start. They decided to join the practitioners' protest and talk to people about the CCP's crimes.

All four friends signed the petition against the CCP's live organ harvesting. They said they had already signed the online petition to reject the CCP. They thought that the CCP is evil and must be stopped immediately. They hope to participate in more events against the CCP and hope more people will unite to stop the persecution.

Chinese People Renounce the CCP

Raising awareness at Church Corner

Falun Gong practitioners went to Church Corner in the afternoon to clarify the truth and advise Chinese people to quit their membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Several Asian supermarkets and restaurants are located there, so many Chinese people go there to shop and eat.

A mother and her daughter were misled by the CCP's propaganda about “patriotism”. A practitioner explained in detail the CCP's history of killing and the current true situation of life in China. They were shocked and agreed that only disintegrating the CCP will lead to a better life for the Chinese people.

One couple in their 60s said that they joined the Communist Young Pioneers in China and are sincere Christians now. They said that Jesus would protect them from the coronavirus when a practitioner asked them to quit their membership.

The practitioner explained patiently that Jesus would not protect people who vowed to give their lives for the CCP. The couple suddenly understood and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. They happily thanked the practitioner.