(Minghui.org) An 87-year-old man’s youngest son contracted the CCP virus (COVID 19) while living in the United States. His son’s wife and his grandson were also infected. When his son had trouble breathing, lost consciousness, had kidney failure, and had almost no red and white blood cells, a Falun Gong practitioner in China helped to save his life. Two months later the man's son recovered. The following is the story told by the man's elderly father in a letter.

I taught at a university and am now retired. Most of my family live in mainland China, with the exception of my youngest son Li Yang, who lives with his family in the United States. Li Yang was always smart and studious. He went to college in the U.S. and now works in a bank.

Li Yang contracted the CCP virus earlier this year and had a high fever for five days. He became weak, had trouble breathing, and was hospitalized. He fell into a coma and was on a respirator. His condition wasn’t improving. His wife and son also began to develop respiratory symptoms.

My oldest daughter remembered that one of our relatives has practiced Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) for more than 20 years. All of this relative's illnesses, some incurable, were healed after he picked up Falun Gong. He has been healthy ever since and his realm of mind had elevated so significantly it had amazed our whole family. After witnessing his transformation, we all knew that Falun Dafa is good.

My wife and I are not practitioners, but my wife listens to the lectures almost every day and I often read Falun Dafa books. We are both in good health at the age of 87 thanks to Falun Dafa.

My oldest daughter got in touch with the practitioner relative and asked if he could help. The practitioner told her to get our family to recite “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Falun Dafa is good.” He also prayed for us.

Li Yang’s wife went to the hospital and a nurse told her, “Li Yang’s fever is gone, and he’s getting better.” His wife called my oldest daughter and begged, “Please help us get the blessings. My throat hurts and my oldest son is coughing and has chills.”

The practitioner relative had told my oldest daughter on the phone to have Li Yang’s wife and son recite the nine words. Like a magic pill, both of their symptoms disappeared and never came back.

The hospital called saying that Li Yang had woken up, but his kidneys were damaged. Three weeks of dialysis did not help. The practitioner relative suggested we tell Li Yang to recite the nine words. Soon good news came: Yang’s red blood cell count had increased and he could go home.

My youngest daughter is a physician. She said that there was nothing she could do to help, knowing that his condition had not improved after three weeks of dialysis.

“[Li Yang] had almost no red blood cells after three weeks. Being a doctor, I knew that he had little chance without a kidney transplant. However, he couldn’t possibly have the surgery because he was so weak. What happened to him was truly a miracle,” she said, “His red blood cells increased and he needed less and less dialysis. He just kept getting better. I couldn’t wrap my head around it as a doctor, except by thinking that there really were Buddhas and gods coming to his aid after he sincerely recited the nine words. I am now looking at the world anew.”

The following statement is from Li Yang.

It took two months from being in a coma to waking up and returning to health. These two months left a deep impression in my memory. I experienced the torture of the CCP virus and was on the verge of death. I then had the incredible good fortune and blessing – I woke up, I recovered.

When I woke up, I couldn’t speak, I couldn't care for myself. I had no way to communicate with my family in China. After I had recovered a little, I didn't want to speak with my family through a video conference because I looked like a dead person. I didn’t want my elderly parents to worry and get overly emotional. I was also a little worried at the time that I might not recover.

My oldest sister wanted me to find the book Zhuan Falun on Minghui. She said that it was a book of true Buddhist teachings. I replied to her in tears that I was too weak to move. She told me to recite the nine words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Falun Dafa is good.” I listened to my sister and recited the words continuously. Miracles happened to me: after three weeks of dialysis with no results, my body suddenly started working and I was quickly discharged. In less than two weeks, I was good as new.

I truly am a survivor of the pandemic. And not only me, but my family of four are, too, as well as my parents. We will use our lives to repay the grace of heaven. Mighty gods, mighty Master, our lives will eternally belong to you.