(Minghui.org) Despite copious amounts of evidence presented during hearings in many states, some mainstream media still insist that there is “no evidence” of voter fraud in the U.S. election. The blatant denial of the facts reminds me of communist-style lies.

When corruption sweeps across all sectors of society, with lies dominating the mainstream media and courts following “political correctness” instead of the law, conscience and truth have become especially invaluable at this critical moment in history.

Two Videos Reveal the Truth

Recently, two videos went viral on the Internet. One of them was a video of obvious fraud in Georgia and the other was a talk by a Chinese professor who openly discussed the Chinese Communist Party's influence on U.S. politicians.

Ballots Under the Table

In Georgia, after three recounts (none of which verified voter signatures), the Secretary of State still called it for Biden. He insisted that there was “no evidence” of fraud.

During the Georgia election fraud hearing on December 3, a surveillance video was played. It was taken at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, where absentee and military ballots were counted. The video showed a woman demanding all Republican supervisors and media leave immediately on Election night, citing a burst water pipe. When the crowd left, the four remaining staff members dragged out at least four suitcases full of ballots from under a long table covered with a black tablecloth and began to count the ballots for more than two hours. It doesn’t take much to tell that separating the four boxes of ballots from other ballots and counting votes unobserved and unsupervised is illegal. And the so-called “burst water pipe” was later found to be a toilet leak.

Some netizens compared the timing of vote-dumping in the video with the sudden spike of the democratic candidate’s votes and found the timing of both to be around 1:30 a.m. on November 4.

After the release of what Trump called the “blockbuster testimony,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp changed his tune and called on the Secretary of State to conduct a “signature audit” of the ballots.

Users quickly searched and found the four people in the video. The African American woman who asked everyone to leave was identified as Ruby Freeman. The supervisor in the vote-tabulation station, the blonde-braided young woman, turned out to be Freeman’s daughter.

Freeman posted on her Facebook page a November 2 report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which identified her daughter, Wandrea Moss, as “Supervisor of registration,” and who was “giving that look to the employees.” Freeman added, “Mommie is so proud of you.”

In a video Freeman posted online, she not only openly transported the ballots, but also took a selfie video of the whole process, which showed many ballots with no return address.

The CCP’s “Old Friends”

Another video confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party was playing a big game to infiltrate the U.S. election. In a live video broadcast by the Guan Video in Shanghai on November 28, Di Dongsheng, Vice Dean of International Relations at the Renmin University of China, gave a speech.

Di revealed that the CCP was able to manage the United States in the past few decades because they had “old friends” in core circles of American power who spoke for the CCP on Wall Street. The CCP's motto in dealing with Wall Street was, “if one pile of money doesn't do the job, two piles will.”

Di cited the example of an elderly American Jewish woman who was the president of one of Wall Street's top financial institutions. During the CCP leader's visit to the United States in 2015, she helped them find a bookstore to promote Xi Jinping’s new book The Governance of China so as to warm things up and boost publicity for him. Di revealed that not only did this woman have Chinese nationality, but she also has a registered permanent residence in Beijing. She has a courtyard house in a prime location near Tiananmen Square.

Although the video was soon removed from the Internet in China, it went viral overseas, where users have identified the elderly Jewish woman as Liliane Willens, who has triple citizenship in the U.S., China, and Israel. The video was reported by Fox News and retweeted by President Trump, whose retweet reached 3,386,000 views within 12 hours.

Di also mentioned that the CCP could not corrupt Trump, but they have helped the democratic candidate's son set up a global fund, and that it was making political and tactical considerations for Democratic candidate to take office.

In fact, the CCP’s infiltration of the general election is no longer news. In one example, it was confirmed that the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) worked hard to get votes for the democratic candidate, with 7,000 volunteers in Arizona making 8 million phone calls and knocking on millions of doors.

A few days ago, Vinness A. Ollervides, a third-generation offspring of a CCP leader, revealed that counterfeit ballots were produced in underground factories in Guangdong and shipped to the United States via Canada and Mexico. Elmer Yuen, an outspoken Hong Kong businessman, revealed that the CCP printed about 5 million fake ballots. Lt. Gen. McInerney of the U.S. Air Force said that evidence found on a vote counting server seized by U.S. Special Forces indicated that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against Trump.

Following Common Sense

In communist China, slogans of “freedom, democracy, fairness, and the rule of law” can be seen all over the streets, and there is no limit to the self-promotion of the propaganda system. But if an ordinary citizen takes to the streets to demand “fairness and law,” he or she will be pursued by a police car within ten minutes. That's how it goes in a totalitarian regime.

The left-wing media's cover-ups, deceptions, and demagoguery have undoubtedly played a misleading role in shielding the truth and filtering the facts. The deep state's lopsided disregard and willful ignorance of witness testimony is on full display, which has no difference from the Chinese Communist regime's hooliganism in the name of the rule of law and civility.

However, this is not to say that the truth must be hard to find. Common sense and simple logic can prove that there are fraudulent behaviors in this election.

On December 5, President Trump arrived in Georgia for a campaign speech for two Republican senators. Below is a list of some simple logic of the statistics that he cited that proved that he would have a big win if it weren't for voter fraud.

- In one hundred and fifty years, no sitting president has ever lost re-election with more votes than the previous election. Trump has 11 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.

- No previous president who won the two swing states of Florida and Ohio has ever lost the election. Trump won both of these states.

- In the 2020 Senate election, the Republican Party still maintained a majority, and the House of Representatives did not lose a seat but gained 13 seats, making it less likely for them to lose the presidential election.

Increasing Evidence of Fraud

On December 2, President Trump vowed to defend the U.S. Constitution in what he said was the most important speech of his presidency at the White House.

Trump made it crystal clear: “As president, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States.”

He stated that the U.S. election system is under coordinated attacks, and he was informed by his opponents a few months before the election: “We've got it, this election is done.”

In his 46-minute speech, Trump went through the Democrats' extensive and egregious fraudulent tactics and cited evidence. Trump mentioned that in Wisconsin, on Election Day, he was way ahead, and there was a massive amount of ballots for the democratic candidate coming in at 3:42 a.m., which caused him to lose the state by 20,000 votes.

Trump mentioned Dominion, and all one had to do was to turn a switch, or change a memory card, press a button to switch a vote for Trump to his opponent. Additionally, his team also found votes were counted abroad rather than in the U.S.

At the end of his speech, Trump said, “If we don’t root out the fraud, the tremendous and horrible fraud that’s taken place in our 2020 election, we don’t have a country anymore.”

Despite the collective silence of the mainstream media, Trump's White House speech had 4.7 million views and 340,000 likes on Youtube and 9.4 million views and 628,000 likes on Facebook in less than 24 hours. The democratic candidate's Thanksgiving Day speech, in comparison, was watched by only 1,000 people online.

In the state election integrity hearings, witnesses testified to a tsunami of evidence of various types of Democratic Party fraud.

Behind Selective Reporting and Selective Listening

The leftist media reported selectively. They never questioned the democratic candidate and never investigated or analyzed the obvious and unexplained anomalies in the ballots. But some people trust and are preoccupied with the selective reports published by the left's media.

The reasons for this are manifold and have to do with chronic brainwashing and information control by the media. Many people find it hard to believe that the mainstream media could possibly be falsified. Such a mindset has to do with partisan rivalries, with historical complexes, stereotypical thinking, and so on.

Most fundamentally, most people who believe that the democratic candidate did not cheat are unaware of the level and layer of infiltration of the free world by communist ideology and are unaware of the communist evil spirits behind the election.

In fact, this election is a touchstone of good and evil in people’s hearts. It is a judgment of value that transcends one's own self. It is a battle between good and evil, and it has nothing to do with one's politics, party affiliation, identity, or preference. Only by adhering to one's faith in the divine and adhering to one's conscience can one obtain and understand the truth.

You can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep. In the face of tsunami-like evidence of fraud, if one still believes that there is no evidence, you have to ask whether one's conscience is pretending to be asleep.