(Minghui.org) Greetings revered Master, and fellow practitioners!

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from New Taipei City, Taiwan. I am honored to share my experiences of doing truth-clarification in Hong Kong. I joined the truth clarification team in January 2015. I had not been to Hong Kong before that because I was involved in other Dafa projects.

After I heard that many Chinese from Mainland China visit Hong Kong, I thought I should also go there. I was told that the effect of Falun Dafa parades was very good and the truth-clarification was powerful, so I planned to make a trip to Hong Kong when I had time.

When I went to Hong Kong for a month during the Hong Kong Fa conference in January 2015, I participated in truth clarification activities at tourist spots. The Hong Kong Epoch Times had a promotional event and needed a lot of manpower to distribute its newspaper, so I was assigned to this task. While in Hong Kong, I distributed The Epoch Times for more than 20 days.

I went to Hong Kong three times in 2015, and was assigned to distribute newspapers most of the time. I was also occasionally assigned to clarifying the truth at tourist spots, which helped me gain experience in this type of Dafa project.

Gaining Experience in Distributing The Epoch Times

While distributing newspapers on the streets of Hong Kong, we met people who supported us, and others who opposed us. Some gave us the thumbs-up, while others scorned us. We even met spies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

When I distributed newspapers in downtown Causeway Bay, a well-dressed lady accepted a newspaper. I thought that she liked The Epoch Times, so I enthusiastically talked about it. Unexpectedly, she started to criticize the content of the newspaper, saying, “You are wrong here, and bad there.” Then she threw the newspaper to the ground and left.

I saw her meeting up with a middle-aged man. They were close enough for me to hear their conversation. The woman told the man that I came from Taiwan and other information about me. From then on I knew that even when distributing newspapers one must be alert, constantly sending righteous thoughts and not allowing the evil any chance to interfere.

Of course, there is also a lighter side to distributing newspapers. To do the job well, I learned a couple of Cantonese phrases such as, “This is The Epoch Times. How do you do?”

When I distributed newspapers on Queen’s Road for about four hours, a local was also distributing advertising fliers. He came over to chat with me when there were few people around. I conversed with him in Mandarin and he suddenly realized, “Oh, you are not a Hongkonger!”

Distributing newspapers on the streets isn't focused on direct contact with Mainland Chinese, but there are many people from the Mainland who are not part of tourist groups. Usually such people are braver when accepting Falun Dafa informational materials, while tourists who travel with groups at the tourist spots tend not to take anything because they are afraid of being reported to the CCP.

It rained all day long when I distributed the paper at Mongkok. The result was not good and I distributed only a few dozen papers over several hours. One Hongkonger realized my problem and said, “Don’t distribute today, as today is not suitable for distributing newspapers.”

As it was not yet time to meet up with the others, I could not leave so I continued distributing the papers. When he saw that I wasn’t leaving, he started up a conversation. He said, “Most local Hong Kong people migrated from Guangdong, and every year there are many new immigrants from the Mainland.”

His words opened my mind. At first, I thought that distributing newspapers on the streets was unlike clarifying truth at the tourist spots. If some of these passersby had just immigrated from the Mainland, then aren’t they also people who need to hear the truth about Dafa? Therefore, whether it's at tourist spots or distributing newspapers on the streets, both are truth clarification tasks.

Interference by the CCP

I came to Hong Kong about six times each year between 2016 and 2018, staying for about a month. Most of the time I was assigned to tourist spots, and I distributed the newspaper only a few times. But then, interference by a CCP-controlled organization in Hong Kong intensified.

They started interfering at the truth clarification spots in Hong Kong in June 2012. Though it was aggressive, they did not interfere with all truth clarification spots at the same time. However, after the 2016 Chinese New Year, the tourist spot where I often helped experienced interference.

Some depraved people showed up where we displayed exhibit boards. They used loudspeakers to incessantly spread slander against Master and Dafa. They snatched informational materials from the hands of people, and followed us wherever we went. When we held up banners and exhibit boards, they broadcast depraved information through loudspeakers. When we distributed materials, they threatened and stopped people from taking them. They often made trouble, and tried to frame us. We had to be careful not to fall into their traps. Foul language and physical attacks were commonplace.

Even so, we did not retreat, but persisted in telling the facts to people. At the same time, we prolonged and intensified sending forth righteous thoughts. Where these evil people were, there was also evil forces from other dimensions. Besides, visitors from the Mainland carried a lot of negative information in their minds. These are the substances stopping people from understanding the truth. Once we eliminated the evil substances through sending forth righteous thoughts, these people understood the truth and were willing to listen.

Battle Between Good and Evil

Most of the time I held a banner or exhibit board, and distributed Dafa materials. I often held banners that read “Falun Dafa Spread Around the World” and “Immolation at Tiananmen was a Hoax.” I chose these two because they were the main contents of the broadcast interruption at Changchun Television. Because they spread these facts, a few Dafa practitioners sacrificed their lives, and a few thousand Dafa practitioners were arrested. As for me, should I stop doing this only because I've been maligned?

Although these evil people interfered at tourist spots and behaved in a very arrogant manner, the Hong Kong locals knew about them. Often, righteous citizens came to our tourist spots, approached us to show support, and encouraged us to persist. The CCP could not hide any longer and people knew that it was rotten to the core.

We know that confronting the old forces is a battle between good and evil. Hong Kong is at the mouth of this tiger of the evil Party. Every truth clarification spot is a frontline battlefield, and a thorn in the evil's side. Our clarifying the truth in Hong Kong is like pulling a tooth out of the mouth of a tiger.

We have acquired a lot of experience and learned a lot of lessons while dealing with the evil CCP. Although we do not wish to see the interference happen, and we deny the arrangements of the old forces, it does happen. As they want to play the role of coal in the furnace, let us use this opportunity to forge ourselves into steel!

The evil CCP members are really unlike normal people. Actually as soon as they put on the green vests bearing slander against Dafa, they are walking corpses of the evil spirits. They lack strength and endurance, because we are dealing with them with righteous thoughts and do not use the human mindset or methods.

I found from my experience over the past years that the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts was very good. Several times when practitioners at our tourist spot were of one mind and we sent forth righteous thoughts with very pure hearts, the result was that those bad guys became very sluggish. They didn’t even put on the green vests, nor did they interfere with us.

After being passive for some time however, they would become crazy again. It was not because our sending forth righteous thoughts did not work; it was because another batch of evil substances reinvigorated them. Therefore, the coordinator of the tourist spot often said, “If we have enough manpower at the tourist spot, as well as a dedicated person to send forth righteous thoughts, the evil force in the other dimension will be eliminated. This will make it easier for people to quit the CCP.”

We must not use the methods of the evil people and fight them with strong emotions, as this would bring about negative results. Several times after practitioners’ fought with them, their interference worsened.

It is not that we cannot be tough with them. If we do not become angry or emotional and behave with righteousness, the problem disappears. However, we often could not control ourselves well and it became like ordinary people fighting. I also did not perform well enough at times, but I tried my best to stay calm and ignore them.

Remembering the Past

I vaguely see the shadow of my young self in my twenties in February 1997. The joy and emotion when I first obtained the Fa is still vivid in my mind. That young guy has now turned into a middle aged man. Back then, there was no persecution or truth-clarification projects. Practitioners used their leisure time for group practice, spreading the Fa, distributing brochures, and telling people about the preciousness of Falun Dafa. Back then, the cultivation environment was simple and not that complicated.

I am grateful to Master for giving me the chance to come to Hong Kong to validate the Fa through truth clarification, opening up my mind, giving me wisdom, and letting me meet many diligent practitioners.

I hereby read with respect what Master said:

“Cultivate with the heart you once had, and spiritual perfection is certain! May you grow ever more diligent as you approach the end!” (“To the Experience-Sharing Conference in Taiwan”)

Thank you, Master, and fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2019 Hong Kong Fa Conference)