To the Experience-Sharing Conference in Taiwan

I send my regards to the Dafa disciples attending the experience-sharing conference in Taiwan.

Dafa disciples’ Fa conferences are great opportunities for you to help one another improve, identify where you fall short, and correct whatever might be off in your cultivation. Cultivation is not for worldly ends, but for the elevation of your being and for establishing your future. During the very final stage of things, more than ever, doing cultivation amounts to choosing to have a future. The ways of this world that people follow and how people live their lives here differ from how beings really are in the universe. The ideas and theories of this world cannot lead to spiritual perfection of any sort, and the ways that people live and act in this world do not accord with how beings really are in the universe. The ultimate reason you are human is to learn Dafa. Don’t let the madness and confusion of this world affect you. Cultivate with the heart you once had, and spiritual perfection is certain! May you grow ever more diligent as you approach the end!

I wish your Fa conference great success!

Li Hongzhi

November 24, 2018

(Translation by Team Yellow)