A Notice on Digital Currency

To Dafa disciples both inside and outside of China:

1. You must not mine, promote, or deal in digital currency among Dafa practitioners and Dafa disciples;

2. Dafa disciples must not participate [in such activities];

3. You must not engage [in such activities] in the name of Master.

Washington D.C.: Tian Guo Marching Band Joins the National Independence Day Parade Celebration

The largest July 4th National Independence Day Parade marked the 242nd birthday of the United States. The band has been invited to this event for the last 13 years and the Falun Dafa group is a highlight for many.

Washington D.C. - Lotuses of Dafa Bloom in the Rain

A touching and spectacular scene as thousands of practitioners persevered in the pouring rain at a character formation at the Washington Monument.

From Misery to Harmony After Practicing Dafa

A practitioner tells how the power of Falun Dafa helped her husband after a serious accident, and how her life changed after she let go of her resentment towards her abusive husband and treated him with kindness.

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