(Minghui.org) A local woman in Shenzhen was given four years in Guangzhou Women’s Prison in July 2017 for refusing to give up her faith. She’s been subjected to relentless torture and abuse for being a steadfast practitioner of Falun Gong, a mind and body practice persecuted in China since 1999. Prior to the recent imprisonment, Ms. Liu Yu'e was subjected to forced labor reeducation twice and subjected to multiple brainwashing sessions during the time that she was detained.

The following is an account of some of the abuse that Ms. Liu has suffered during her most recent imprisonment.

Humiliation and Abuse

The first week in prison, Ms. Liu Yu’e was constantly bombarded with brainwashing materials. She firmly refused to sign documents stating that standing up for her belief was a crime. As a result the guards wouldn’t let her shower or wash.

She was forced to stand all day and night, and was not allowed to use the toilet unless she asked the guards by addressing herself as a criminal. To avoid having to use the toilet, Ms. Liu would not drink any liquid all day. Despite being subjected to sleep deprivation through the night, Ms. Liu still had to pull weeds during the day under the burning sun, wash dishes, or clean the prison.

Inside the cell, the inmates would strip Ms. Liu and leave her naked, huddled in a corner. Not allowed to use the toilet, she became incontinent, and urine and feces dripped down her legs.

The guards forced Ms. Liu to clean up the prison cell. They also instigated criminals inmates to curse at Ms. Liu and humiliate her.

Strict Management

As Ms. Liu maintained her innocence and refused to comply with the prison rules, the guards put her under strict management, with intensified abuse. Enticed with reduced sentences, inmates covered the ground with pieces of paper with the name of the founder of Falun Gong written on them and forced Ms. Liu to walk on them.

Because of the relentless persecution in the prison, Ms. Liu is under intense pressure and has become severely underweight.

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