Toronto: Falun Dafa Group Warmly Received in Easter Parades

Falun Dafa practitioners joined the 52nd Toronto Beaches Lions Club Easter Parade and the Pickering suburban Easter Parade with the Tian Guo Marching Band and waist drummers participating, along with a float. Many spectators look forward to their performance every year and were excited to see them. Residents who had immigrated from China commented about how wrong the persecution of the practice is in China and that everyone should have the right to practice what they believe in.

Falun Dafa a Highlight of San Francisco Easter Parade

Falun Dafa practitioners took part in the ever-popular Union Street Easter Parade & Spring Celebration in San Francisco, fielding the amazing Tian Guo Marching Band. Spectators and parade organizers were delighted by the music and the spectacle, and look forward to Falun Dafa practitioners' return next year.

Recent Falun Gong Events in Europe

Practitioners in Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany held public events to introduce the self-cultivation practice to the public and raise awareness of its persecution by the communist regime in China. Some people stopped by to learn more and encouraged practitioners to keep up their efforts. A local newspaper in Lünen, Germany featured the Falun Gong meditation group in a public park, where practitioners have gathered every Sunday for almost a year.

Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Warmly Received in Public

People are awakening to the truth about Falun Dafa through the kind deeds of practitioners and their efforts to help people understand the facts about Dafa and the persecution.

My Mother-in-law Miraculously Recovers from Esophageal Cancer

A woman who was on the verge of death believed in the communist regime's lies about Falun Dafa. After receiving the loving care and kindness from her practitioner son-in-law who helped her heal, she soon realized the truth about Dafa and now admires and supports practitioners.

Falun Dafa Turns a Bad Thing into Three Good Things

By looking within for her attachments when something bad happened, a practitioner is able to turn a seemingly bad thing into several positive outcomes.

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