Stockholm, Sweden: Introducing Falun Dafa at Harmoni Expo

Falun Dafa practitioners recently participated in Stockholm’s Harmoni Expo, where they demonstrated and taught the Dafa exercises, presented a workshop, and talked to people about the meditation practice. One attendee who visited the booth said, “I have tried many types of qigong systems. Your practice is calm, peaceful, and very touching.” More people are looking to join local group exercise sites across Sweden.

Auckland, New Zealand: Falun Dafa Welcomed at International Cultural Festival

Traditional Chinese waist drum performances and exercise demonstrations by the Falun Dafa group on the event stage of the Auckland International Cultural Festival drew interest in this ancient Chinese practice for mind and body. “I love their golden uniforms,” said one spectator. “Really fantastic!”

San Francisco: Celebrating 300 Million Withdrawals from the Communist Party

A march and a rally in San Francisco's Chinatown celebrated the recent milestone of 300 million Chinese people breaking ties to the Communist Party. “I thank Falun Gong practitioners for pushing the movement of quitting the Party forward,” said democracy activist Chen Yongming in his rally speech. “China would have no hope if it wasn't for Falun Gong.”

From Buddhism and Taoism to Falun Dafa

After a divorcee searches for a true spiritual practice, she finds that the kindest and most selfless people are Falun Dafa practitioners. She then began practicing Falun Dafa.

Four Sichuan Residents Face Indictment for Raising Awareness of Persecution of Falun Gong

Police used both manipulation and deprivation of food and water in their attempts to coerce the practitioners into renouncing their faith.

Falun Dafa Information Delivered to the Director of a Police Station

A 78-year-old retired cadre shares cultivation experiences of how he remained diligent in upholding Dafa despite its persecution and how he helped others to understand the practice.

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