To the Practitioners of Vietnam

Cultivation is a process of elevating the soul, and it begins by becoming, bit by bit, a good person, and progressively becoming ever better, such that you become more virtuous than non-practitioners and, ultimately, someone higher. So if people fail to understand you or even if you face any pressure from the government, you shouldn’t take counter measures like non-practitioners would, and should clarify things to people with kindness.

(Team Yellow Translation)

To Vietnamese Students

Practicing cultivation is a being’s process of ascension, starting step by step from being a good person, to gradually becoming a better person—a noble-minded being who transcends everyday people—to even higher. Therefore, in the face of a lack of understanding from the world’s people, and even pressure from governments, you should not use everyday people’s methods to defy them. You should clarify the truth with a compassionate heart.

(Team Blue Translation)

Becoming a True Dafa Disciple

A middle aged woman from Taiwan looks back at her cultivation journey of discovering Falun Dafa during a bout of sickness, gaining experience and growing in her cultivation through participation in a variety of projects, and seeing her whole family experience a miracle through their belief in Dafa.

Australia: Falun Gong Shines in Christmas Parades

Practitioners participated in Christmas parades in Port Adelaide on November 17, and Norwood on November 22. Their entries received great reviews from both hosts and spectators. This is the 14th year that practitioners have been invited to the parade in Port Adelaide.

Bedridden for Months, Practicing Falun Gong Brings a Full Recovery

A logger with chronic back problems discovers the healing powers of Falun Dafa when she is introduced to the practice by her neighbor.

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