China Fahui | My Cultivation Journey While Running a Materials Production Site

Practitioners have persevered in clarifying the facts to the people of China despite the risk of arrest, to show everyday people that Falun Dafa is good, contrary to the propaganda disseminated by the Chinese communist regime. Some practitioners run materials sites in their homes, where they create brochures and video DVDs which are then distributed, with the goal of not missing a single home throughout China.

China Fahui | Raising Awareness Throughout All the Villages in My County

Since the Communist Party began its persecution of Falun Dafa, practitioners throughout China have worked tirelessly to tell the public about the self-cultivation practice. In areas blanketed by state propaganda, they often encounter people who threaten harm. Nevertheless, they persevere in their efforts and treat everyone with compassion, as shown in this personal account.

China Fahui | Cultivation Story of a Butcher

Riddled with illness and misfortune after a long career at a slaughterhouse, a woman has her life and hopes renewed after encountering Falun Gong.

“One of the Most Moving Films I've Ever Seen in My Entire Life”

A documentary film about a courageous prisoner of conscience in China and an unlikely whistle blower from Oregon has captured the attention of many around the world, including moviegoers at the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Falun Dafa Exercise Music (2018 Version)

2018 version of the Falun Dafa exercise music, in MP3 format for downloading.

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