Nine-Day Falun Dafa Seminar Offered in Toronto

The second free Nine-Day Falun Dafa Seminar was held recently in downtown Toronto, after the success of the first one in September. Several participants saw improvements right away, including a chiropractor who said, “After the first two classes, I could feel so much energy. It is just incredible.”

China Fahui | Validating the Preciousness of Falun Dafa with My Words and Actions

An elementary school teacher shares her experiences of how she uses Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance when teaching her classes. She takes good care of her students and is highly respected by their parents who always want to give her money and gifts which she politely refuses. Through solidly cultivating, this teacher has recognized her attachments and keeps improving to let them go.

International Vocal Competition Promotes Traditional Vocal Arts

More than 120 vocalists from across four continents gathered in New York City for a three-day competition that would "promote traditional vocal arts of pure authenticity, pure goodness, and pure beauty." The contestants included professional singers, professional-level enthusiasts, and students. "There are no other vocal competitions in modern society that are tailored for Chinese bel canto singers," said award winner Xuefeng Wan.

China Fahui | Making Diligent Progress after Recovering from Breast Cancer

"I am 56 this year and have a happy family. Years ago Master saved me from end-stage breast cancer and led me onto the path to return to my true self. No words can express my gratitude for Master’s salvation."

Learning to Unconditionally Look Inward in Doing Media Work

"After experiencing many things, I’ve found that, no matter what issue a practitioner is facing, one can always find the answer from oneself."

Cyprus: Raising Awareness about Falun Gong in Larnaca

Falun Gong practitioners introduced this ancient mind-body practice by the seashore in Larnaca, Cyprus’s oldest city.

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