(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. I would like to tell you about an incident that happened 17 years ago when I was pursued by police officers.

In November 2001, a practitioner named Jan (alias) and I sought refuge at her cousin's place. We were being chased by police officers because we practice Falun Dafa. Her cousin lived in a remote village several miles away from the nearest town. He knew Falun Dafa was good and allowed us to stay at his place.

During the Chinese New Year in 2002, Jan's mom, who was also a practitioner came to see us and brought banners with messages about Falun Dafa. Jan and I decided to hang these banners before the end of the holiday season and then leave town. Jan's mother warned us that police officers were in the village.

When we went out that night, we successfully hung over two dozen banners. The next morning we packed our things and set out for another practitioner's house in another town.

On the way to the bus station, we noticed that some of the banners we hung the night before had fallen to the ground. As we picked one up and hung it on a transformer, it made a loud noise and caught someone's attention. The person called a policeman over, and the officer rushed over and grabbed us. He told another person to go to the police station and get a police car.

Unfazed, I looked at him and started to send righteous thoughts. Jan began to talk to him about Falun Dafa. I had a thought, “Make him let you go!” and at that moment the officer released his grip on us. Jan and I ran, but the officer chased after us.
There was only one path and I knew we wouldn't be able to escape once the police car arrived. I told Jan to continue running while I turned back and ran in the opposite direction. The policeman did not know who to pursue. In the end he decided to come after me. I entered a residential area and boldly walked into someone's house. The owner had forgotten to lock the door and I opened it. But when I pushed the door open, there were about twelve dogs inside who growled at me.

I calmed down, pointed my finger at them and said, “Don't you dare bite me. I am a Dafa disciple.” The dogs stood still. I begged Master for help, and I suddenly felt as if I was protected by a shield filled with compassion. Nothing happened for around 40 minutes. I decided to go outside and check things out. I changed into the owner's work clothes and walked to the road where I last saw the policeman. I saw two people at the bus stop looking for me. I returned to the house and waited there for another half an hour. When I felt it was safe to leave, I left through the back door. I decided to return to Jan's cousin's place to find out if she had escaped.

Jan's cousin was not at home so I went to the neighbor's house. They kindly arranged a car to take me to town. The driver told me the police station had hired him to catch Falun Dafa practitioners. The driver said, “But a strange thing happened. The officer had nearly caught the two ladies, but then one of his legs was injured and they slipped away.”

I went to practitioner Mr. Chen's place and told him what happened to Jan and I. He had an empty house where I could stay and gave me the key. However I couldn't open the door and had to return to Mr. Chen's place. I had a feeling that Jan would come soon and so I waited there. Thirty minutes later, Jan arrived and she told me what happened.

After we parted ways, the police turned back to chase her when he lost me. Jan kept running and sent righteous thoughts that she wouldn't be caught by the police. The officer was only four or five steps behind her, but somehow he couldn't catch her. The police hired a van to chase her and she was trapped in an alley. Even though there was a high wall she managed to climb over it and ran into a storage room. She hid behind a pile of gunny sacks and covered herself with a big bamboo basket. She asked Master to protect her. The police entered the room and began to search it. When they came to her hiding place they stopped. Jan could clearly hear them panting heavily, just a few feet away from her. They stood there for two minutes and then left.

Jan hid in the storage room for several hours before making her way to her brother's house. Her brother found a van to take her to Mr. Chen's place.

This incident happened 17 years ago. If Master had not protected us, I would not have escaped arrest. Every time I recall this experience, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I can never repay Master for His compassionate salvation. I promise to cultivate more diligently and follow Him in every step of the Fa-rectification.

Thank you, Master!